Monday, December 27, 2010

A true gift

This year I was in charge of collecting Christmas gifts for a homeless shelter for my daughters 4th grade class and we ended up getting so many presents that I had "extra" come Christmas morning.

I felt very guilty that I had a huge bag of gifts sitting in my that were meant to bring smiles and hope to underprivileged children this after my family celebration, I grabbed my cousin and the bag of gifts and jumped in the car.

We headed to downtown Clearwater - an area that could use some Christmas cheer - and we drove around the neighborhoods looking for children to distribute the gifts to.

After about an hour, we had handed out, clothing, books, toiletries and every child we gave a gift to said "Thank you." Not only that, they had the biggest smile on their face!

One child in particular caught our attention. He was about 11 years old and was leaning on a railing on his bike looking at the creek below. He had his chin resting in his hand with the saddest look on his face. I mean, really sad. Way too sad for a child. After we gave him this skateboard toy, he gave us the biggest smile...something I will always remember.

I'll never know why he was so sad...what he was thinking about... and we'll never know the impact (if any) we had on these children but doing this simple act of passing out Christmas presents was the ultimate highlight of OUR Christmas.

Every way we can help someone...a gift dropped off at your local Church, a check written to your favorite charity, food brought to a food bank is a wonderful thing to do but if you ever have the opportunity to PERSONALLY give a gift to someone in need, I highly recommend it!

My cousin and I made a pact that we would do this every Christmas from here on out...I would even like to bring my children with me next year so that they could learn the importance of giving...

Truly a memorable Christmas...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Homemade Millionaire on TLC - Deedra's Episode Featuring Klipzon!

And the winner is...


I refuse to believe it any other way...

Deedra has already won in so many ways and I know after her incredible appearance on Homemade Millionaire, the doors of opportunity are opening as we speak!

On Friday night we were out until 10:40pm and I was only able to catch the ending of HM when the winner was announced...I must not be the typical HSN customer...when Kelly announced Grace's name, I shut the TV off and grumbled to myself all the way up the stairs. The next morning I watched the entire episode with my daughter and was still dumbfounded when Deedra walked out without the HSN contract.

I am always impressed with Women Inventors so I do give Grace and her Smart Necklace credit...however, I am just not her target audience...

Pretty cool that Discovery Health will be on the OWN network starting January 1st, 2011...hopefully OWN can "reinvent" HM, spice it up a bit and celebrate Women Inventors for years to come.

I have questions for Deedra...I am going to live vicariously thorough her in this blog post...

How did you feel right in the beginning when you got the very first call that you were selected?

When you were in New York and taping the show, did everything seem organized with the production of HM?

Does Wendy read off of a script?

What was the first thought that went through your mind when Kelly said Grace was the winner?

Did you see/speak with Kelly or anyone from HSN after you walked down the hallway at the end of the show?

Being on a national TV show with YOUR invention is a dream come experience of validation that all inventors strive for...How does knowing Klipzon, YOUR idea, YOUR dream, YOUR hard work is now getting all of this attention?

What restrictions, if any, do you have from Milojo, TLC, HSN?

How do you feel about the success of Klipzon after being featured on HM?

What are your business plans going forward? Are you contacting potential companies about picking up your line? Are you looking for investors?

Are you going to introduce more design variety to Klipzon?

Anything else you would like to share with the thousands of people that check in here each month at Product X?

If anyone here has other questions for Deedra, please post in the comments...I know Deedra looked beautiful and confident on HM and certainly did not need hair and make-up.

Congratulations to one special lady with a heart of gold - Deedra, we all wish you the success you so deserve!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Homemade Millionaire on TLC - Episode 4

Fast forward to the juicy parts...see which WI wins and tune in to HSN when I wake up...that is where I am now with HM. But let's not dwell on the obvious mistake of producing another cookie cutter inventor show because what is done is done. A complete missed opportunity by Milojo, TLC and HSN. *Sigh*

With Luv-A-Cuva getting the awesome endorsement by Kelly and Mark, "this would save our marriage," I was certain that Haris Lender was going to win but I have no doubts that Luv-A-Cuva will be on the shelves of my local Bed Bath and Beyond very shortly!

When adorable Sarah Haviland and super driven Robyn Zimmer were presenting their products, I could see my Grandmother, living in her small, one traffic light town, purchasing Window Origami but cleaning products? Surely HSN had enough cleaning products on air this very moment that they would choose something completely original...AKA Window Origami.

Wrong once again...

Sarah Haviland and her husband Mike - who did an awesome job pitching "Think" - win and I am bewildered.

Also, I am kicking myself.

Let me tell you why...My Husband owns a company that develops and manufactures industrial, environmentally safe, cleaning products. They are the third largest cleaning chemical company in the country.

You mean I could have "tweaked" one or several of Jason's cleaning products (added fragrance, oil, blood sweat and tears), added a cute label and WON HM?!?!

I sure missed the boat on that one but enough about me, it's all about Sarah and her "Think Natural Household Cleaner." I'm very excited that she also sold out on HSN but how many units are we talking here? Since all of the winners are "selling out," it's making me suspect of quantity available.

Sarah, could you fill us in? Or any other of the winners that are reading Product X...want to let us know?

I also noticed that "they" changed the packaging a little bit...and the "drama" I was waiting for...Sarah on bed rest...SO glad she is OK!

I am really looking forward to next week (yea Deedra!) but someone please tell me where and when to find the show...I did a half hearted search and can not find HM...

Women Inventors are the driving force of over half of the products we use (ok, I might be exaggerating, but you get the picture)so Homemade Millionaire or no Homemade Millionaire, I love and support any and all Women Inventors!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Plans for Product X - Product X Blog

The Everything Marinator did not make it on Homemade Millionaire, Anthony Sullivan from Pitchmen decided to go it alone and did not bring on a new Pitch Person and now Pitchmen is cancelled and I sold Wear Your Manners...can you see where I am going with this?

Read on...

A month ago I decided to just play Happy Homemaker and throw in the towel on all of this "Pitchwoman" craziness but I just can't do it...I have to be creative in some way or another!

I did some digging on blogger and found, for the first time, a way to see how many visitors I get daily/weekly/monthly on Product X and I was shocked! We have thousands of people all over the world checking in here!

This inspired me and I have a plan...

For a little bit, Product X will be changing it's look until I can decide on something I really feel fits my new plan for this bear with me...I have some fun things in store here!

OH! Most importantly, I purchased the domain name so it'll be even easier to log on here...see you soon!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Homemade Millionaire on TLC - Episode 3

Looks like Homemade Millionaire has another overnight success story on their hands!

Jennifer Martinson, with the Magic Dress, sold out today on HSN! Whoohoo! She had 700 units and every one of them were snatched up by early this morning! Way to go Jennifer!

I had the house to myself this morning and was excited to sit down to watch episode 3 but I cheated...I tuned in to HSN at 7am and saw Jennifer had won. And I have to give Jennifer credit...she did not have the luxury of having the regular hosts on this morning. The substitute Host left Jennifer floundering quite a few times and seemed to lack the complete knowledge of the dress but hey, Jennifer pulled it off and sold out of her Magic Dress!

All three designers had fantastic products and Erika, I was sorry to see you go so soon but hopefully with the exposure of HM, your Purse Flats will take off!

I LOVED Carissa Brown's clothing line! I can totally relate to the problem of my button down shirts and dresses gaping so Carissa is really filling a much need void! And...I have to admit...she made the show interesting to watch by giving Ed such a hard time although I hoped that by her being "dismissive" to Ed did not hurt her chances in winning. Like my Wear Your Manners tees say, you have to "Play Nice."

All in all, it was a good show with another incredible outcome of a WI hitting the big time!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Homemade Millionaire on TLC - Episode 2

As you can all imagine, when I saw the "kitchen ideas" episode coming up, I felt a slight Everything Marinator is a kitchen product...however, after seeing all three inventions that were picked, I felt MUCH better! Every one of those products rocked!

I want to be Kitty's neighbor. I feel like I could talk to her alllll day long and did you notice how genuinely supportive she was of the other WI's? Clapping for them and really excited for Debra when she won! I think Weight Watchers needs to pick her up as their new spokeswoman and showcase/sell her Portion Control glass and dishware! I'd buy the wine class for calorie intake and just to be healthy. It's said that one 4oz glass of wine a day is healthy for our hearts but have more than that, then it can be a problem with stroke and kidney disease (I just googled that). :) Good for Kitty - her product and pitching ability is awesome!

Loved the confidence from Eileen and Kim and hopefully from being showcased on HM, they will get picked up by some huge company!

And Debra Lee...glad to see that it was her PRODUCT HM was interested in and not her pitching ability! I am purchasing her Bake Huggers for my Mother-in-law for Christmas - she is a big time baker and will LOVE using Bake Huggers when she bakes with her grand kids!

I'll state the obvious...HM is a total Apprentice/Shark Tank knock off with a friendlier host. I would have really enjoyed seeing a more "human interest" type of show instead of a replica of shows that are already out there but hey, there are just some things you have to get over...and Wendy...her biting comments seem in the world do you tell sweet Kitty that "you blew it" with a straight face?!

HM did a great job selecting three awesome kitchen inventions even if they did miss the boat on the Everything Marinator. :)

Looking forward to episode 3!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Shopping on Product X

Before you hit the sales for Black Friday, visit these Women Inventor Web stores for some unique Christmas gifts!

Boogie Wipes
Gentle Saline wipes for stuffy noses
The new Adult wipe

Clip Cleany
Unique doggie bag holder that can be placed on your leash

Carry Her
Doll Carrier - Great for American Girl Dolls!

Eyewear Charm Huggers
Get Kids Excited About Their Eyeglasses!

Kt Steppers, LLC
Custom & Unique Step Stools for your little 'Stepper'
*As seen on E! News and Bethany Getting Married

Sweet Pea Kidz Too
Because no one is sweeter than your Sweet Pea
Beautiful Hair Bows and the new Clippie Clutch

LipStix ReMix by Divine Innovations
A makeover for your lipstick
*As seen on Shark Tank

Sweethearts and Soles
Precious, handmade booties

Cambia Clutch
Convertible Clutch
*As seen on Homemade Millionaire

Window Origami
Open the window to your creativity
*Soon to be seen on Homemade Millionaire

Klipzon is the solution to your headband headaches
*Soon to be seen on Homemade Millionaire

Grill Charms
Grill Charm your food PRIOR to cooking to distinguish spices and flavors
*As seen on Shark Tank

Fashion Playtes
Where girls are fashion designers

***Support these hard working, inventive Women by giving someone you love a Woman Invented Product! Just copy and paste the link ~ Happy Shopping!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Homemade Millionaire - the day after

**This was my comment but it was too long so I had to make it a post***

To answer "anonymous" - Where is everyone? My guess is that so much time has passed since the auditions, that unless you made it on the show or are one of the few that check in regularly, most likely, people have simply lost interest in talking about the show. It's just been so long....

However, I am happy to see the show finally air!!!
I was up early this morning so I turned on HSN to see Marcy (the winner last night, not sure on the spelling of her name and too rushed to check) selling some sort of clutch that she could have easily been "placed" with. Her invention? Not sure if I buy that.

I was bummed to see that it's more about your "pitching" ability than the product - obvious observation due to the fact that Marcy's product was not being sold on HSN this morning...

Hey, I can pitch! I am even hired BY HSN but I am currently waiting to be "placed" with product - kinda like how Marcy was "placed" with product. Hmmm...

Look, it's television...I get that and if by being on TV AT ALL, helps these girls sell their products (loved the hot roller idea!), then GREAT!!! That's what it's all about anyway...seeing these creative WI's selling their inventions!

Kelly is so sweet that it would be too uncomfortable to see her give any harsh criticism so it's good they have the curly haired women on to deliver the punches. BUT...and there's always a "but"...her "helpful hints" seem...over-acted...

Ok, this is crazy, who am I to say? All I know is that I had no problem hitting "pause" to get a drink of water, check the kids, talk to my cousin who is visiting...text my hubby...

I'd like to see the show grow some momentum...and I am sure when Deedra hits the screen, it'll be full speed ahead!

Let's just hope that Homemade Millionaire has more staying power than Pitchmen Season 2!

I'm rooting for you "Homemade Millionaire"!

Friday, November 19, 2010

June 25, 2009 - November 19, 2010

I can only imagine the excitement that all of the chosen Women Inventors are feeling today! I am giving you an internet high five and a big hug!

We all have been on this journey for a reason even if we were not selected ~ where are you today?

I can tell you where I am...I am living such a blessed, fulfilled life and my Everything Marinator is sitting on my closet floor. If you could see me, I am shaking my head with a huge grin on my face...reflecting back to the day I auditioned, the excitement of getting my "green card"...if I could only bottle up that elated feeling of hopefulness, I'd be a millionaire! It's a great feeling that I am sure we all have felt at some time or another.

Yes, I was 99% certain that I would be having a party tonight - that The Everything Marinator was a sure bet...back in 2009 there was not a doubt in my head...

Maybe one day The Everything Marinator will hit the store shelves near you but until then, I am counting my blessings and celebrating the last year and a half of my journey!

Let's raise our glass (or coffee cup) to Homemade Millionaire! We wish you much success!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Clogged Drain

Long story but Sullivan Productions (Anthony Sullivan/Pitchmen) is shooting a commercial at my house tomorrow!
Sullivan Productions did a call out of locals with clogged drains children's sink has been clogged for months so I submitted my info.
They will be filming me using the invention that un-clogges the drain so it'll be interesting to see how that all pans out!
My School's Fall Fundraiser is this weekend so it'll be somewhat of a time crunch but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. I'll keep you posted...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Date Has Been Set!

Well, it looks like the show that brought us all together is FINALLY about to air!
November 19th - 10pm.
I will be front and center. You?
What is your most memorable experience during this process? Good or bad, let us know!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's all about supporting each other!

I have taken on quite a task - I am running our school's Fall Fundraiser and let me tell you, I am completely swamped!

We have such an awesome school and we are blessed to have our children attend there!

One of my responsibilities is to collect donations for our Auction and I thought it'd be fun to put a basket together from all of people from my Blog/Twitter that I have encouraged and supported for the last year.

By donating, you will get your Company/Product listed in all of our correspondence for the event such as newsletters, website and our Facebook Fan Page! I will also include your donation on my blog and on twitter.

If you are interested, please leave a comment here on Product X with your email address and I will send you the Business Form. If you rather not post your email, you can email me directly at

I hope to have a nice basket for the event and thank you all - this has been such a wonderful group of people who cheer and support each other!

Much love,

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Promos and more

Last night I had a brand new experience ~ and honestly, at my age, I don't get to say that often! :)

I recorded the promo that will air on Your 15 Minutes Radio! Angle and I also recorded our commercial for Inventors Showcase that will be airing tomorrow night ~ August 5th at 7pm.

We will be interviewing three Inventors ~ all of which have products for sale that will make you wonder "why didn't I think of that"?!

I hope you will all tune in and if you miss it, I will be posting it here on Product X!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Your 15 Minutes Radio Product Search!

It's looking to be an exciting last half of 2010!

As you know, I am now co-hosting Inventor Showcase with Angle Bush on Your 15 Minutes Radio and we have a pretty great offer for you!

Here, on Product X, we are having a contest and the winner be interviewed LIVE by Angle and myself!

You will have the opportunity to tell MILLIONS of listeners about YOUR product and where to purchase it!

To enter, you must have a product that is currently for sale. The winner will be selected by Angle and will have his/her 15 minutes LIVE in September!

So get started and tell us all about you and your product! The deadline for product submission is August 25th, 2010.

Good luck!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Radio is where it's at!

Angle Bush with Your 15 Minutes Radio had such a HUGE response from Inventors that wanted to be on our show that she rescheduled it for Aug. 5th so we could fit more in!

When we take risks and go after our dreams, it can be quite surprising where that can lead us.

I never would have thought that I'd end up in radio but here I am...reviewing Inventors and their products so I can come up with some clever questions. Not only that, I am able to do what I love - support Inventors! It's just on the radio and not TV like I had thought. For now, at least.

I hope all of you are still pursuing your dreams - even if it can be super frustrating. You never know where it will lead you...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Your 15 Minutes Radio Inventor Showcase

Angle Bush, the Host of Your 15 Minutes Radio has asked me to co-host her Inventor Showcase Radio Show!

This show will air on a Thursday each month with my debut as co-host on July 15th!

Angle has been hosting her show for quite sometime and is dedicated to providing individuals an opportunity to promote and market their products and services.

This show is right up our Women Inventor ally!

I am so excited to actually be co-hosting a radio show and especially one that supports Inventors! I feel so blessed!

Angle interviews an array of people from Authors to Political Figures to Inventors to Celebrities! One show I am looking forward to hearing is with Daymond John (Shark Tank). He will be discussing "The Brand Within".

So I hope you will all tune in and if you miss it live, I will have the radio show posted here.

You can learn more about Angle and her show at

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My First Radio Interview!

Listen to internet radio with SPEAK YOUR SUCCESS on Blog Talk Radio

To fast forward to my interview, click above the "S" in Share on the scrolling play bar or listen to the entire show!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coming Up Next on Your15Minutes Radio- Oprah Winfrey Network Contestant...

Your 15 Minutes Radio

When you are among thousands, you have to do whatever you can to stand out.

I'm talking about my show pitch - Woman Inventor Showcase - to the OWN Network.

Being on Your 15 Minutes Radio is a great start and I am doing just that tonight at 6:15pm!

Along with me, there will be several other contestants being interviewed so I am sure it's going to be very entertaining!

I'm flattered that Angle Bush (the host) selected me...there were tons of submissions and she only had a few spots available. She said she loved the show idea!

I'm so excited and I hope you can tune in and then make sure to let me know what you think!

Go to and turn up the volume!

Friday, June 25, 2010

One iron is coming out HOT!

Do you remember when I posted the picture of me in the studio with John Cremeans?

Do you remember when I said that one of the three infomercials I shot was about to launch?

Well, it looks like next week we have lift off!

I CAN NOT wait for everyone to see it and...there is a very interesting twist to the product that I will tell you about once it's for sale on-line. After that, we will be in retail stores as well!

With all the irons I have had in the fire, it's nice to see one come out HOT!

Stay tuned...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Three times a charm (hopefully)!

Last week Anthony Sullivan (Sully) tweeted that Pitchmen was looking for ONE more product for Pitchmen.

I sat at the computer chuckling to myself and thought, "No, I'm not doing this again" but you know me...if I don't at least try, I will regret it.

And what's the saying? Three times a charm, right?!

So...I sent over my video pitch for The Everything Marinator (it's a new, improved one) to Sullivan Productions and got the tweet, "We got it"!

Now I wait again but funny, waiting gets A LOT easier when you do it over and over and over again!

Deep breath...

I would have loved to have pitched it in person - there is SO much to say about The Everything Marinator and I'm so passionate about it - but who knows...maybe I'll get that chance!

The lesson here is...once again...try try again...

If you would like to send in a video pitch, go to

Tuesday, June 1, 2010



Time for round two!

Casting Directors are looking at all show pitches but I would love your help again this week.

Keep voting but this time, leave a comment! This will help show support for the Woman Inventor concept and hopefully keep me in the loop!

If you do not want to cut and paste the link below, simply go to and type in Woman Inventor Showcase. Easy as pie!

On another note, any new info on Homemade Millionaire? How about your inventions...anything new there?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good news!

First off, thank you all for your votes and kind words about my video submission for OWN! It is so fun watching the numbers go up and promoting the show (might be on Daytime - NBC- to talk about it!).

I was confused how someone with a not - so - great show idea or an idea that has been done hundreds times before (ie: live your best life, celebrity stuff, game shows)can beat out someone with a good/unique show idea because they have more votes (mostly by voting for themselves - vote, refresh, vote, refresh).

Good news is, I found out that only ONE person with the most votes gets into the finials and the Producers are looking at the videos submissions to fill the other spots! Wooohoooo!

Don't get me wrong, I need your votes! It's just nice to know that this contest is being fairly played and the bottom line is, vote for yourself as many times as you want but that won't get you to the top!

I also posted my audition on You Tube with a link back to Oprah so tell your family/friends that they can go to Inventor Showcase and vote there as well!

Thanks again everyone! Let's get this exciting show on the air and support Women Inventors like yourself!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tracy needs YOU!

I've done it!

My video is up and ready for voting! How you get to the finals is with the most votes so friends, vote as many times as you can and copy and paste this link to pass along!

This show could be JUST what Women Inventors have been waiting for so have fun, help me and vote, vote, vote!

You can also go on and click OWN show, browse and vote - my video is in the "Wildcard" section. You can also look it up under Tracy's Audition.

Much love,

Tracy's Audition: Woman Inventor Showcase - OWN TV

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mom Inc is now "Homemade Millionaire"

Below is the response email I received from Christina at Milojo.

What do you think of the name?

How do you feel about the time line?

Either way, it was nice to get a better idea of when the show will air and that it is INDEED going forward! Homemade Millionaire is a prime example of how long it can take to put a show together!

Good luck to those on the show!

Hi Tracy!

We are looking at late summer or early fall, but no exact date yet. The name of the show is now "Homemade Millionaire" and will be on TLC. We hope you like it when it airs!!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pitching Photo

There is going to be a new product on the market (shortly) that I know you all will love and I had the privilege of being hired to pitch it!

I didn't want the shoot to end - it was so much fun and it's going to be awesome to see it on air!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary Product X!

This past Saturday, it had been one year ago that I started writing Product X and what a year it's been!

I was reading my past entries and it's amazing how everything has evolved over the last 12 months.

I started out with an exciting invention and ended up finding a true passion - pitching products!

Now I am filming infomercials and my Everything Marinator is still waiting in the wings but not forgotten! My goal is to have The Everything Marinator on the shelves next March and with all the connections I am making in the infomercial world, I am hoping it will be easier than not.

I have had many highs and lows...I have had my hopes lifted only to be disappointed and lifted again...I have had experiences I would have never imagined...some good, some bad but all in all, I feel so blessed to have had this past year!

Thank you all for signing in, reading and commenting - it means more to me than you'll ever know!

I look forward to what the next year will bring and I hope the next 12 months brings you all the things you are hoping for!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Huggies wants to hear from you!

Love all the attention women are getting for their inventive ideas!

Here is another opportunity to get your product out there!

Good luck and let me know if you enter!

The Huggies® MomInspired™ Grant Program is giving entrepreneurial moms a chance to turn their original and innovative product ideas into reality! Sign up today at to be the first to know when the submission period opens!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A "Must Read"

When someone you love follows a dream, you want to support that person in every way!

My Aunt Hope has always loved to write and she is pretty darn funny so I was thrilled to hear that she started writing "The Dumb "A" Syndrome" Blog.

For years, when someone would do something SO ridiculous or stupid (for lack of a better word), she would say, "They need to go into the "Dumb "A" Syndrome" Book and it's we all say it! :)

This is going to be a very interesting and funny blog...not only will she have her own Dumb "A" stories to share with you, you can leave your Dumb "A" Syndrome stories in the comment section!

As a matter of fact, I am going to leave a Dumb "A" story on her blog today!

She is just getting started and I know how much your support has meant to me so if you feel so inclined...give my Aunt Hope your support too! You won't regret it!

And...we all have Dumb "A" Syndrome stories to share!

You can find her blog here on blogger at

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Go 2 Girlz Info

Exciting things are happening for my company The Go 2 Girlz and I finally posted updated info on my site

It may take time and a lot of effort but if you are passionate about what you are doing, kind and hard working, good things will happen!

Have a beautiful weekend!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In the Studio with John Cremeans

After a quiet couple of months, it was absolutely wonderful to be back in the Studio again!

I had the distinct privilege of working side by side with a real Pro - a man who has been in the business for over 24 years and has built quite a business for himself!

John and I worked together at HSN many, many years ago and in September of last year, we caught up with each other again in Las Vegas when I went to audition for Pitchmen.

I was nervous before the and make-up was done (which was fun!) but knowing I was about to team up on camera with someone as experienced as John was a little daunting.

I had absolutely nothing to worry about! John was so fun and helpful that I completely relaxed and had a blast!

John taught me some great little "tricks" about Pitching and memorizing lines...with everything else he does, John also trains Pitch People through his company CREMEANS MEDIA. There is also a blog, Facebook and other interesting Cremeans info you can find through Google.

I wanted the shoot to last all day - being in front of the camera and pitching was amazing but like all good things...the day came to an end. However, now I know I'll be "working" more frequently and that makes me very happy!

On a side note: Later today I will be posting more info about the shoot regarding The Go 2 Girlz on my site Make sure to visit there - exciting things are on the horizon!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Keystone CO River Ranch

We are all watching our pennies, aren't we?

So when you save for an entire year to take a family vacation and the trip (AKA: Customer Service/Accommodations) turns out to be less than desirable, it's pretty disappointing.

And what recourse do we really have? Sure, I can complain to the Manager but truthfully, do they REALLY care if you come back? You're just one family after all.

Because I know this, I am going the old fashion route...I am going to let the masses know about it. This will make me feel better and I can hopefully help someone else from not making the costly mistake we made.

First, we bought a package deal that included a free night of night skiing when we arrived (about a $200 value). However,the night skiing season closed the day before we got there. The front desk guy apologized and said there was a mix up but because it was a "free" pass, there was nothing he could do about it. Forget the fact that we had friends meet us so we could all ski together that night.

Then we arranged to go tubing at a cost of $30 per person for one hour. I treated my friends to the tubing since they came all the way to meet us for night skiing.

The River Ranch employee's were rude beyond belief. At the bottom of the tubing run, they would yell at us to "Move it"! It's not easy to get yourself out of the tube and drag the tube to the top at warp speed - especially for the young kids and it wasn't like we were moving at a snails pace. At one point they yelled, "Get out! This ain't no salad bar"! I have on video the two guys shouting at 6 year old son was asking why he was being yelled at. No fun. When they were yelling at my friend and his son, my friend said, "Buddy, there is no need to talk to us that way" and the employee kicked him off the mountain. $30 wasted. It was quite humiliating and degrading for all of us to be treated that way.

There are several restaurants in the River Ranch Village so we would hop in and get a bite before skiing again. The waiters and waitresses acted like it was an inconvenience waiting on us (no exaggeration) with eye rolling, etc. and I'm not just talking about ONE restaurant. It was every place we ate (except Woof Rock). Not to mention, most places were out of something or another we ordered.

Our family stayed at The Springs, a condo right by the slope and although the room was spacious the beds and pillows were disgusting and uncomfortable. Old blood stains and mysterious hairs on the sheets, lumpy beds/pillows that smelled terribly. I slept on the sofa.

My last big complaint (no need to ramble about all the little things) was when I picked my son up from ski school. I asked him if he had a good time. He said, "No Mommy, the ski instructor yelled at me all day saying I was doing it wrong". This was his FIRST time snowboarding. Needless to say, he did not want to go back and I didn't blame him. You can bet I spoke to that ski instructor privately.

When we were on the slopes skiing and having family time, we had a blast! However, this trip to Keystone River Ranch was beyond the worst money ever spent. So take heed...if planing a ski trip, look elsewhere.

Although this isn't my "typical" blog post, I felt that getting the word out any way I could is my best recourse.

I will be contacting the Manager at River Ranch to check in here to read my review.

Please feel free to forward...


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sit back and wait

Life is a waiting game...that's all I've got! :)

When the wait is over, to come!

What are you waiting for?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tracy in the Big Apple w/Billy Mays sticker/Today Show

I took a trip to NYC and headed down to the Plaza to see the Today Show with my Billy Mays sticker.

Go to my website and click on "What I am doing now" to see video and pictures from my trip and from the Today Show!

Enjoy and long live Billy Mays!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pitchmen Wants You (Again)!

Alright everyone, looks like Pitchmen isn't done with us yet!

Check out the exciting info below for another chance to Wow Sully and the gang at Pitchmen!

Good luck and let us know if you go!

March 13 and 14, 2010 in Chicago

Yes, there's a new season of PITCHMEN in the works with Sully and a select team of new co-hosts (some regulars plus a few surprises!). In the meantime, what we really need are your NEW PRODUCT IDEAS!

On Saturday March 13 and Sunday March 14, Discovery Channel's hit show PITCHMEN is offering inventors and innovators the opportunity to present their inventions to the producers and vie for the chance to pitch a product to industry expert and television pitchman Anthony "SULLY" Sullivan. The event will take place during the Chicago International Housewares Show at the McCormick Center on Lake Shore Drive. NOTE: You don't need to register for or attend the convention in order to pitch your invention. Please contact us at the email below for more details.

IMPORTANT INFO BELOW: (please read carefully!)


1) RSVP to:, enter "YES" and the THE DAY YOU WOULD LIKE TO PITCH in the subject line (pitches only take about 30 minutes but there are no guarantees).

2) In the body of your email, provide your name, phone number, photos, drawings, and a one paragraph written description of your invention.

3) Once you have RSVP'd as instructed above we will send more detailed information.

WHEN: Saturday, March 13 and Sunday, March 14, 2010.

WHERE: Chicago International Housewares Show at the McCormick Center on Lake Shore Drive.


Hoping to make a fortune with your next invention? Well you'd better check out these ESSENTIAL PRODUCT PITCH TIPS from the folks at who've made millions at Sullivan Productions.

WATCH PITCHMEN VIDEO and let the masters show you how it's done!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

As Seen On TV Product Search!

I'm a huge fan of the As Seen On TV products and many of us would love to have that coveted logo placed on our invention (it'd look great on The Everything Marinator!).

Now you have a chance to be a part of a very elite group!

But act quickly...deadline is Monday!

Go to to learn more and good luck!

As always, keep us posted here on Product X!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Kevin Harrington/Inventors Business Center

Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank wants to help you turn your ideas into reality!

To get help with your invention, go to

Below is just a part of the front page - looks like something a lot of us could use! Visit the site for more info!


Inventors Business Center's services are centered around experience and proven processes to deliver custom solutions for today's evolving Direct Response marketplace.

Strategy / Design

  • Long/Short form infomercial prod.
  • Media purchising
  • Social media strategy
  • Competitive analysis
  • E-commerce website creation
  • PR and print advertising
  • Persona development
  • Website analytics
  • Search engine optimization
  • Project planning
  • Information architecture
  • Usability studies
  • Interaction design
  • Visual design
  • Style guides
  • Product Photography

Read more

Product Development

  • Patent/Trademark attorney
  • Prototyping & Tooling
  • CAD drawing and rendering
  • Domestic/International product manufacturing
  • Signage and print materials
  • PR and print advertising
  • Domestic and International retail distribution
  • Shopping Channel product distribution

Read more


  • iPhone and mobile
  • Facebook connect
  • Video transcoding
  • Flex development
  • Client and server side development
  • Hosting and moderation

Read more

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Need a Celebrity?

I have to admit that I am often star struck when I see a celebrity. I gawk with the rest of them!

So, it was only natural for me to seek out a way for Celebrities to wear my tees' - Wear Your Manners - and the best and only way I was successful was by using Contact Any Celebrity.

Contact Any Celebrity - - has a huge data base of info that will give you the actors agents name, address, phone number, charities that actor works with, managers info plus lots more.

Using this information, I sent out tons of tee's with my press kit and ended up being a such a success story that the owner of Contact Any Celebrity interviewed me and put my story and info in his book!

Here's the success story: One morning I woke up to find an email from Doug and Laura Savant (Desperate Housewife/Melrose Place) in my in box and let me tell you, I was so excited and shocked that I couldn't even open the email for a few minutes!

After I read the email, I emailed them back (oh my gosh, I had their private email address!) and asked for their permission to quote them in my press kits, on line and in the media. They sent over an "approved" quote which you can read on my website,

Having this quote helped land me on several TV spots, magazine articles and websites.

So if it's Celebrities you crave to get the word out about your product, check out Contact Any Celebrity!

Good luck and who knows, Jennifer Aniston could be photographed with YOUR invention!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


My Daughter went to a sweetheart dance with her Daddy last night. Something they both had been looking forward to and I took some adorable pictures.

Along with dancing and eating yummy cupcakes, there was a hula hoop contest. The winner got an MPR player and Brooke wanted to win it to give to her brother. Brooke is really good at hula hooping but you had to be fast to grab one of the few hoops. Well she was quick and got herself a hoop.

But then...the class Drama Queen stood in front of her and started WAILING that she did not get a hoop and could Brooke "Please, please, please give her hers". My Husband said it was quite the scene.

Brooke felt that she did not have a choice but to hand it over. The fake tears and loud cries were just to much for her and she felt backed into a corner.

Well, the Drama Queen does not know how to hula hoop and it feel right to the floor. You're out.

When Brooke came home crying, it was not for the missed opportunity for wining the MPR player, it was for the total frustration of feeling duped.

Even though my Husband and I teach "doing for others", there is also a time to just say "no" and put yourself first.

A hard lesson to learn but unfortunately, a necessary one. Even if you are eight.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feb. 7th, 1970

Today is my Birthday!

People keep asking how I feel being 40 or if I'm "sad" that I am 40 and my answer is this, "I am happier today than I have ever been so why should I feel stressed about being 40".

I am blessed beyond belief and I thank God everyday for all of my years and hopefully many, many more to come!

Oh yes, and it's Super Bowl today! What a day! :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Wait and See

Let's play a little game called Wait and See.

In the red corner is: HSN, Milojo, Casting Agent for Pitchmen, Pitchmen Crew, Kevin Harrington, TV Host

In the blue corner is: Tracy

HSN: "You have been hired as a On Air Guest. Now we just wait for product to come in to pair you up with".
Tracy: "Wonderful"!

Milojo: We love The Everything Marinator! Here's a green card!
Tracy: "Hi, welcome to Chicago! My name is Tracy and I invented The Everything Marinator"!
Milojo: Between you and I, you and The Everything Marinator has been selected to move to the next round!

Tracy: "So put away you dust pan and broom forever and get the swivel sweeper G2"!
Pitchmen Crew: "You are unique and fresh! I love it"!
Casting Agent for Pitchmen: "I want you to know that you did not waste your time or your money coming out here"!

Pitchmen Crew: "You did great! You love to pitch and it shows"!

Tracy: "Have any decisions been made for the team of three to work with Anthony on Pitchmen"?
Casting Agent for Pitchmen: "Let me assure you, you did not waste your time or your money and you should be hearing something at the end of October".

Tracy: "The Everything Marinator is going to revolutionize the way people marinate today".
Kevin Harrington: "This is a perfect item for a shopping channel. I can see my wife using it to marinate chicken wings in it".

Tracy: "Touching base to see if any new product has come in".
HSN: "The 4th quarter is slow. We are hoping in January, things will pick up and new product will be arriving. I'll keep you posted".

Tracy: "Congratulations on your new show! If you are holding auditions, I would love to work with you"!
TV Host: "I would love to work with you as well! You have the beauty and brains to do anything and I hope we can work together soon"!

Tracy: "I would like to be the official blogger for Mom, Inc."
Milojo: "I will pass your info along to TLC".

Pitchmen Crew: "Call the Pitchmen office. We may need you to pitch for us".

Tracy: "Have any finial decisions been made for the team of three to work with Anthony Sullivan for Pitchmen"?
Casting Agent for Pitchmen: "Yes, they have been chosen. You certainly made a lasting impression".

Kevin Harrington: "We are holding a contest for inventors".
Tracy: "Try try again".


That's the game folks! It's not the end of the game but I wanted to share this with you so you can know that if you are playing the game as well, you are not alone!

*Note: This game began Feb. of last year.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Here we go again! Good Luck!

Ok Women Inventors, get your self moving and check out to find out how to pitch your product to Anthony "Sully" Sullivan!

Pitchmen is still looking for product for Season 2 so don't miss this once in a life time opportunity!

Any additional info I find, I will post here!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hope this helps

For Christmas my Mom gave me a book ~ "How to Soar Like An Eagle in a World Full of Turkeys" by Robert Stevenson and I really recommend it. It's funny, informative, encouraging and honest.

Here is some facts taken from the chapter Achievement - Failure. When I get really, really frustrated and think "If I get one more "no", I'm going to scream" I can read this chapter, breathe through my nose and press on.

Hope this helps you during those frustrating moments as well.

*A recording company that turned down the Beatles in 1962 stated: "We don't think they will do anything in their market. Guitar groups are on their way out."

*In the mid 1800's the head of the Patent Office in Washington recommended the Patent Office should be closed, because everything that could have been invented had already been invented.

*Beethoven's teacher called him a hopeless composer.

*Albert Einstein's teacher described him as "mentally slow, unsociable and adrift in foolish dreams."

*R.H. Macy failed seven times before his store in New York caught on.

*Babe Ruth struck out 1,330 times, but also hit 714 home runs. (my personal favorite)

*Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor for lack of ideas.

*An expert once said of Vince Lombardi: "He possesses minimal football knowledge and lacks motivation."

*The testing director for MGM in 1933 wrote the following memo about Fred Astaire's first screen test: "Can't act! Slightly bald! Can dance a little." Mr. Astaire kept the memo over the fireplace in his home.

Have a great day pressing on!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New to Pitchmen

As the clock ticks down to the much anticipated premier of Pitchmen Season Two it has been announced that the very talented Jennifer Crawford has joined the team!

Jennifer's resume is a mile long with exciting TV experience such as being a spokeswoman for no! no! hair removal, working on HSN, seen on Fox 13, a seasoned interviewer, a powerful force of Maven Management and a heart of gold working with several charities around the world.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

When I auditioned for Pitchmen in Las Vegas, I had the privilege of seeing Jennifer work her magic, interviewing inventors at the Pitch To The Pro's livemercial booth.

Jennifer's energy is as contagious as her smile but don't just take my word for it! Just Google her name and a laundry list of appearances and accomplishments is right there on the front page!

Also, You Tube has her demo reel and more information about Maven Management. If you are a twitter fan, you can follow Jennifer on

Jennifer Crawford...a name and a face we will be seeing much more of!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Attention WI!

Late last night I came across something very exciting for all of us WI...Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank) is holding quite the contest!

Read below and act quickly so you do not miss this awesome opportunity! I submitted my EM!

Good luck everyone!

Do you have an innovative product idea that might be the next national best seller? Could you benefit from expert advice from product launch experts? Would you like to win a FREE Infomercial from the Infomercial King, Kevin Harrington? Then enter The Pitch Maker Contest, submit your idea for FREE and win the chance to have your product launched on TV!

Twenty finalists will be chosen and invited to pitch our expert panel LIVE at The Pitch Maker Contest and 2010 Professional Athletes Business Summit held at Trump Hollywood, February 1st from 7:00pm-10:00pm. Network with professional athletes, stars and other business executives at this exclusive one of a kind event!

Go to to submit your invention.

*keep me updated*

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Grandpa's Plant

8 years ago my Grandfather died and after his funeral I brought home one of the Peace Lillys that was up on the podium at the funeral home.

Now taking care of a plant is quite a task for me because I can not, no matter what, keep a plant alive and I was absolutely terrified of killing my Grandpa's plant. I felt that if I kept this Peace Lilly alive, a part of him would be with me, here on earth.

I have been know for spending quite a bit of money on house plants over the years with the high hopes of keeping them beautiful (I love the look of live plants in a home) only to drag them out to the end of the drive way a month later.

So I have resigned myself to plastic plants convincing myself that they DO look real, don't they?!

But my Grandpas's still alive eight years later and this has taught me something very important.

If you want something bad enough, even though you have failed time and time again, if you work for what you want, have confidence that you are competent, you CAN make it happen.

I like to think of this as a little life lesson from my Grandpa.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Tune in later today

I love posting on Monday morning. It makes me feel creative and productive and I get to correspond with all of you.


I have a post I am hoping, praying, jumping up and down excited to put up today so I'm going to just sit here and drink my coffee...

Check in later today...hopefully I'll be posting something wonderful!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

There's a new Pitchwoman in town

Let me paint the picture for you...

A crowd of women in Chicago fill a conference room waiting to audition for a new reality show. They are all inventors. They are all dreamers. And they are all driven.

I am first in line and while I am sitting with my Husband waiting to pitch my Everything Marinator I see this adorable woman dragging a stationary bike with her.

My Husband and I play a quick game of "what is her invention".

At that point I get called in to pitch my EM and I never see the adorable woman or her bike again.

When I return home, my blog is frequented by another WI. A pretty blond who posts under the name Jen C.

Over time Jen C. takes us on the journey of Womentorz. A website created by....that adorable woman I saw dragging her bike. A website that specializes in selling Woman's Inventions. A website that is ahead of it's time and right on time!

Like so many things in life, things happen for a reason but I never would have guessed that 7 months later I would be working with these two wonderful women, Jen and Melinda.

I am so happy to announce that I am the official Pitchwoman for Womentorz!

I will be outlining exactly what I will be offering soon but in the meantime, I have already exercised my pitching chops! Today I brought Womentorz a multi-million dollar company that will be selling their product on their site! Melinda and Jen will be announcing the company shortly.

I feel so blessed to be a part Womentorz and to be working with these two wonderful Ladies!

To read Womentorz blog, you can find it here on blogger and to follow them on twitter, go to To purchase and/or sell visit and of course, if you need a Pitchwoman, I've got the pitch you've been looking for!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Turns out that another Mom Inc hopeful lives right here in Tampa!

I am sure most of you remember Luv-a-cuva - a very unique blanket for two that Kelly and Mark raved about!

To read their story in the St. Pete Times, just google luv-a-cuva and you will find it!

Good luck Evan and Haris - sounds to me like things are getting pretty cozy for you and Mom Inc! Please keep us posted!