Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last post of 2009

With this being the last day of 2009, I wanted to thank you all for showing up here on Product X to read and comment and support!

When I started this blog, I would have never guessed that:
1. I would enjoy writing so much
2. That I would have over 1,400 profile views
3. Womentorz!
4. That I would be "recognized" in Vegas from my blog. That was fun!
5. Several hungry people would get food from inspired Women Inventors
6. A Women Inventor was able to show her invention to Pitchmen b/c she read about the auditon here.
7. That taking a bubble bath would never be the same
8. That women that auditioned for Women Inventor/Mom Inc would still be waiting to hear good news
9. That Product X would make it into Google News and Connie Talk
10. That The Everything Marinator would be given the "thumbs up" from Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank)!

Happy New Year everyone and remember, Be the change you wish to see in the world!

Much love,

Monday, December 28, 2009


Over the Christmas break something occurred to me. I have not been working The Everything Marinator.

And why did I start this blog? Because of Product X. And what is Product X? The Everything Marinator. And what is happening with The Everything Marinator? Nothing.

I had to wonder...why have I left my invention to collect dust...I know why...because it's a big pain in the butt! Man...this is a lot of work without any guarantees...and it worth it?!

I'm honestly not sure. Chasing this dream of my invention being the next big kitchen item that the masses can not live without...with an awesome Husband, two healthy children, a loving home and lots of friends, it just might not be what I want to spend my time on anymore...

Don't get me wrong...I love The Everything Marinator but I am seeing some truly wonderful inventions going nowhere even with tens of thousands of dollars being invested and hours upon hours of hard work put into it...

So what to do?

For now, I am waiting to hear from a man in the business of get his professional opinion and I'll go from there...

Friday, December 25, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Get your Networking on! Shipping.

WI Food Drive: 15 Bags

When I started writing this blog, I had just found out about the casting call for Women Inventor.

Always having a passion for writing but an attention span too short to actually write a book (ha!), I created a blogger account and now, here we are, a bunch of wonderful inventors trying to find a way to improve/promote our businesses!

It was suggested that we touch on a topic that pertains to all of us: Shipping.

When I was shipping out Wear Your Manners Tee's, I would have loved to have known how to save money on the packaging and postage.

So Ladies, share your money/time saving ideas with us and know you are doing something so wonderful...helping a fellow inventor!

*On a side note: I would love to see 5 more bags of food go out to the hungry so by Christmas Day, we would have donated 20 bags to feed the needy! I know we can do it!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Finding a balance

WI Food Drive: 15 Bags

Growing up, my Mom would tell me the story of the "four legs" and quite often I remind myself of the importance of being "balanced".

The idea is that for any table to achieve strength, balance and integrity, each of the four legs must be of generally equal size and length.

The four legs are:

The Physical 'leg' which represents our physical body.

The Mental 'leg' of the table which accounts for how people think about everything; themselves, others and their environment. Thoughts are pure energy.

The Emotional 'leg' of the table reflects how we feel about things.

The fourth and final 'leg' of the table is spiritual. Believing in something greater than ourselves.

This lesson has always intrigued me and I am constantly trying to find ways to balance my four legs.

It is an ongoing process of learning and living.

You can buy the book "The four legs of the table" by Raymond Ackerman.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A much needed change

WI Food Drive: 15 Bags

It never ceases to amaze me how change can happen without notice but sometimes you get lucky and the change that surprised you happens to be just what you have wished for!

You know what I am talking about...when you want change to happen but aren't sure how to go about it...sometimes if you sit back and wait, it'll take care of itself.

That's the best kind of "change"!

Most of the time we resist change for many reasons. It's scary, it's different, it's uncertain. Yes, change can take you off guard...can make you uncomfortable... but not all change is bad.

Sometimes change happens because it is what is best for YOU and I've had the pleasure of recently experiencing that change!

Change can be freeing! Liberating! A blessing!

Thank goodness for change!

P.S Because not all things remain the same, check out my new Go 2 Girlz site at

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A phone call

WI Food Drive: 14 Bags

I have a very important business phone call to make. I put if off yesterday so today is the day.

I'm nervous.

My words have to be perfect...every question has to be answered enthusiasm and confidence has to be top notch...

A friend suggested that I have a tiny glass of wine before I make the call. :)

I can talk a good game! Easily I can get my friends pumped up about a product or idea but now...I have to turn on the charm to a "big wig"!

I just don't want to blow it...

But my sweet Husband said, "Tracy, just talk the way you do". Awww...he believes in me and has the confidence that I can do anything...

Now it's my turn to "believe"....where's my wine?!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Team YOU

WI Food Drive: 14 Bags

We are all so hard on ourselves and more often than not, when we make a good decision, it goes unrecognized...

Sure, YOU may know that you made a good decision but no one is there to pat you on the back...

This year make it a rule that YOU will be your own cheerleader! Gooooo ME!

One very cool way to do this is to buy a "Good Decision" Piggy Bank.

Starting January first, every time you make a good decision (not having that second or third cocktail, counting to three before yelling at your kids, quitting smoking, reading bible each day, getting rid of a toxic friend, taking a business risk that you have been putting off) put one dollar (or a quarter) in your "Good Decision" Piggy Bank.

At the end of the year use that money to buy yourself something wonderful! Or go on a trip! Or donate it to your favorite charity in YOUR name!

This will be a very simple but effective way of recognizing YOUR good decisions and congratulating YOURSELF for a job well done! It also might be a helpful tool if you are on the fence about something...

I am buying my "Good Decision" Piggy Bank at the arts and crafts store and decorating it all by myself (sorry kids).

Give me a "T"! Give me a "R"! Give me a "A"! Give me a "C"! Give me a "Y"!

Friday, December 11, 2009

December 11, 2009

WI Food Drive: 13 Bags

According to WFLA TV, today is "Kindness Day"....

What acts of kindness will you do today?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The roller coaster and life

WI Food Drive - 13 Bags

Over the holiday we took the kids to Bush Gardens along with my sister and her family - so fun!

I LOVE roller coasters but have not been on one for 9 years (after having my daughter I developed a huge fear of getting seriously hurt on roller coasters) but I was getting the itch to feel that rush of adrenalin again and the Scorpion was just the ride I needed to scratch that itch.

My Husband, Brother-in-law and I waited in line for 45 minutes while my sister took all four kids to get ice cream. She's a saint.

We made small talk and inched our way up to the yellow line but once we got there...on the platform...ready to sit in the seat...we heard a loud CRACK and then rain...

I looked to my right and the employee working the Scorpion - the roller coaster that was to be my first in 9 years - got on the loud speaker and announced that due to weather, all the rides were being shut down.

I chuckled. Shook my head and stepped off the platform.

There was a time that I would have sulked for a while, complained over and over and let that ruin my day but one thing I have learned through ALL of this waiting and the highs and lows of being an inventor is that everything happens for a reason.

I know I have said it before but it's one thing to type the words, another thing to experience the lesson first hand.

I did not get to ride the roller coaster that day but I was able to enjoy the "ride" of learning life lessons and that had it's own rush!