Monday, December 27, 2010

A true gift

This year I was in charge of collecting Christmas gifts for a homeless shelter for my daughters 4th grade class and we ended up getting so many presents that I had "extra" come Christmas morning.

I felt very guilty that I had a huge bag of gifts sitting in my that were meant to bring smiles and hope to underprivileged children this after my family celebration, I grabbed my cousin and the bag of gifts and jumped in the car.

We headed to downtown Clearwater - an area that could use some Christmas cheer - and we drove around the neighborhoods looking for children to distribute the gifts to.

After about an hour, we had handed out, clothing, books, toiletries and every child we gave a gift to said "Thank you." Not only that, they had the biggest smile on their face!

One child in particular caught our attention. He was about 11 years old and was leaning on a railing on his bike looking at the creek below. He had his chin resting in his hand with the saddest look on his face. I mean, really sad. Way too sad for a child. After we gave him this skateboard toy, he gave us the biggest smile...something I will always remember.

I'll never know why he was so sad...what he was thinking about... and we'll never know the impact (if any) we had on these children but doing this simple act of passing out Christmas presents was the ultimate highlight of OUR Christmas.

Every way we can help someone...a gift dropped off at your local Church, a check written to your favorite charity, food brought to a food bank is a wonderful thing to do but if you ever have the opportunity to PERSONALLY give a gift to someone in need, I highly recommend it!

My cousin and I made a pact that we would do this every Christmas from here on out...I would even like to bring my children with me next year so that they could learn the importance of giving...

Truly a memorable Christmas...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Homemade Millionaire on TLC - Deedra's Episode Featuring Klipzon!

And the winner is...


I refuse to believe it any other way...

Deedra has already won in so many ways and I know after her incredible appearance on Homemade Millionaire, the doors of opportunity are opening as we speak!

On Friday night we were out until 10:40pm and I was only able to catch the ending of HM when the winner was announced...I must not be the typical HSN customer...when Kelly announced Grace's name, I shut the TV off and grumbled to myself all the way up the stairs. The next morning I watched the entire episode with my daughter and was still dumbfounded when Deedra walked out without the HSN contract.

I am always impressed with Women Inventors so I do give Grace and her Smart Necklace credit...however, I am just not her target audience...

Pretty cool that Discovery Health will be on the OWN network starting January 1st, 2011...hopefully OWN can "reinvent" HM, spice it up a bit and celebrate Women Inventors for years to come.

I have questions for Deedra...I am going to live vicariously thorough her in this blog post...

How did you feel right in the beginning when you got the very first call that you were selected?

When you were in New York and taping the show, did everything seem organized with the production of HM?

Does Wendy read off of a script?

What was the first thought that went through your mind when Kelly said Grace was the winner?

Did you see/speak with Kelly or anyone from HSN after you walked down the hallway at the end of the show?

Being on a national TV show with YOUR invention is a dream come experience of validation that all inventors strive for...How does knowing Klipzon, YOUR idea, YOUR dream, YOUR hard work is now getting all of this attention?

What restrictions, if any, do you have from Milojo, TLC, HSN?

How do you feel about the success of Klipzon after being featured on HM?

What are your business plans going forward? Are you contacting potential companies about picking up your line? Are you looking for investors?

Are you going to introduce more design variety to Klipzon?

Anything else you would like to share with the thousands of people that check in here each month at Product X?

If anyone here has other questions for Deedra, please post in the comments...I know Deedra looked beautiful and confident on HM and certainly did not need hair and make-up.

Congratulations to one special lady with a heart of gold - Deedra, we all wish you the success you so deserve!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Homemade Millionaire on TLC - Episode 4

Fast forward to the juicy parts...see which WI wins and tune in to HSN when I wake up...that is where I am now with HM. But let's not dwell on the obvious mistake of producing another cookie cutter inventor show because what is done is done. A complete missed opportunity by Milojo, TLC and HSN. *Sigh*

With Luv-A-Cuva getting the awesome endorsement by Kelly and Mark, "this would save our marriage," I was certain that Haris Lender was going to win but I have no doubts that Luv-A-Cuva will be on the shelves of my local Bed Bath and Beyond very shortly!

When adorable Sarah Haviland and super driven Robyn Zimmer were presenting their products, I could see my Grandmother, living in her small, one traffic light town, purchasing Window Origami but cleaning products? Surely HSN had enough cleaning products on air this very moment that they would choose something completely original...AKA Window Origami.

Wrong once again...

Sarah Haviland and her husband Mike - who did an awesome job pitching "Think" - win and I am bewildered.

Also, I am kicking myself.

Let me tell you why...My Husband owns a company that develops and manufactures industrial, environmentally safe, cleaning products. They are the third largest cleaning chemical company in the country.

You mean I could have "tweaked" one or several of Jason's cleaning products (added fragrance, oil, blood sweat and tears), added a cute label and WON HM?!?!

I sure missed the boat on that one but enough about me, it's all about Sarah and her "Think Natural Household Cleaner." I'm very excited that she also sold out on HSN but how many units are we talking here? Since all of the winners are "selling out," it's making me suspect of quantity available.

Sarah, could you fill us in? Or any other of the winners that are reading Product X...want to let us know?

I also noticed that "they" changed the packaging a little bit...and the "drama" I was waiting for...Sarah on bed rest...SO glad she is OK!

I am really looking forward to next week (yea Deedra!) but someone please tell me where and when to find the show...I did a half hearted search and can not find HM...

Women Inventors are the driving force of over half of the products we use (ok, I might be exaggerating, but you get the picture)so Homemade Millionaire or no Homemade Millionaire, I love and support any and all Women Inventors!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Plans for Product X - Product X Blog

The Everything Marinator did not make it on Homemade Millionaire, Anthony Sullivan from Pitchmen decided to go it alone and did not bring on a new Pitch Person and now Pitchmen is cancelled and I sold Wear Your Manners...can you see where I am going with this?

Read on...

A month ago I decided to just play Happy Homemaker and throw in the towel on all of this "Pitchwoman" craziness but I just can't do it...I have to be creative in some way or another!

I did some digging on blogger and found, for the first time, a way to see how many visitors I get daily/weekly/monthly on Product X and I was shocked! We have thousands of people all over the world checking in here!

This inspired me and I have a plan...

For a little bit, Product X will be changing it's look until I can decide on something I really feel fits my new plan for this bear with me...I have some fun things in store here!

OH! Most importantly, I purchased the domain name so it'll be even easier to log on here...see you soon!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Homemade Millionaire on TLC - Episode 3

Looks like Homemade Millionaire has another overnight success story on their hands!

Jennifer Martinson, with the Magic Dress, sold out today on HSN! Whoohoo! She had 700 units and every one of them were snatched up by early this morning! Way to go Jennifer!

I had the house to myself this morning and was excited to sit down to watch episode 3 but I cheated...I tuned in to HSN at 7am and saw Jennifer had won. And I have to give Jennifer credit...she did not have the luxury of having the regular hosts on this morning. The substitute Host left Jennifer floundering quite a few times and seemed to lack the complete knowledge of the dress but hey, Jennifer pulled it off and sold out of her Magic Dress!

All three designers had fantastic products and Erika, I was sorry to see you go so soon but hopefully with the exposure of HM, your Purse Flats will take off!

I LOVED Carissa Brown's clothing line! I can totally relate to the problem of my button down shirts and dresses gaping so Carissa is really filling a much need void! And...I have to admit...she made the show interesting to watch by giving Ed such a hard time although I hoped that by her being "dismissive" to Ed did not hurt her chances in winning. Like my Wear Your Manners tees say, you have to "Play Nice."

All in all, it was a good show with another incredible outcome of a WI hitting the big time!