Friday, November 19, 2010

June 25, 2009 - November 19, 2010

I can only imagine the excitement that all of the chosen Women Inventors are feeling today! I am giving you an internet high five and a big hug!

We all have been on this journey for a reason even if we were not selected ~ where are you today?

I can tell you where I am...I am living such a blessed, fulfilled life and my Everything Marinator is sitting on my closet floor. If you could see me, I am shaking my head with a huge grin on my face...reflecting back to the day I auditioned, the excitement of getting my "green card"...if I could only bottle up that elated feeling of hopefulness, I'd be a millionaire! It's a great feeling that I am sure we all have felt at some time or another.

Yes, I was 99% certain that I would be having a party tonight - that The Everything Marinator was a sure bet...back in 2009 there was not a doubt in my head...

Maybe one day The Everything Marinator will hit the store shelves near you but until then, I am counting my blessings and celebrating the last year and a half of my journey!

Let's raise our glass (or coffee cup) to Homemade Millionaire! We wish you much success!


  1. Party at my house tonight! I'm so glad that the show and this blog brought us all together! I'm going to review the show tonight after it airs and you can see that on the Klipzon facebook page at:

    Thanks Roberta (with the Carry Her invention) already watching my Klipzon demonstration and leaving a comment. I feel loved. :)

    Yeeeeee Haaaaw for tonight!

    Deedra :)

    PS Tracy, I'm hoping you do a full review on the episode tonight for your blog...will you will you will you?!?!?!?

  2. Toasting and reviews all around Deedra! Tracy - hope you'll be tweeting with us?? @TLC let me know today they'll be tweeting under #homemademillionaire

  3. Ladies! This is exciting!! I will be thinking about each and every one of you tonight...I'm so curious about the show. Wondering if they will inject any of the "nastiness" that every single realty show seems to do...and hoping NOT!! I don't want to see a critical, bitchy show but, rather, one that is supportive of all the women. I know they will be pitting one invention against another - hoping they do so kindly!! Best to all! Ginny

  4. And so it begins!!!!!

    Deedra :)

  5. Okay,'s my two cents. I'm trying to be objective here...I thought the show itself was entertaining, if a little simplistic. The concept is neat and it is fast moving which is all good. As for the products selected - well, I'm hoping not to offend anyone here - but I was definitely not blown away by any of the three. At all. I'm digging deep into my soul and honestly do not believe this is a case of "sour grapes." The reason I'm pretty sure I stand in good company is the feedback I've received from people who watched the show. The products were not very well received for a multitude of very valid reasons. That said, I'm certainly going to follow the show carefully to see if it hits its stride because, overall, those who watched found it interesting. Sooo...that's just my two cents worth! Ginny

  6. Ginny,
    I'm with you. Honestly I don't much care for the way they chose to approach the show; it being a weekly competition. Also I found the ideas to be ordinary and I was not particularly blown away by any of the three. And the hair elastic thing I think I have actually seen a similar product and am amazed with all the products pitched that it made it to the top three. Top three of the first airing even. Oh well. I am striving to have some of my products reviewed for consideration on Everyday Edison TV Show and honestly that show is conducted much like I had envisioned Homemade Millionaire to be run with them choosing a group of ladies and helping each of them to realize their dream and have their products produced, rather than pitting them against one another. And that is my 2 cents.

  7. I just got a chance to view this blog and I am shocked! Where is everyone? I expected to see tons of comments. I viewed the show and also wasn't impresses with the products chosen. Somehow I am thinking it isn't just about the inventions, it is more on presentation of the contestants. Why wouldn't HSN be selling the product chosen? I sure hope that in the future shows people can purchase the chosen product after the show. I was under the assumption that this show was to get your invention to HSN, not your other ideas. Other than that, I enjoyed the show and I am anxiously awaiting to see the next one.

  8. To answer "anonymous" above - Where is everyone? My guess is that so much time has passed since the auditions, that unless you made it on the show or are one of the few that check in regularly, most likely, people have simply lost interest in talking about the show. It's just been so long....

    However, I am happy to see the show finally air!!!

    I was up early this morning so I turned on HSN to see Marcy (the winner last night, not sure on the spelling of her name and too rushed to check) selling some sort of clutch that she could have easily been "placed" with. Her invention? Not sure if I by that.

    I was bummed to see that it's more about your "pitching" ability than the product - obvious observation due to the fact that Marcy's product was not being sold on HSN this morning...

    Hey, I can pitch! I am even hired BY HSN but I am currently waiting to be "placed" with product - kinda like how Marcy was "placed" with product. Hmmm...

    Look, it's television...I get that and if by being on TV AT ALL, helps these girls sell their products (loved the hot roller idea!), then GREAT!!! That's what it's all about anyway...seeing these creative WI's selling their inventions!

    Kelly is so sweet that it would be too uncomfortable to see her give any harsh criticism so it's good they have the curly haired women on to deliver the punches. BUT...and there's always a "but"...her "helpful hints" seem...over-acted...

    Ok, this is crazy, who am I to say? All I know is that I had no problem hitting "pause" to get a drink of water, check the kids, talk to my cousin who is visiting...text my hubby...

    I'd like to see the show grow some momentum...and I am sure when Deedra hits the screen, it'll be full speed ahead!

    Let's just hope that Homemade Millionaire has more staying power than Pitchmen Season 2!