Monday, July 18, 2011

Dinner with Mr. Daymond John

What $1,000 will get me:

* 10,000 pieces for SassaB™
* Our website built
* A professional logo
* Half of the cost of a patent search
* A half hour skype consult with Daymond John

What do you think I would want to spend that $1,000 on? Yep, the consult with Daymond John. Better yet, I'd spend the $1,500 to have a 30 minute face to face. And if I was REALLY made of money, I'd take him out to dinner for $2,000. And you know I would drag that dinner on and on and on...

However...I am now a - ahem - serious Entrepreneur/Business Owner and instead of spending a big chunk of our company's budget on what I KNOW would be a life changing, product building, business advice gold mine, I have to be realistic and put that $1,000 elsewhere. Bummer.

My Husband (patiently) asked what I was hoping to gain from a meeting with Mr. John since we don't have sales. Heck, we don't even have the product yet!

Here is the dream scenario: After the containment of gushing on my part, I would show Mr. John SassaB™ and pitch what I believe to be the upcoming hottest new trend on the market. I would gladly explain that we have not even sold one unit yet but I am certain that we will sell millions and millions once we launch. Daymond (we are now on a first name basis) would say, "Tracy, this product is genius! I want to get in on the ground floor and partner with you. We are going to make SassaB™ the most sought after product the market has seen in years!"

See, I believe in those rare but real fairy tale endings. I am convinced that the above scenario would become a reality if I could blow our budget on a dinner with Mr. John. But, sadly, I can not. So it's back to figuring this all out on my own...and one day, when SassaB™ IS the hottest new trend on the market, I will schedule that dinner with Mr. John...I'm thinking Pastis...


  1. What's your fascination with Daymond John? You've been writing about him a lot.

  2. You're right Anonymous, I have been talking a lot about Daymond John...I have a huge amount of respect for him, to start, and with his business background, I know he would be able to do with SassaB™ in 3 months what would take me 3 years to do. I just feel, in my gut, that it would be a perfect partnership and sometimes, as in Inventor, all you have to go on is your gut...Hope this answers your question :)

  3. Who knows Tracy, maybe Daymond will see this and speak with you after all. Stranger things have happened.

  4. Kerri, I hope you are right. MI