Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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  1. Hello fellow WI!!! I have been so busy with work (finally thank God!!!) that I have not had time to post.
    Deedra YEAAAAAAAA I'm soooooo happy for you and your family. I know little Charlie is so blessed to have you!!
    Mary I'm so sorry you have had such a rough road lately! I will be praying for you and your family!

    #9 I called my AP about a month ago and they told me I will not be making it for the first season. I received my contract from a lawyer at discovery not Kevin. My contacts have all been directly with discovery. I have not talked to Milojo for a long time. They told me back in January that I would be going to New York for sure.......but that never did happen. I wish you all the luck!!! I hope you make it all the way my friend!

    Have a wonderful night my friends!! #3

  2. Hey Friends,

    So I've noticed that things have gotten kinda silent again. So I thought I'd share my experience from a week ago. here is a copy of the letter I sent my family and friends about my incident: I thought I'd try to break the silence with a little humor. Let me just say never a dull moment. HA
    Hi All,
    So I thought I'd give you a little update on our progress of getting all our junk in one location. Thursday Serena, Jack, and I headed to Nate & Christa's to pack up everything so that when John arrived all we would need to do is load everything onto the trailer.
    Everything was going according to plan. John arrived Saturday. Nate & Christa and I met him at the KY storage unit and we loaded everything from storage onto the trailer. We then headed to Nate and Christa's to load up our stuff from the house.
    Once we arrived at the house John & Nate decided that the Truck was in great need of having the brakes changed so that took precedence.
    Being the good wife that I am I ventured outside to see how things were coming along with the truck repairs. That's when it happened: The guys said, "Oh good can you come pour this brake fluid while John does this and I (Nate) do that." "Sure", I said, as I rounded the front of the truck. I was reaching out to grab the brake fluid from John and listening intently to his instruction when I tripped over the jack stand handle. Because I was reaching out I was unable to catch myself. I fell like a tree. T-I-M-B-E-R. Thankfully I am fat because my breasts broke my fall. Like dual airbags they kept my face from hitting the pavement. As I lay sprawled on the pavement honestly the first thought that ran through my mind was – Wow! That felt so strange. If I had had breast implants they would have exploded. That thought I apparently shared aloud cuz John said, "Yeah well it looked like your real ones did!" My next thought, OUCH! That really hurt! My really sad attempt at having some resemblance of dignity I shooed away the two wonderfully attentive men who came running to my rescue. “I’m okay, I’m okay I assured as I shooed at them.” I then tried to lift myself with my right arm. Ahh, nope that's not gonna work. So I sat there more annoyed at my clumsiness than anything else. And yes you've guessed correctly, in true Mary fashion, with no protruding bones present I saw no need for medical attention.
    So I was left feeling totally useless. I could not lift a thing. By default I was promoted to Supervisor. Oh yay! With about as much use as any other Supervisor I delegated the loading of the rest of our stuff. I will spare you the antics of my shower Sunday morning. Trust me it was quite a challenge to say the least.
    Oh great, I just found more bruises this morning, (it's Monday by the way.) They apparently went unnoticed due to the pain in my right arm and chest. I can use my arm a little more today and it's not excruciating when I sneeze now. Proof that I am improving, but I am still very very sore.
    Thank goodness Serena can drive cuz Jack, Serena & I head back to TN today. The next month should be interesting for a couple of reasons. Trying to unload the trailer into our TN storage unit before our trip to NH will now be a bit of a challenge and just to make things more fun John was just put on second shift so that leaves us to try and be quiet while he sleeps and vice-versa. Not to mention how confusing that will be for the dogs. (Someone always being up that is.) Yeah, I don't know how well that's gonna work in a 29 ft. camper with four people and 6 dogs. I am grateful that this second shift thing is temporary. (Suppose to be only 30 days.) We'll see. Fun, fun, fun.
    Anyway just thought you might like to know so when you see me in May you’re not surprised and don't stare at the two deflated airbags I now have for breasts. :-/
    So now a week later I am doing much better. I can lift my right arm and I can sleep a little better. And you???

  3. Ohhhh Mary! I just laughed right out loud sister! Nothing like being able to laugh at ourselves to entice laughter from others. I love it - I am sorry that happened and frankly, it sounded quite painful! Okay wait - I just tried to read some of this to my husband and I can't because now I'm snorting and tears are forming in my eyes! It's Tuesday, I hope your bruises are pretty colors and NOT too painful... thank you for sharing and making me laugh this morning!

    We should all share a falling story. One rainy day, I was unloading groceries out of the front seat of my little truck. I was wearing slip on, cloggy sort of numbers and when I went to back up, must've started to step out of my shoe and fell flat, lookin' at the sky, on my back in the driveway with three bags hanging from each arm. Thankfully, I had dual airbags of my own on my ass!

  4. Jen,
    My turn to laugh. Thank God for our airbags!!
    One of my good friends asked if she could share my story with a friend of hers to pickup her spirits. Her friend had a similar bad fall a month ago although she managed to catch herself and broke her elbow in 6 places which required surgery. She just heard from the doctor that it was not healing properly and now they're talking elbow replacement surgery. So I guess there is a hidden blessing in the fact that I was unable to catch myself. And yes my bruises are all kinds of pretty colors.LOL

  5. Mary, You surly do have your share of problems lately! I love your personality and I feel so sorry for you. I too am struggling with the economy and a few years ago in the winter, I went down for the count 3 times! All this in 1 month. Thank GOD my bad luck is over, I haven't fallen since. It was getting so that I was afraid to walk!

  6. Mary, Mary, Mary! I've just read your tale and envisioned the whole thing as though it were a comedic movie! Still, though, I'm hoping you're feeling okay and that life will calm down for you soon. Your spirit is wonderful and your sense of humor will surely get you through all the tough spots - which I continue to pray will go away VERY soon for you and your family. God Bless You!! #16

  7. Dear Friends,

    It makes me smile that I made you smile. Laughter truly is the best medicine. The Lord did a wonderful thing giving us the ability to mend so many things with a smile - Sadness, pain, a broken heart, sorrow. I am blessed to be able to count you Ladies as friends and I know that and thank the Lord for our friendship. I feel as though I know you Ladies better than just pen pals which I guess technically we are. I hope someday to have the chance to meet you Ladies personally but until then I will continue to write.

    I am feeling really good today. I had a little setback a couple of days ago when my elderly dogs back legs gave way as she was walking up the RV steps (happens in her old age) I reacted without thinking and lifted her sorry but up the steps (she weighs 60 lbs.) Good for Savanah not so good for Mary. But I'm back to where I was in my recovery and beyond I'm not 100%. Of course not I belly-flopped on pavement a 4ft drop! But I'm able to at least feel somewhat useful again. Should be good to go for the trip to NH we leave May 8th.
    Hope all is well with you all.
    Hey and when things get silent again remind me to tell ya all about the time I pulled my hair out with a power drill. Can you say O-U-C-H!
    Have a Blessed Day Friends!