Monday, September 7, 2009

Next week this time

One week from today I will be standing in a Vegas convention center pitching The Everything Marinator!

One week from today I'll feel excitement or disappointment.

One week from today, I'll know what blog post I'll be posting.

One week from today I will either be jumping for joy or storing The Everything Marinator in my closet.

It's pretty interesting to ponder what will happen next week this time...


  1. ...and a loooong week it will be!!! I'm wishing you good luck in Vegas! May your Everything Marinator be a huge hit with the judges.

  2. so excited for you I better get a phonecall--good or bad!!
    Love and miss you sis!

  3. Anonymous,
    Luckily I am SO busy this week but yes, it will be loooong! :)

    Hey! Missed you this weekend! You will be getting a call ASAP! Thanks for being so supportive! Love you too!

  4. So Labor Day Weekend is over the big question - - -Did you barbeque and did you use the Every thing Marinator? LOL Good Luck and here's wishing your week goes by fast.

  5. Good Luck Tracy!! I know we will all look forward to hearing what happens!

  6. Best wishes for all of your hard work and perseverance Tracy! Knock 'em out in Vegas!

  7. Good Luck Tracy, I can't wait to hear how you make out! I know you'll do just fine. Best of Luck from one of your followers...

  8. Got a spot for a Monday audtion, but don't know what time yet.
    Ivette told me they were adding Saturday and Sunday to the auditions. Must be because they are having a big response.

    Anyone have a meeting time or place?

  9. Hi Kara,
    Did you get assigned a "spot"? I have a ERA pass but that is it. Stacey and I will be there on Sunday and staying through Wednesday. It would be great to met up on Sunday night if you are there! How about anyone else? I'm going to do a blog post for meeting up...