Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In the Studio with John Cremeans

After a quiet couple of months, it was absolutely wonderful to be back in the Studio again!

I had the distinct privilege of working side by side with a real Pro - a man who has been in the business for over 24 years and has built quite a business for himself!

John and I worked together at HSN many, many years ago and in September of last year, we caught up with each other again in Las Vegas when I went to audition for Pitchmen.

I was nervous before the and make-up was done (which was fun!) but knowing I was about to team up on camera with someone as experienced as John was a little daunting.

I had absolutely nothing to worry about! John was so fun and helpful that I completely relaxed and had a blast!

John taught me some great little "tricks" about Pitching and memorizing lines...with everything else he does, John also trains Pitch People through his company CREMEANS MEDIA. There is also a blog, Facebook and other interesting Cremeans info you can find through Google.

I wanted the shoot to last all day - being in front of the camera and pitching was amazing but like all good things...the day came to an end. However, now I know I'll be "working" more frequently and that makes me very happy!

On a side note: Later today I will be posting more info about the shoot regarding The Go 2 Girlz on my site Make sure to visit there - exciting things are on the horizon!


  1. Hey Tracy, sounds like you are rockin' and rollin'! Good for you! I am going to check our your go2girlz website now.

  2. Thanks Anonymous! I like that...rockin' and rollin'! Sure feels like it :)

  3. Hey Ladies,

    Tracy - sounds like things are happening for you. I'm really happy for you.

    Things seem pretty quite right now so I thought I'd add a little update on my status. Something to read is better than nothing, right?

    Besides most of us here are friends as well as fellow WI's and care for each other beyond that one aspect of our lives.

    So here goes . . . When I last left you I had moved to KY from NH and we had lost our house or more accurately we had decided to stop fighting to save it and were trying to do a short-sale. Actually good news there we currently have a signed purchase and sales agreement and now we are awaiting the banks decision on whether they will accept the offer or not. (Prayers would be greatly appreciated.)

    Once in KY we continued to be tested. We were supposed to house-sit for good friends while they were stationed in Hawaii. Well that's not what happened our friends orders were cancelled and we needed to share the house. Not what either family had "signed up for" so to speak.

    So we stayed with our good friends sharing their house and waiting to see where the Lord wanted us and what we should do all the time awaiting our friends new orders.
    Fast forward 3 months and our friend never did receive orders and my husband just now got work. Not in KY though. The past three months has been an experience I will never forget. I learned a lot about compassion and generosity from our friends and how much more humbling it is to receive than to give. We all were actually sad when our new blended families needed to go their separate ways. My husband got work in Watts Bar TN 300 miles from where we were staying. He found a quant little camground in the next town over - Spring City.
    So right now here I sit in my camper with a beautiful view of Watts Bar Lake right out my bedroom window and living a very simple stress-free life for the summer something else apparently that the Lord knew I desperately needed. Those of you who are still with me thanks for reading; and thanks for your prayer support; and Tracy thanks for giving me a place to share with a great group of friends.

    In other news I have 5 inventions that are currently in Live Product searches with Edison Nation and one that is a new idea that I share credit for with my good friend Christa (wife of the family we lived with.) That idea especially I think has a very good chance of going all the way.

    And now I ask you my good friends -Deedra, #3,#7, #9, #16 and please forgive me if I left any #s out have you been to NYC yet. Can you tell us anything?

    Prayers and blessings to all of you in your everyday life and in your inventive endeavors as well.