Sunday, December 13, 2009

Team YOU

WI Food Drive: 14 Bags

We are all so hard on ourselves and more often than not, when we make a good decision, it goes unrecognized...

Sure, YOU may know that you made a good decision but no one is there to pat you on the back...

This year make it a rule that YOU will be your own cheerleader! Gooooo ME!

One very cool way to do this is to buy a "Good Decision" Piggy Bank.

Starting January first, every time you make a good decision (not having that second or third cocktail, counting to three before yelling at your kids, quitting smoking, reading bible each day, getting rid of a toxic friend, taking a business risk that you have been putting off) put one dollar (or a quarter) in your "Good Decision" Piggy Bank.

At the end of the year use that money to buy yourself something wonderful! Or go on a trip! Or donate it to your favorite charity in YOUR name!

This will be a very simple but effective way of recognizing YOUR good decisions and congratulating YOURSELF for a job well done! It also might be a helpful tool if you are on the fence about something...

I am buying my "Good Decision" Piggy Bank at the arts and crafts store and decorating it all by myself (sorry kids).

Give me a "T"! Give me a "R"! Give me a "A"! Give me a "C"! Give me a "Y"!


  1. What a great idea. I think I will have to get me a piggy bank too. I like your suggestions. Have a great Christmas season, it is beautiful here with another snow storm coming this week.
    Love and miss you. Margaret

  2. Gosh but I REALLY like this idea, Tracy. This is one that I'm going to act upon because you are so correct, there is absolutely no one in my immediate midst serving as my cheerleader. So - why NOT me?! And why not reward myself for the effort?! #16

  3. Hi Margaret! I love to see that you are checking in! I miss you and tell your family I said "Merry Christmas"!

    I'm glad you like the idea! It'll be fun paying attention to the GOOD decisions we make on a daily basis!

  4. Tracy & other friends,

    I used to keep a prayer journal in years past. It is so encouraging to go back and look at all the answered prayers. I was in the habit of keeping a prayer journal during the time I was struggling with infertility. We adopted our daughter during that time and it was so amazing to see how God answered my prayers. Not to my will (as I was praying for children but my mind was of course on conceiving one) and the Lord (I'm sure) thought just be patient I have a better plan for you and just when I thought I could take it no more we had the opportunity to adopt. I was looking through my prayer journal a couple years back and I had an entry the day before Serena's birth. It was cool to share that with Serena to let her see the desire and anticipation in my heart while waiting for her. She was about 16 when I shared that with her and as hard to believe as it is she is soon to be 20. Anyway just sharing that so some of you may consider doing a prayer journal and I intend to start one again. I also love your idea Tracy and I too will be getting my piggy soon.

    Merry Christmas Ladies!!

  5. Mary,
    What a beautiful story and a wonderful idea!
    Have a Merry Christmas!