Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pitching Photo

There is going to be a new product on the market (shortly) that I know you all will love and I had the privilege of being hired to pitch it!

I didn't want the shoot to end - it was so much fun and it's going to be awesome to see it on air!


  1. How super exciting Tracy!! Can't wait to tell all - "Yeah I know her! We're great friends, we write each other all the time." Tee-Hee.
    Not to be critical but. . . hope your product has something to do with the bleach stains on your jeans. Hmmm? Or is that stylish these days? Anyway glad you had a great time. We should all be so lucky as to enjoy our work so much that we don't want it to come to an end. You look great!

  2. Hey Tracy,
    Sorry about the jeans comment reading it after it didn't come out the way I meant it. I was just trying to guess the product. They probably only shot from the waist up anyhow.

    I promise I'll be silent for a while after this (I've done more than my share of the talking lately): This is a repost I didn't want you Ladies to miss my response to your outpour of support after reading my story. I posted my response on that post but then thought you might never see it cuz why would you return there after reading now that we've moved on. So here it is I meant it and didn't want for you to miss it:
    Dear Friends,

    It makes me smile that I made you smile. Laughter truly is the best medicine. The Lord did a wonderful thing giving us the ability to mend so many things with a smile - Sadness, pain, a broken heart, sorrow. I am blessed to be able to count you Ladies as friends and I know that and thank the Lord for our friendship. I feel as though I know you Ladies better than just pen pals which I guess technically we are. I hope someday to have the chance to meet you Ladies personally but until then I will continue to write.

    I am feeling really good today. I had a little setback a couple of days ago when my elderly dogs back legs gave way as she was walking up the RV steps (happens in her old age) I reacted without thinking and lifted her sorry but up the steps (she weighs 60 lbs.) Good for Savanah not so good for Mary. But I'm back to where I was in my recovery and beyond I'm not 100%. Of course not I belly-flopped on pavement a 4ft drop! But I'm able to at least feel somewhat useful again. Should be good to go for the trip to NH we leave May 8th.
    Hope all is well with you all.
    Hey and when things get silent again remind me to tell ya all about the time I pulled my hair out with a power drill. Can you say O-U-C-H!
    Have a Blessed Day Friends!

  3. You look so good! It gives me inspiration to loose weight and get my product on TV! Way to go, I've followed you for a year now and I am proud to have had contact with you! Good Luck in all you do.

  4. Tracy! Very exciting! Congrats!

    I think the jeans may be the deliberately ripped in-style boyfriend jeans, Mary. (Very in vogue here in NY). And thanks for your lovely re-post. The sentiments go right back atcha1! #16

  5. Happy Anniversary Product X and congratulations on finding your niche in the pitching world! This has been a great resource for information, laughter, contemplation, encouragement and sharing of information.

    Always good to check in here and see what's cookin'!

    Here's to the continuation of the journey!



  6. No worries Mary! And you are right, they shot from the waist up! :)

    Thank you both Anonymous! I have lost (very slowly) ten pounds that I managed to gain since Christmas so if I can do it, you can too!

  7. Shoot! I hit "post comment" before I said "Hi" to Jen and your reading your comment so early in the morning has made my day! :) Thank you! XO

  8. Well, who could ask for anything more then to have such a pretty lady with just the right skills pitch your product. Can't wait to see it!!

  9. LisaLisa,
    That is very sweet! Thank you!