Sunday, April 18, 2010

A "Must Read"

When someone you love follows a dream, you want to support that person in every way!

My Aunt Hope has always loved to write and she is pretty darn funny so I was thrilled to hear that she started writing "The Dumb "A" Syndrome" Blog.

For years, when someone would do something SO ridiculous or stupid (for lack of a better word), she would say, "They need to go into the "Dumb "A" Syndrome" Book and it's we all say it! :)

This is going to be a very interesting and funny blog...not only will she have her own Dumb "A" stories to share with you, you can leave your Dumb "A" Syndrome stories in the comment section!

As a matter of fact, I am going to leave a Dumb "A" story on her blog today!

She is just getting started and I know how much your support has meant to me so if you feel so inclined...give my Aunt Hope your support too! You won't regret it!

And...we all have Dumb "A" Syndrome stories to share!

You can find her blog here on blogger at


  1. Just posted my Dumb "A" story on!
    What's yours?

  2. I am going to check this out and FOLLOW! You may also like to read my very first post at

    LYMI!! xo

  3. Has anyone heard any word on when they're going to start airing the WI show on TLC? I know they've started filming but has anyone heard of when its going to be on tv?

  4. Mornin' Tracy! All this blog talk has got my creative juices flowin! Your Aunt's blog is cute and funny too!

    Today's post "The Bikini Incident" if you're in need of some light reading :)

  5. Jen, I am headed to your blog right now! Love the name! :)

  6. Is anyone hearing anything from the WI show?

  7. Who is still out there waiting?

  8. when is this thing airing?

  9. WI Show is a big, bad "mystery" - at least that's the way the whole thing has been handled. Maybe someone out there has an inkling as to air date? Otherwise, I guess TLC promos and/or Kelly's divulging info on her morning show would be the way to find out.

  10. Ok, I called Kevin at Milojo only to find out that the number I have for him is no longer his. This poor guy, Kyle, who answered was bombarded w/lots of questions. :)
    So I sent them an email asking when Mom Inc will be airing or if they even have an air date set...let you know if I hear back...

    Also, I can't remember the new "#" that came out of the wood work...remember, she has TONS of info? Well new #, if you are reading, do you have any further info you can tell us? :)

  11. Tracy and ladies in waiting,
    Is KEvin still there or is he gone completely? I ask because he was the one that sent me my contract and I emailed him last week and nothing? What about #4,8, i'm 9(haven't heard) #16 (I think she said that she was waiting possibly on the second show?) who else and have you heard anything yet or been to N.Y? Please, I am just dying to know. I have emailed Christina twice and nothing. She usually gets back to me so fast but maybe she's not allowed to say anything. So it's been late Jan since I've had any updates. I guess they would have told me by now if I wasn't on the show so no news is good news for now. Still keeping the faith!
    #9 : )

  12. For what it's worth, Kyle (the guy that answered the number I had for Kevin) said that Kevin is no longer there but when I started "quizzing" him on everything he rambled on about how he was new and maybe he doesn't know...At one point I thought Milojo had a phone number on their site but now it's just an email address...who knows...

  13. Hello fellow WI!!! I have been so busy with work (finally thank God!!!) that I have not had time to post.
    Deedra YEAAAAAAAA I'm soooooo happy for you and your family. I know little Charlie is so blessed to have you!!
    Mary I'm so sorry you have had such a rough road lately! I will be praying for you and your family!

    #9 I called my AP about a month ago and they told me I will not be making it for the first season. I received my contract from a lawyer at discovery not Kevin. My contacts have all been directly with discovery. I have not talked to Milojo for a long time. They told me back in January that I would be going to New York for sure.......but that never did happen. I wish you all the luck!!! I hope you make it all the way my friend!

    Have a wonderful night my friends!! #3

  14. To those folks still waiting, I recommend that you contact TLC/Discovery directly. In my inquiries, I always emailed my TLC/Discovery AP directly and copied Christina at Milojo, but it was always the TLC/Discovery contact who replied - and did so quickly - whenever I had a question. So, I think that Milojo is deliberately stepping away and taking a backseat now and leaving communications from any candidates to the TLC/Discovery team. Good luck to you all!! #16

  15. Thank you #16!! When did you find out? I wish you all the luck and maybe we will meet for a second season????? Who knows??

    Have a wonderful Friday!!#3

  16. I found about about two weeks before Easter. I didn't want to share it here because I thought I might upset some folks before the holiday. While I'm a little disappointed, I'm a real believer in things happening for a reason - and I've never counted my chickens before they hatched! I don't know whether I've been "let down easy" with the news that I'm on the short list for a second season - or not. We will see. I remain hopeful because they've been very forthcoming as to their very plausible reasons for going this route. I have so much on my plate right now that I've not had time to fret at all. I'm just anxious to see the show once it airs!! It should be great fun. #16

  17. Great attitude #16! Love the positive thoughts!

    I emailed Christina (no word back) and twittered to TLC...still waiting to hear...

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