Friday, April 22, 2011



Finally China has gotten on board with what I am asking of them and we will be getting product samples next month. Which means we will hopefully be following the time line of launching in August. Right before school starts. That is perfect timing!

Also, we are stamping the back of Product X with our company's initials - so cool! Along with that, we have an agreement with China that we own the molds and they can not be used for third party use. You would think that that would be obvious but it's took asking (or telling, really) weeks to get them to put it in writing.

Once we have the sample approved we will be trademarking, patenting, creating the website, logo and such.

After China, all the other stuff seems like gravy to me...yea!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

HSN, Sullivan Productions and Product X

Notice anything different? Yes, my blog is super's in-line with my Product X colors...maybe. Things are constantly changing.

I received an email from my China rep this morning and without enough coffee,  I sent off a very irritated email back to her stating that my invoice was incorrect, cost for goods incorrect, MOQ incorrect. I was SO frustrated! Can't China ever get it right?! Then...I re-read the email from my rep after I had a cup of coffee and I saw that I was the one who didn't have it right. Shoot! I read the invoice totally wrong but in my defense, it's very confusing. Sure, I could hire a sourcing agent...for $1,600...bottom line, I paid the required fee.

Remember the mystery invention (mi) that I love? Well, like I said, I sent her info to my contact at Sullivan Productions and received a notice yesterday that they (Sullivan Productions) are passing the mi to their  liaison at HSN and they think, "it would be a great fit for them!" Yea! I've never met the inventor of the mi but I felt instantly connected to the invention and who knows, maybe HSN will pick it up!

I keep telling myself, if this inventor thing was easy, everybody would be doing it.

It'll all be worth it!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Homemade Millionaire, China, Inventions, Mommy Millionaire and more

I have been up most of the night and look dreadful so typing this post is the best option for all of us. :)

It is such a shame that China can manufacture your product so inexpensively because they are a total pain in the butt to deal with. Listen to China Rep quoted me USD 125 (how they type it) and then after I paid them, I get an email saying, "So sorry factory made mistake. Need USD 85.05 to finish you mould (they spell it mould, I spell it mold).
My Husband said, "Welcome to China. Tell them to send your money back." Of course I flipped out! I wanted to just pay the USD 85.05 and get my mold made because I had not been able to find this product anywhere else! I quickly typed up an email asking them to honor their original quote but to no avail...they emailed me back (12 hours later due to the time change) saying if I want my mould made, I would have to pay the additional USD 85.05.

Jason is still upstairs getting ready but I am so afraid he is going to say "find another company to deal with" when I tell him. What could totally happen is I pay the USD 85.05 and then a week later, get an email saying "Factory made mistake. You now need to pay USD 300.00 for mould."

This China process is molasses.

I am speaking with a woman whom was selected for HM but was never on the show. However, they held her in her contract for almost 2 years which caused this lady to lose steam on her invention, her website became outdated and all the press she had previously done was obsolete. But let me tell you, her invention is AWESOME! When she gives me the green light, I will post it all here. Because I love her invention and think she is just wonderful on air along with wanting to see this incredible invention succeed, I have sent all of her info to my producer contact at Sullivan Productions and to Kevin Harrington's right hand man. I can't wait to hear what they say!

I finished Mommy Millionaire - yea! It's a great book with TONS of valuable info - a manual of sorts for small businesses. It is very overwhelming though...there is SO much still to do!

I thought I'd share with you my mistakes that has cost me money so far:

1. Trying to Trademark an "untrademarkable" name. $350.00
2. Paying my graphic artist to design my logo with the "untrademarkable" name. $150.00
3. Purchasing two domain names before settling on an entirely different name. $120.00
Total: $620.00

Live and'll all pay off in the end!