Monday, May 30, 2011

We have a deadline

I have given us a deadline and I'm not budging from it. I have found that by committing to a launch date, I am more focused on completing the tasks on my "to-do" list and not just saying, "I can do that tomorrow." It really has worked. Product X will be for sale by the end of July/beginning of August!

I am very protective of showing Product X to people that I am not close with but there is this adorable boutique on Main Street and I just had to know if they would sell Product X. The answer was a very excited "YES!" She loved it and even though it's not Macy's, Nordstrom, Dillard's or Toys R Us, it was validation to what I have been saying all along..."Everyone that sees Product X will want to purchase it." **Insert big smile here** Now I have Learning Express and the boutique on Main Street ~ it's just the beginning.

I have been resistant to doing a business plan because it's so hypothetical but  everyone seems to think it is a MUST. Daymond John (Shark Tank) sent me a DM on twitter saying just that. So, I am working on it...

As I was placing an order for one of the pieces of Product X, it occurred to me that if I could put my company name on this piece, it would really help my brand. Luckily for just pennies, I am able to do that!

I am still amazed how this simple, little idea I had has turned into a REAL business! We have our own molds, patents, trademarks and social media sites. A dream come true... 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Product X Samples arrive!

Our samples arrived and they look better than I could have even imagined! It was truly a moment of bliss to see my idea come to life and have the actual product in my hand. I sit here now, still in awe, that this is really happening!

Now comes the busy work of getting everything in place while we wait for the other 9,000 units to arrive. First and foremost, we have gone ahead with trademarking our product and creating our LLC along with including our tag line.

It's funny, I thought for days...weeks actually...of a little catchy slogan (or tag line) that would be unique and appropriate for Product X but to no avail. My mind was blank or worse yet, I would blurt out tag lines that were ridiculous. Then one day when I wasn't even thinking of it, it came to me. Just like that. It was a great relief!

I am so determined to have Product X launch in time for "back to school" but it's not just up to me. Hopefully the other pieces of Product X arrive within the time line I was told along with getting the logo created, the die cuts made and the website up and running.

My "to do" list is a long one but I am so driven to see this succeed that there is no doubt in my mind that Product X will soon be for sale!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shark Tank and PR Update

 Mr. Daymond John is a very powerful man and one that I want to have in my corner. Product X is going to be amazing but I know with his help, Product X will be crazy huge!

If you remember, I have meet with Kevin Harrington several times and I am friends with Kevin's Executive Producer (Military Shopping Channel), John Cremeans. If it's not completely obvious, I am totally "name dropping." *Hope you don't mind John* :)

I am a huge fan of "invention TV"...Pitchmen, Homemade Millionaire and Shark Tank. At the moment, Product X is not ready for Reality TV. However, Product X is ready for a powerhouse such as Mr. Daymond John. With his knowledge, expertise and success in the world of fashion, Product X could become liquid gold.

 Product X has had a good week on twitter. Along with Mr. John sending me a message on twitter, the Today Show is now following me. Why this is huge...The Today Show has 796,087 followers and follows only 6,472. That is less than one percent of people who follow them and I am now in that one percent. This hopefully can be great news for Product X one day!

As you know, I love PR and while I wait for Product X to be produced, I am doing all the PR I can!

I have readers all over the world and I am so grateful for every one of you! Keep checking in...we are still planning on launching in late July/early August.