Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Go 2 Girlz Info

Exciting things are happening for my company The Go 2 Girlz and I finally posted updated info on my site

It may take time and a lot of effort but if you are passionate about what you are doing, kind and hard working, good things will happen!

Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. (Repost)

    Hey Ladies,

    Tracy - sounds like things are happening for you. I'm really happy for you.

    Things seem pretty quite right now so I thought I'd add a little update on my status. Something to read is better than nothing, right?

    Besides most of us here are friends as well as fellow WI's and care for each other beyond that one aspect of our lives.

    So here goes . . . When I last left you I had moved to KY from NH and we had lost our house or more accurately we had decided to stop fighting to save it and were trying to do a short-sale. Actually good news there we currently have a signed purchase and sales agreement and now we are awaiting the banks decision on whether they will accept the offer or not. (Prayers would be greatly appreciated.)

    Once in KY we continued to be tested. We were supposed to house-sit for good friends while they were stationed in Hawaii. Well that's not what happened our friends orders were cancelled and we needed to share the house. Not what either family had "signed up for" so to speak.

    So we stayed with our good friends sharing their house and waiting to see where the Lord wanted us and what we should do all the time awaiting our friends new orders.
    Fast forward 3 months and our friend never did receive orders and my husband just now got work. Not in KY though. The past three months has been an experience I will never forget. I learned a lot about compassion and generosity from our friends and how much more humbling it is to receive than to give. We all were actually sad when our new blended families needed to go their separate ways. My husband got work in Watts Bar TN 300 miles from where we were staying. He found a quant little camground in the next town over - Spring City.
    So right now here I sit in my camper with a beautiful view of Watts Bar Lake right out my bedroom window and living a very simple stress-free life for the summer something else apparently that the Lord knew I desperately needed. Those of you who are still with me thanks for reading; and thanks for your prayer support; and Tracy thanks for giving me a place to share with a great group of friends.

    In other news I have 5 inventions that are currently in Live Product searches with Edison Nation and one that is a new idea that I share credit for with my good friend Christa (wife of the family we lived with.) That idea especially I think has a very good chance of going all the way.

    And now I ask you my good friends -Deedra, #3,#7, #9, #16 and please forgive me if I left any #s out have you been to NYC yet. Can you tell us anything?

    Prayers and blessings to all of you in your everyday life and in your inventive endeavors as well.

  2. Mary,
    Thank you so much for sharing with us and catching us up on what is going on in your life. I am happy to hear that you are trusting in the Lord to show you the way - good for you!

    Any WI's out there want to catch us up w/your invention, product or standing w/Mom Inc?

  3. Mary, I pray the best for you! Good for you looking at the positive of your stress free summer vacation! You will be in my prayers.

    As far as NYC, I can't share anything. Sorry.

    Would love to hear if others can share at this point!

    Never give up...

  4. Happy to hear you ladies are hanging in there and Tracy - Yay!!! Keep plugging away girl! And has your brainy hubby thought any more about my idea :)?

    Can Deedra or any of the #'s at least answer the question: Will there BE a MomInc? I was sure thinking we'd all be seeing it on TLC by now?

  5. Hey Jen! Yes, Jay is still trying to figure it out but it's a really good idea so I'm sure he'll keep trying! :)
    I second you...I was hoping to see this airing by now...anyone?

  6. Hi Ladies,
    I have not had an update on the show since Feb. I was told that callbacks would be sometime in Feb and that I still had a very good chance.
    I'm still hanging on and continuing to make my dolls and sculpt new ones. Marie Osmond bought the rights to one of my dolls and I will share her debut when she is airing on QVC in August.
    Yes, please if anyone gets any updates or is taping please just post anonymously!
    Have a great week and remember your more amazing than you think and stronger than you know.

  7. Dear Mary, I'm so sorry that you and your family have been put to the test so often. It doesn't seem fair. However, I'm glad to hear that you are situated in an idylic setting where you can contemplate all the good fortune that will SURELY come your way very soon! As for me, I learned a while ago that I'm definitely not a part of the first season's WI show. I was given a very plausable reason why not (it has to do entirely with the format in which the show is being developed - which is pretty interesting in and of itself). I've been told that, if the show is picked up, I will likely be on the short list for the second season. That's fine with me because I'd like to first see how the show plays out; I'd consider that actually advantageous (and maybe I can lose some more weight in the interim!). The AP said they are fairly certain that it will be picked up for the next season. That's all I care to say for right now. I'd suggest that if you REALLY want to know where you stand, please just ask your AP for a CANDID update. You are entitled to that after all this time. That is what I did - and the news was immediately forthcoming. I definitely appreciate not waiting on pins and needles anymore. It was liberating in a way to put this aside for awhile and move on. Good luck to all! #16

  8. Anonymous,can you give us the right Email to be able to ask Mom Inc.for a update? Thanks.

  9. To Anonymous above, I believe that there are more than a few APs, each assigned to a particular group of potential inventor candidates. You need to contact the TLC/Discovery point person who initially contacted you - long ago - when you were first given the news that you were being considered for the show. You should email or call that same individual and ask for a status update. I encourage anyone still waiting to reach out to that TLC/Discovery person to find out where you stand with regard to the show. They've been taping the show for awhile now, as I'm sure you all know. #16

  10. #16,
    I'm with you. I think that can be an advantage being able to sit back and observe the fist go around on Mom Inc. Good luck with your attempts at weight loss. One of those daily (sometimes even hourly battles) for me. I have some great recipes (if you'd like them)using both agave sweetener (a healthy alternative to artificial sweeteners) and coconut oil (also very beneficial for you.) Google agave and coconut oil to learn all the health benefits of both of these wonder foods.
    (commercial break is done - LOL)
    Have you pursued other avenues with your invention #16 in light of your uncertain standing with Mom Inc. Or are you still bound to them by a contract?

  11. Thanks, Mary - I'll check out the agave and coconut oil as substitutes. Regarding Mom Inc, I was told that perhaps I could get out of the contract (I'm having some personal hardships at home right now; they appear to be compassionate and, I think, would release me if I needed to move forward with my invention). Truth is, though, I'm so immersed in what's going on at home and working full time that I have no time to shop it around or pitch it anyway. So I decided to keep things the way they are for now and wait and see. If my product is not included in season two, of course I'll ask to be released pronto and start pitching elsewhere when, hopefully, personal issues are resolved and I have a bit more time. #16

  12. #16,
    I just find that repulsive that you had to bug THEM to find out that your not on the first season. I just don't understand the lack of common decency in letting us know if we are on or not. I'm sure Kelly Ripa would never let anyone treat her with such complacency. I have been patient for nine months and I am ready to have this baby!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I understand completely - and I agree. There should have been a kinder way of handling this. I have no idea how many of us were left waiting. Don't forget, we who found one another on Tracy's site are only a very small number of those who have received contracts. I have no idea the number of ladies who continue to wait. It just seems like there could have been a better way. I don't believe they understand how painful it is to be left hanging for such a sustained period of time...and THAT'S why I encouraged everyone to demand a candid status report from their AP. What is fair, is fair after all. Good luck to all you lovely ladies! #16

  14. Ugg! How frustrating for all of you! I am sorry you have had to play this waiting sad as I was to find out that I did not make the cut, I feel somewhat relieve that I have not been waiting this long (sorry again to those who are waiting)...I hope you all find some way or another to get your invention out there and make your own luck! :)

    On another note, The Go 2 Girlz will be changing names soon so please stay tuned! "I" have been given a different name! Whoohooo!!!!!!

  15. #16 As always I am praying for you. I am praying for your strength & for relief with your hardships.

    Tracy You have been "given" a different name. Who "gave" you this name? Or is that highly secret security clearance type info? Come on you can tell us.

  16. Thanks, Mary. You are a sweetheart. I appreciate your kindness.

    Tracy, you have given us much to wonder about. But it all sounds good and positive. I'll await further news, girl!! #16

  17. Wow, time goes fast when you are busy!

    The project I am working on has launched me into a different category - so to speak - so The Go 2 Girlz is not the appropriate name for what I am doing now. The name/company The Go 2 Girlz started so long ago that now looking back seems very "juvenile" in itself, if that makes sense...

    I am in the studio with John Cremeans again today - yea! - and hopefully it won't be much longer until I can tell you all about it!

    Have a wonderful Friday everyone!