Monday, December 21, 2009

Finding a balance

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Growing up, my Mom would tell me the story of the "four legs" and quite often I remind myself of the importance of being "balanced".

The idea is that for any table to achieve strength, balance and integrity, each of the four legs must be of generally equal size and length.

The four legs are:

The Physical 'leg' which represents our physical body.

The Mental 'leg' of the table which accounts for how people think about everything; themselves, others and their environment. Thoughts are pure energy.

The Emotional 'leg' of the table reflects how we feel about things.

The fourth and final 'leg' of the table is spiritual. Believing in something greater than ourselves.

This lesson has always intrigued me and I am constantly trying to find ways to balance my four legs.

It is an ongoing process of learning and living.

You can buy the book "The four legs of the table" by Raymond Ackerman.


  1. This story is perfect for what I think a lot of us are needing! I am going to buy the book. Thank you!

  2. You are welcome! Tell me what you think of the book!

  3. The go2girlz was short lived, what happened?

  4. Good morning Anonymous,
    The Go 2 Girlz was a concept that we tried but with Stacey in Ohio and I am in Florida, the distance was just to far to work. We also had creative differences and could not reach an agreement. We both have inventions that keep us very busy as well. Stacey is an excellent pitchwoman and I know she'll do great in Ohio!
    I will still be pitching here in Florida.
    Keep checking to hear of some exciting things that are happening in 2010!
    Thanks for asking!