Tuesday, July 26, 2011

If you would have said...


Yesterday was a good day!

We received a huge shipment of a key component for SassaB™ and they turned out beautifully!

If you would have told me 6 months ago that I would know what our Federal Guidelines are for SassaB and how to go about becoming compliant, I would have said, "No way could I understand that!" If you would have told me that I would learn how to be my own Sourcing Agent, I probably would have rolled my eyes. Um, yeah right. If you said, "Tracy, you are going to learn about Patent Laws, Trademarking, and Branding, I am sure I would have said, "That sounds way to complicated!"

See, I was naive. Here I had this wonderful idea for a totally unique product that the market has not seen yet and I thought it would just "happen" but noooooo, nothing is THAT easy, right?! However, I am so happy that I was basically forced to learn all of this myself because I have such a greater understanding of my company.

One thing I have been saying a lot, "I wish I had someone to hold my hand and walk me through this process of launching my product, it's so hard...confusing to understand." And yes, I wish some Entrepreneurial God would come down and show me the (easy!) way but until that happens, I am taking baby steps and learning what it takes to be a successful Entrepreneur all by myself. And that feels good.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Dinner with Mr. Daymond John

What $1,000 will get me:

* 10,000 pieces for SassaB™
* Our website built
* A professional logo
* Half of the cost of a patent search
* A half hour skype consult with Daymond John

What do you think I would want to spend that $1,000 on? Yep, the consult with Daymond John. Better yet, I'd spend the $1,500 to have a 30 minute face to face. And if I was REALLY made of money, I'd take him out to dinner for $2,000. And you know I would drag that dinner on and on and on...

However...I am now a - ahem - serious Entrepreneur/Business Owner and instead of spending a big chunk of our company's budget on what I KNOW would be a life changing, product building, business advice gold mine, I have to be realistic and put that $1,000 elsewhere. Bummer.

My Husband (patiently) asked what I was hoping to gain from a meeting with Mr. John since we don't have sales. Heck, we don't even have the product yet!

Here is the dream scenario: After the containment of gushing on my part, I would show Mr. John SassaB™ and pitch what I believe to be the upcoming hottest new trend on the market. I would gladly explain that we have not even sold one unit yet but I am certain that we will sell millions and millions once we launch. Daymond (we are now on a first name basis) would say, "Tracy, this product is genius! I want to get in on the ground floor and partner with you. We are going to make SassaB™ the most sought after product the market has seen in years!"

See, I believe in those rare but real fairy tale endings. I am convinced that the above scenario would become a reality if I could blow our budget on a dinner with Mr. John. But, sadly, I can not. So it's back to figuring this all out on my own...and one day, when SassaB™ IS the hottest new trend on the market, I will schedule that dinner with Mr. John...I'm thinking Pastis...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

On the up-swing

After sitting on my hands, waiting for my manufacture to get back with me, SassaB™ is on an up-swing once again. That is what I have noticed...nothing happens for weeks and then all of sudden we are full steam ahead!

I have struggled for months with communicating with our manufacture in China so I am excited to report that we have hired a Sourcing Agent. This was suggested to me months ago but I wanted to give it a go myself and save money. Very quickly I found out that "doing it myself" was not an option. It's a relief that I can turn over the negotiations and order placing to someone whom understands the business and the language. It'll be worth the money, for sure!

We still do not have a logo...I'm almost in the frame of mind to type SassaB™ in bold black letters and slap it on the dye-cut. Of course I am kidding but some days I do feel like taking the easy way out. Here is where that word comes into play again...tenacity.

Unfortunately, we will be missing the "Back to School" launch but honestly, I'm just glad to be moving forward at all. I have learned that just because you have a great idea for an invention and the best intentions for making your invention a reality, does not mean there is any guarantee that it'll one day be for sale.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shark Branding Product Search

New Product / Invention Submission


While I wait, wait, wait for the next steps needed for SassaB™ I wanted to let you know about this great opportunity.

The process to make your invention a success is a long, challenging one.

Product searches like this can be the answer you were looking for!

Let me know if you submit yours!

Good luck!