Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Been there, done that

How I would love to go to the Vegas Open Call for Pitchmen!

I am confident in my invention but WI made me cautious about jumping the gun and jumping on the band wagon...

Maybe Pitchmen will come to Florida and I can put The Everything Marinator in my car and zoom off to do my pitch without spending so much money (WI) that I could have had my CAD drawings done.

Also, the big question is...are they accepting prototypes...sure, they may say "yes" and change their minds...been there, done that...but it doesn't hurt to ask!

I keep The Everything Marinator on my kitchen counter as a reminder that there is a solution to every problem and to challenge myself to find it.

I do love a good challenge...


  1. Just found out that they are only casting in Vegas...boohoohoo...now I am waiting to hear if they are accepting prototypes...

  2. Going to Vegas. Need a trip anyways. My husband has been on the fire here in Los Angeles all week and it will be a good getaway.
    I will be able to reveal Purse Stringz before I go. I think you will all really like it. This will force me to finish and start manufacturing on a small scale.
    Let me know if you are going, we can meet up.

  3. Girls, I need your help!!! Do I spend the money and go to Vegas for The Everything Marinator?! I am just not sure it The E.M will cost too much for them to manufacture and I won't even be considered...help!

  4. I wish I had some sage advice, but am struggling with the decision myself. Even though my product has been manufactured, I don't know if educational software is something that they would even consider and spending the money with so much unknown is a little scary right now!


  5. I did send a email to casting director Janelle to ask her if they looking for products just under $20 and she said no they looking for any kind of product no matter the price and she said she will send me a email with more information's in the next two hours and she told me to let her know if i can afford to pay for the ticket if not to let her know.Lumi.

  6. Hi Lumi,
    I forgot...did you mention on my blog what your invention is?
    I have an email out to Janelle too...keep us posted and I will do the same...

  7. Not too much help, but here is an email I sent to Janelle and her response - seems open ended call with no real parameters:

    Hi Janelle,

    Thanks for responding to my submission. I was wondering if there are any parameters to what you all are looking for in terms of product? I would like to come if I am able to work it out and my product is something that fits with the general concept. Is anyone that submits an inquiry eligible to come to Vegas, or are the products being considered and requests to come to Vegas offered based upon initial product impressions?

    Thanks so much,
    Holly Strange

    We are open to any invention. Its an open call so everyone is welcome. let me know if you can make arrangements. we will cover the era cost.

  8. Tracy,
    I didn't not mention what my invention is.My product is "E-Z Master Double Boiler Mixing Bowl". Yes that's right it is a double boiler for any home cooks and for
    commercial(restaurants,bakery....)it's Universal. I do have a patent pending and PCT application.My invention was publish in 23rd Jun by USPTO. I do have a prototype and to manufacture i need big money and need be done over the sea to cut the cost.Your product is very good to and for kitchen use also.Lumi.

  9. What do they mean when they say they "will cover the era cost?"

  10. Lumi,
    Sorry for the probably dumb question. I am not much of a cook. What would you use a double boiler mixing bow for?
    Sorry to show my ignorance.

  11. Tracy,

    I don't think they care how much things cost to manufacture. If they think it will sell millions they get the cost down. From what I can tell, they use Telebrands to do the manufacturing, but I could be wrong.

    I think a prototype will work. Does the EM fit all the qualifications on the pitchman website for products they are interested in?
    That is where I would start to answer your questions.

    I really think they want to make sure it can get 5 times margin and has a high perceived value. Also something that every household needs.

    How much would it cost you to fly to Vegas?
    Did you get any response from the video you sent them?

    I know I am full of questions.

  12. ERA cost is the cost to attend the convention where the auditions are being held in Vegas - The Electronic Retail Association convention.

  13. Kara,
    Yes! The EM fits ALL of the requirements of the "Billy Mays Ways" (see previous blog post) and I am so, so excited! I think I might be going...keep you posted...we all need to meet up!
    Have a great night!

  14. Kara,
    Double boiler or water bath is typically used with delicate food and egg-based desserts,such as custards,or cheesecakes and egg-based sauces.Many recipe call for duble boiler or water bath or bain marie all three names mean the same, when you can not use direct heat when you cook and you need to stir all the time until your cream or sauce are done.Right now they use two bowls in top of each other and between water and place on the stove.The water start boiling and the cream or sauce are cooking with that steam and you need to stir for many many minutes all the time.Do you know Bernardes ,Hollandaise sauce,zabaglione cream all need double boiler .My invention is a attachment to any stand mixer than you do not need to stir any more the mixer do the work.Kara it's OK you do not know.I use a lot because i love to cook and bake .Lumi

  15. Tracy! Go for it!! I love reading about all of the great inventions out there. Lumi - your double boiler sounds awesome! I get it!

    In the spirit of all of this potential pitching going on, I decided to share mine this morning - www.womentorz.blogspot.com

    I can't wait to hear about Vegas!

    One final note, I will have an official media kit with membership and ad pricing from Melinda very soon, which I will share with anyone who is interested. Also will have my official womentorz e-mail address up later today.

    Best of luck to everyone!!

  16. Thanks everyone for all of your responses.
    I get the double boiler. Sounds good. Can't wait to see the "Grime Out" and learn more about Womentorz.

    All of this is very exciting. I am going to work on Purse Stringz :).

  17. I don't want to put a downer on anyones plans but the type of product Pitchmen and Telebrands looks for is something virtually everyone can use and are likely to use to solve a common problem. It really needs to sell to both men and women of any age and skill level. TV commercials are expensive so they are only going to want products that appeal to the masses. Most products will not fall into this category. Most products target a specific type of buyer whether it is new parents, avid cooks, etc. There are some products that target a group of people and are successfully sold via commercials but they are usually a LARGE target audience like all gardeners, or all women, or all dog owners. Just something to think about. You might look at it this way ... think of some other product that exists that would have a similar target audience/buyer as your product. Then think if you've ever seen a commercial for that product. If you have then you may have a shot at Pitchmen. If you haven't you may want to save your money. That's not to say that you won't have a hugely successful product but it's a special breed of product that's right for TV commericials.

  18. Well spoken Anonymous I did not want to be the barer of bad news but I agree and have spent many of dollars doing TV commercials over the years, in my hayday I had spent over $200,000 in just one year trying to promote my bus. and what you say is one hundred per cent correct

  19. $200,00 Anonymous...were you successful with promoting your business?

  20. Wow! Exciting things happening! I am not a flier though and will not be joining you all in Vegas but might consider sending my demo and letter to the email. I have already pitched two of my products to pitchemn. Way back after the first episode of season 1 aired. But alot has happened since and now that they have a specific open call I may resubmit.

  21. For over 10 years I was the king of over nights and some day time rotations in the metro detroit area but got burt out of that bus but yes spent over 1.5mil gross rev well over 5 million same period and still from time to time do radio spots for another bus I have ivested and dev. and ran International bus to butagain burt out we have International patents as well as US patents on are new venture getting older and time to due one last run Tracey what you are doing is great but I rather for now sit on side line but if you need me I will be their if I can

  22. Tracy & others,

    I got confirmation from Arwen that it is indeed legit! Here's what she posted on twitter. The poster for Pitchmen that had all the info you have been speaking of and the contacts Ivette and Janelle.
    PS Yes Tracy I DM with Arwen - we're really tight. LOL I got in before they were on and then when they joined they were hungry for people to follow. Now not so much she has like 2,000 followers.
    I sooo want to go and pitch my Laundry Butler, Shoe Tying Tutor, and one other big invention but 2 things holding me back. I don't fly and $$$$. My husband was laid off all summer long. I run a dog breeding business and do have money coming in from some pups that are ready to go now but . . . I submitted my products to Sullivan Production and I am waiting for Everyday Edisons open casting call. Early next year. I wish I could do this also. :-)

    Oh well enjoy Ladies and best wishes to you all!