Sunday, January 22, 2012

Goodbye Product X ~ Hello SassaB!!

Dear Friends and Inventors,

The time has come for me to move on from writing my Product X Blog and invest my time and energy into SassaB. After all, SassaB IS Product X!!

I have enjoyed connecting with all of you over the last three + years and hope you will stay in touch with me via and on Facebook at

Very Truly Yours,

Friday, January 20, 2012

I can not view my blog and Blogger is not helping me!!

Can you see this? Because I can't. Once I publish this blog post, I am unable to log on to my .com. The SAME one I have been using for THREE years. And you know what?! I am REALLY....really irritated!!

SO, while I am trying to run a business and household, let ME figure out WHY my blog is MIA!!!

If you have any suggestions, help or something funny to tell me to distract me from this REALLY annoying problem, email me at

If I lose THREE years of writing, I am going to strangle someone!

Time to breathe...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Americas Mart - here we come!!

Peanut butter and jelly.
Milk and cookies.
SassaB and The Coffs.

We have partnered up with The Coffs - a family-owned business that has showrooms in Americas Mart in Atlanta and the Dallas Market. The Coffs represent several different lines of children's apparel and accessories and now they will be representing SassaB!

This is a beautiful thing...The Coffs will be able to introduce SassaB to tons of retailers all over the country!

One of the many questions you ask yourself as an Inventor is, "How am I going to get the word out about my product?" I promise you, it's not an easy task. And it doesn't happen overnight.

That is why partnering up with a Rep is a great idea. Especially well known Reps with great reputations and connections. They can take you from 0 to 60 in a matter of weeks!

If you are a buyer and are going to be at the Mart, stop by and say "Hello!" We'd love to meet you!

Monday, January 2, 2012

h² fashion: SassaB Linkable Charms

h² fashion: SassaB Linkable Charms: Looking for a fun new accessory? Check out these brand new SassaB Linkable Charms ! From peace signs, to panda bears and rainbows, you can...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Three men and SassaB

I never go anywhere without tons of SassaB in my car. I figure if I have SassaB plastered on the back window, I should at least have some to sell on the spur of the moment.

*If you haven't see the back of my car, go to our FB page and check it out:

Last night I met my Cousin at a restaurant where I ran into three men that had not finished their Christmas shopping. And wouldn't you know, they all had daughters?! They saw SassaB on the back of my car, asked me about it and ended up buying all 30 packs that I had in my car. Just like that!

It is pretty cool to think of all of the kids that will be receiving SassaB, MY invention, for Christmas! I feel so blessed!!'s not all about me...I saw this on The Today Show this morning: If you don't have much time but want to spread some holiday cheer, go to K-Mart (or a store like it) and anonymously pay off someone's layaway. Or pay what you can towards it. When that person show's up to pay off their bill so they can take their Christmas presents home, they will be surprised to see that someone special had already paid it for them. Imagine their delight!!

There are so many ways we can think beyond ourselves and I have to say, doing so is a welcome break!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Ticket to Ride

What a rush! How frustrating! So exciting! How disappointing! 

Selling your own invention is quite the mix of emotions. You never know what the day will bring...but that's the fun of it...and I'm hooked!

Example: Walking into Walgreens and leaving with contact info to start selling in January 2012 - What a rush!
Sending out emails and waiting and waiting to hear back on some big deals - How frustrating! 
Setting out our SassaB Spinner and within 5 minutes, selling all 30 packs - So exciting!
Being turned down by a big online store that I know would successfully sell SassaB - How disappointing!

When I go on a sales call, I hope I'll walk out with a check but you never know. I've been fortunate enough with SassaB that 70% of the time, it's a "yes!" However, when they "pass," it's a let down. 

See what I'm saying? The highs and lows are a daily occurrence...if you don't mentally prepare for this mix of emotions, it can totally exhaust you!

The bottom line: The roller-coaster ride of being an entrepreneur is a fun one! I'm thrilled to have a ticket! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Walgreens rocks!

It's not often that I post two entries but it's been a red letter day for SassaB!

First, SassaB got a stellar review on Well Adjusted, Or So They Say (see the post below). Looks like SassaB Style is taking hold and making it's way to the East Coast.

Secondly, we have some very big news at SassaB Headquarters...SassaB is kicking off 2012 with a bang! Walgreens has just picked us up and starting January 2012, SassaB Linkable Charms will be for sale in several Walgreens in Pinellas County.

As you can imagine, we are all on cloud 9!

Shortly I will post more info but for now, we wanted to share our good news with all of you!

Thanks for reading and (in my very best saleswoman voice) don't forget to tell your friends! :)