Thursday, September 3, 2009

A little less conversation a little more action please

It's on!

I am headed to Vegas with my friend Stacey (whom I had met at Women Inventor) and ready to pitch, pitch, pitch The Everything Marinator!

I wasn't going to go...then all of my friends and family said I was crazy not could call it "peer pressure"!

However ladies, I spoke to Ivette and she said if you plan on attending you must contact her. Her info is:

I'm cautiously excited...who knows where this is going to take me...but from a little help from my friends, I will be finding out soon!


  1. Tracy - It is time for me to speak up here and I will do so carefully. I am just curious about who Ivette is (she has been posting this info all over facebook and our blog as well)...I am wondering who she works for? Why does she have a gmail address? Why is there no info posted about contacting her for an appointment (or even needing an appointment for that matter) on the Pitchmen website for the casting call? It is very easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of all of this. Maybe Ivette could introduce herself a bit more thoroughly here? Wondering what her gain is from making you an "appointment"...I wasn't aware that you could make an appointment for these types of things. Hasn't someone else (sorry I can't remember who) been posting here about communications with an actual casting director? I am usually a very trusting soul, but something about this seems a little off. Ivette, if you're out there, please enlighten us!

    You're going to do great with the EM! Oh, and somehow, I feel like you should wear a sassy blue oxford shirt to the casting!!!

    Good luck!

  2. Hello Tracy- I just wanted to let you know that I looked into this and it does not add up!

    Look at this website

  3. Tracy - I wouldn't worry. I have been through casting several times and a few of those experiences invovled me meeting with casting agents who did not work directly for the networks/companies producing the show, but were agents that were contracted by the network to help with the casting process.

    Sometimes networks do this so that they can maximize their chances of getting their audition information out there and, therefore, increase the number of people auditioning for the show. If a contestant/auditioner that a contracted agent has brought in is picked for the show, then that agent makes a cut off of that success. Does that make sense? Therefore, if you are speaking with someone who is using a gmail account or who does not work directly for the netowrk/producers, I would not worry about it and would assume it is all legitamate. Don't forget, Danielle, Michael, and the others from casting for Mom, Inc. didn't work directly for Milojo, Discovery, or TLC. They were simply casting agents hired to handle the auditions. And, if it would make you feel better, why don't you Google this Ivette (assuming you have her last name or other info about her) and I am sure you will find other casting information about her.

    Anyway, I really wouldn't let this worry you and I hope this was helpful. GOOD LUCK IN VEGAS!!!! We are ALL rooting for you!!!

  4. Thanks for the well wishes everyone! Here is what I know...the reason you have to make an appointment is b/c they are paying for your ERA fees and they need to know how many people to put on the list. Also, if you google it, the open call is posted all over the, and more...I will update here if anything else is happening...

  5. I emailed yesterday to: and received an email back from Jenelle and she attached a pitchmen flyer regarding the casting call and said that they would love to meet us in las vegas and more information will be sent later. She also said that our admission would be paid into the convention. ????I just don't know if this is bogus or not? It also concerns me that there is no informaiton on the Pitchmen website or I just don't know..

  6. Did any of the women that got contracts get a call back yet?? They said they would do call backs in September.

  7. Hi,ladies what do you think about this convention with Sir.Richard Branson.Go to

  8. Tracy - I just bought my plane ticket too! I will be arriving and leaving same day (Tues)...let me know if you all want to meet up!

  9. Kara,i remember you have a cousin in China.I need to find a manufacture in China for stainless steel bowls and a manufacture for heating elements.Can you help me please?thank you Lumi.

  10. Christa,
    Yes! We'd love to meet up! Where are you staying? Refresh my memory...have you told us what your product is? Is there somewhere I can look at it?

  11. I've done a little investigating because frankly all the warnings got me wondering. Especially the fact that nothing appears on the Pitchmen/Discovery site or on Sullivan Production site. So I have been twittering with Billy Mays the III, Arwen (Prod./Director of Pitchmen) and Anthony Sullivan (Of Sullivan Productions. I am such a name dropper. LOL So I direct messaged Arwen and she said it's possible they (PM and SP) don't know about it cuz they are not the main Producers of the show Original Productions in LA actually produces it. She added that she put feelers out and will get back to me as to whether it is legit or not. I've got your back Ladies! I'll update as soon as she updates.

  12. Hey Mary S,
    You DM Arwen? That's awesome...she's following on twitter correct? Keep us posted!

  13. I will be away from my computer until Monday. Everyone have a great Holiday Weekend!

  14. The callbacks for Mom Inc. are mid-September.

  15. Thank you for the update Anonymous!!!

  16. I thought I posted my comment and somehow when I went on to see if there were any comments . . . . My post was not there sooo if this is redundant please forgive.

    Yes Tracy I DM with Arwen we're oh so tight. LOL Not really, just good timing. I was on before her and so when she first joined, hungry for followers, and not sure how it worked, she followed back. I would imagine (just guessing here) everyone who followed her. So I use it to my advantage but try not to be a pain in the big toe (fine line). Now that she's creeping up on 2,000 followers I doubt she follows everyone. Anyway . . . She said YES it is legit! She copied a poster, took a pic and posted it to twitter (now the word is really out) The poster listed Pitchmen by name and had the two contacts that have been mentioned in these posts Ivette and Janelle and their gmail emails.
    So now you Ladies really got me wanting to go sooo badly! But two problems #1 I don't fly. #2 $$$. My husband was laid off the whole summer. That has killed our budget! He just started back to work last week and although I have a dog breeding business and the sale of one of my pups could cover my expenses I don't know that I can justify going. On the other hand can I justify not going? UGH!
    Well currently I am setting my sites on the open call early 2010 for Everyday Edisons. And besides I already sent demos of 2 of my inventions to Sullivn Productions but I have a feeling that they were so overwhelmed (Arwen said that) by all the submissions that they are just looking at the open casting to pick from. Oh; what to do, what to do?
    Okay so best of luck to those attending. Go get em!

  17. Hi Ladies,

    I just receievd a call from pitchmen. They were calling to pre-register me.
    I am not going. I don't think Carry-Her is the right fit for Pitchmen....and don't have money to burn.

    Good luck to all you ladies going.