Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The cat's out of the bag...

While pouring my coffee, I was thinking about my blog post this morning and it occurred to me that I have never told you my WI secret...

I figure it's been long enough...

When Kevin (from Milojo) called me and asked if I would post info about the casting process on my blog (remember that? I believe the post was called "Got some info for ya") he told me "Don't post this but I wanted to tell you that we have passed you on to the next round"!

Even now, thinking about it, I get a huge smile on my face because I can recall the total excitement I was feeling!!!

We actually went out for lunch and celebrated...positive that whomever now had my application would just LOVE The Everything Marinator!

So what happened? Life happened. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and I have to say, had I been selected and signed that contract, I would not have gone to Vegas and made the connections that I did.

My point being...I know you all are waiting...and waiting...to hear from the WI show but while you wait, keep workin' your biz!

I was guilty of hearing that little "secret" and sitting on my hands waiting to hear back when I could have been working towards making my invention a reality on my OWN and lost a lot of time and money!

I am rooting for all of you!!!!!

On a side note: Please visit hsn.com. I do not believe they have the link up anymore regarding the show. You can find it in an old Google search but I could not find it on their most recent website. Let me know if I missed it!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Workin' it at home and beyond

You know that feeling you get when you cook your kids breakfast and they look at it and say "Ewww"... there is nothing that gets under my skin more! Except drivers that stop at the red light in the right hand lane when they are going straight but I want to turn RIGHT! Frustrating!

But back to the point I am trying to make...every time I ask myself, "Why are you working so hard towards getting The Everything Marinator made? What's the point? In the grand scheme of things, what does it matter"?

The answer is this: I want to feel feeling of excitement and accomplishment so when my kids give me the "ewww" or laundry is piling up or dishes are waiting to be unloaded in the dishwasher, I will know that I am doing something for MYSELF - something I WANT to do and SUCCEEDING at living the dream of being a Momtrepreneur!

Tomorrow is Monday and in between the loads of darks and brights, I will be calling my contacts, emailing the potential investors, networking my media friends and one day...one day...The Everything Marinator will be in dishwashers across the globe waiting to be filled again with yummy BBQ, healthy chicken and tasty veggies!

And drivers will merge into the left lane.. at the red light...if they are going straight...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Omni Comm Shoot

Here is a pic from my shoot yesterday at Omni Comm.

I taped two spots - one for a Home Warranty (now I want one!) and the Power Plank - a VERY cool piece of workout equipment. The crew was so friendly and fun to work with and of course, Brian rocks - he's great at making at making you feel comfortable in front of the camera!

While I was in the studio, I was able to pop in and say "Hi" to Kevin H. (from Shark Tank). I had pitched him The Everything Marinator while I was in Vegas.

Needless to say, it was an exciting day!

On a WI note, I see in the past comments that one women has received a phone call and is reporting that in two weeks there will be more news for the ladies that signed the contracts.
I can't wait to hear! But "wait" we will... :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vegas Part 3 - the flight home

It's amazing to me how everyone seems connected in this industry. From Show Hosts to Producers to Investors... and A LOT of what happens, takes place here in Clearwater.

On the flight home, I had to stop in Kansas and while I was waiting to board the next flight, I saw a man I recognized. I had seen him at the ERA Convention but I recognized him from somewhere else...I just couldn't figure out where.

Feeling pumped from all the good news I heard in Vegas, I said "Hi"! (like we were long lost friends) and sat down next to him. I KNEW he looked familiar! He (Brian) used to be a Host on Daytime (NBC) and I did a segment with him with my tee shirt line, Wear Your Manners. Small world!

As it turns out, he does much much more and we have worked with many of the same people in the industry. *I used to work on The Ricki Lake Show, Caryl and Marlyn Real Friends on ABC, HSN*

Forbes Riley (The Julia Roberts of Infomercials) was also on the flight so needless to say, I had the best seats in the house!

This 3 hour flight I was dreading now turned into a major networking opportunity for me... but not just that...Brian and Forbes were very nice and fun to talk to !

If you recall, I was demoing the Spin Gym by Forbes Riley at the Paris Pool on Sunday night and now I will be shooting an infomercial and testimonials tomorrow at Omni Comm Studios in Clearwater!

Looks like being in the right place at the right time really holds true here!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

WI info and twitter

Good morning and happy Saturday!

A quick note, I twittered (39 years old and twittering...who knew?!) TLC PR and asked what was going on with the show (WI) and if they were going forward with the show?

The response was this..."Yes - the show is still being developed".

Part 3 of my Vegas experience will be posted on Monday but until then, have a wonderful weekend!

*speaking of twitter, if you'd like to follow me, my name on twitter is Pitchwomen*

A little secret...Anthony Sullivan is "following me"! :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Vegas Part 2

As you can see from the picture above, this was a MAJOR highlight of our trip!

"Sully" as he asked me to call him, was so sweet and was kind enough to sign a DVD set of Pitchmen for my daughter - she went nuts when I brought it home! We are huge Pitchmen fans here!

On Monday we walked the convention and made some really great contacts! One of those contacts is my neighbor...he was at the convention and already knew about The Everything Marinator.

We had a chance to talk and he said he would like to partner with me to get The Everything Marinator manufactured...he also sells products on HSN and we are meeting next week with someone from HSN to discuss selling it there!

Now I was able to relax and just enjoy the energy of the show!

Another highlight was meeting some of the ladies that check in here at Product X! I was totally flattered that they recognized me from my tiny picture here.

So as you can tell from this post, Vegas was well worth my time!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Vegas Part 1

Las Vegas was a blur - we were busy from the time we landed until the time we put our tired and drained selves on the plane back home!

The first night (Sunday) we hit the circle bar in the Paris Casino and meet TONS of people. Matt, the impact gel guy from Pitchmen was there and he was giving us pointers for the next day so we were really pumped to get this going!

Then off to the pool party that night where we meet John Cremeans (HSN Host, among other things) who then introduced us to Forbes Riley. Right there, by the pool, I am demoing the Spin Gym! My arms were totally killing me the next day - it's a great workout!

Stacey and I were on cloud nine and were really looking forward to pitching at the convention but after networking for a few hours we wanted to hit the slots.

After loosing "just enough", we went back to the hotel to get some rest and prepare for day two.

Of course, too excited to sleep, we stayed up and talked and the sleep I was hoping to get turned into just having a 3 hour nap! Oh well!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

One more time

I have sucked down my first cup of coffee and ready to pour another but before I do, I wanted to jump on Product X and say, "Ladies, on more time"!

The Everything Marinator is already in my car...I was terrified I would forget it...I am excited to get this going!

I really appreciate all the well wishes and encouragement and for those of you who are still waiting to hear from WI, I hope you hear soon!

If I can post in Vegas, I will and hopefully have lots of fun things to tell you!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Short and Sweet

Last minute loose ends to tie up before I leave on Sunday for Vegas and as usual, I am running around like a chicken with it's head cut off!

I may have spent a lot of money going to the WI casting call but it was worth it for several reasons...one of those reasons is flying in tomorrow (Stacey) and we will be leaving together on Sunday!

So, this is short and sweet (like myself, my husband says), and I will ask you to leave comments here if you have/have not heard back from WI.

Also, for anyone else going to Vegas or ladies just plugging away with their inventions and want to tell us about it!

Have a good one!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lets meet!

Ok, Vegas bound girls, lets meet up!

I will be in town on Sunday afternoon and staying until Wednesday - the excitement of it all!

Tell me when you get in and what time(s) work for you.

I was thinking of meeting Sunday night, 6ish, at the Paris bar (it's to the right when you walk into the hotel, directly across from the bathrooms).

If you are going to be there another day, let me know and we can arrange a meeting time/place.

Paris is my FAVORITE hotel in Vegas...my husband and I re-newed our vows at the five year mark by having a huge party at Paris with 13 of our friends! We actually had Elvis marry us (again)! So fun!

On a side note: Thanks to everyone who is supporting me, giving me well wishes and encouragement while I take another shot with The Everything Marinator!!!

Enjoy your day...it's 9/9/09 so expect good luck today! :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Next week this time

One week from today I will be standing in a Vegas convention center pitching The Everything Marinator!

One week from today I'll feel excitement or disappointment.

One week from today, I'll know what blog post I'll be posting.

One week from today I will either be jumping for joy or storing The Everything Marinator in my closet.

It's pretty interesting to ponder what will happen next week this time...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A little less conversation a little more action please

It's on!

I am headed to Vegas with my friend Stacey (whom I had met at Women Inventor) and ready to pitch, pitch, pitch The Everything Marinator!

I wasn't going to go...then all of my friends and family said I was crazy not to...one could call it "peer pressure"!

However ladies, I spoke to Ivette and she said if you plan on attending you must contact her. Her info is:

I'm cautiously excited...who knows where this is going to take me...but from a little help from my friends, I will be finding out soon!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Been there, done that

How I would love to go to the Vegas Open Call for Pitchmen!

I am confident in my invention but WI made me cautious about jumping the gun and jumping on the band wagon...

Maybe Pitchmen will come to Florida and I can put The Everything Marinator in my car and zoom off to do my pitch without spending so much money (WI) that I could have had my CAD drawings done.

Also, the big question is...are they accepting prototypes...sure, they may say "yes" and change their minds...been there, done that...but it doesn't hurt to ask!

I keep The Everything Marinator on my kitchen counter as a reminder that there is a solution to every problem and to challenge myself to find it.

I do love a good challenge...