Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Shopping on Product X

Before you hit the sales for Black Friday, visit these Women Inventor Web stores for some unique Christmas gifts!

Boogie Wipes
Gentle Saline wipes for stuffy noses
The new Adult wipe

Clip Cleany
Unique doggie bag holder that can be placed on your leash

Carry Her
Doll Carrier - Great for American Girl Dolls!

Eyewear Charm Huggers
Get Kids Excited About Their Eyeglasses!

Kt Steppers, LLC
Custom & Unique Step Stools for your little 'Stepper'
*As seen on E! News and Bethany Getting Married

Sweet Pea Kidz Too
Because no one is sweeter than your Sweet Pea
Beautiful Hair Bows and the new Clippie Clutch

LipStix ReMix by Divine Innovations
A makeover for your lipstick
*As seen on Shark Tank

Sweethearts and Soles
Precious, handmade booties

Cambia Clutch
Convertible Clutch
*As seen on Homemade Millionaire

Window Origami
Open the window to your creativity
*Soon to be seen on Homemade Millionaire

Klipzon is the solution to your headband headaches
*Soon to be seen on Homemade Millionaire

Grill Charms
Grill Charm your food PRIOR to cooking to distinguish spices and flavors
*As seen on Shark Tank

Fashion Playtes
Where girls are fashion designers

***Support these hard working, inventive Women by giving someone you love a Woman Invented Product! Just copy and paste the link ~ Happy Shopping!


  1. Very nice, Tracy. Thoughtful and supportive of your flock! Ginny

  2. Nicely done Tracy! Love all of these fantasticalicious ladies!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


  3. Thank you for including me in your list Tracy!
    I have a domain name called invented in the USA ( It is not developed but maybe someday soon I will make it a site to promote all of these creative women and their products!
    Robyn Zimmer

  4. Robyn, It looks like you are going to be someone to watch in the future! I am so excited for you. I bet your going to have a great Thanksgiving!Congrats to all.

  5. Tracy, Thanks for the shout out!! Word of mom is a powerful tool. Let the shopping begin!

    Robyn, just checked out your product....genius!! Can't wait to see you on Homemade Millionaire-I'll be rooting for you!! Congratulations! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  6. Thanks Tracy! Sorry I don't have Klipzons ready for purchase just yet, but soon. :)

    Yay for everyone else!!!! Go get em girls!

    Deedra :)

  7. Tracy, I also have another business that is up and running. I was wondering if you can add it to your shopping list.

    A line of jewelry designed to spread a message of acceptance and raise much needed funds for many different charities.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  8. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    I hope you take advantage of all the cool WI products in this post - great for stocking stuffers, your dogs stocking and your "hard to buy for" husband!

    While you are at it, visit - Robyn posted it above.

    I am off to make my traditional Peas and Peanuts - so delicious! :)

  9. I hope everyone had a joyous Thanksgiving - I did! I am up way too early on vacation but I have a cold - boohoo - however, I am using my Magic Menthol Scented Boogie Wipes which makes it better. :)
    I can't wait to see the 2nd HM tonight! Good Luck Ladies!!!

  10. Ladies, Good Luck tonight. I will be watching and wishing you all well.

  11. You are welcome Erika! The countdown begins...only 3hrs 45 min 'till HM! Who's watching with me?!?!

  12. I will be!!!!

    Deedra :)

  13. Here's this for Homemade Millionaire:

    •November 26th: Kitchen. Kitty, Debra, Eileen and Kim compete this week on Homemade Millionaire. Will it be Kitty's portion control diet plate ware, Debra's Cake Huggers or Eileen and Kim's beverage system for kids?

    •December 3rd: Fashion. Erika, Jennifer, and Carissa compete during fashion week. Will it be Erika's "Purse Flats," Jennifer's "Magic Dress," or Carissa's clothing line for busty women?

    •December 10th: Cleaning. It gets down and dirty as Sarah, Haris, and Robyn compete during cleaning week on Homemade Millionaire. Will it be Sarah's green cleaning products, Haris' "Luv a Cuva" or Robyn's "Window Origami?"

    Fun fun!

    Deedra :)

  14. Thanks for sharing this Deedra - sounds exciting!

  15. WI ladies-looks like a sneak peek at some of the other inventions. Check on this video from a local NY news station:

    What do you think of these products?

  16. Good Morning Ladies!!

    I just watched Homemade Millionaire...and it was GREAT!! I love the products, and the WI"s on this episode. I was so excited for the winner, my eyes welled up, and I had chills. :)

    I'm soo excited for her.

    I'm on my way over to HSN with credit card in hand. :)

    I think we will definitely see a second season-Whoo-Hoo!!


  17. I agree, Ro. I enjoyed the second show, too. Perhaps we at first judged the show too harshly because we expected something much different? I don't know...but I found last night's show entertaining and fun. I congratulate the winner on her great product and I thought the portion control plate lady was an adorable hoot! I wish them both all good things! Ginny

  18. Big Congrats to Debra Lee and her Bake Huggers!

  19. Wow, I feel the second show was so much better for some reason. I think we see the meaning behind everything that they do. To me it seems that the sole point is to get the ladies ready for the HSN presentation and last time it just seemed disjointed or something. So much better the second time around. How about the Bevibag? I thought that was really a great idea. Someone in the focus group said that there was something like it but I have never seen it how about anyone else?

    I found myself so wound up by the end of the show I could hardly sleep. Let's hope and pray for a second season. I really does celebrate women and there has never been an inventor show just for us!

    How fun!
    LOri Ivanovic
    MagiClasp #9

  20. Bravo Homemade Millionaire!

  21. Tracy! Thank you so much for the Product X Christmas Shopping Shout out!!! You are the ultimate PitchWoman and I know we all appreciate your support. I hope the auction fundraiser was a huge success.
    I love HM and I am so excited for this exposure for all WI's...think of all the women watching the show who are finally getting the inspiration and encouragement to start their invention exciting.
    P.S. had your peas and peanuts recipe...yum!

  22. Jill! You made the peas and peanuts?!?! That's awesome! It's my 93 year old Grandma's recipe and it's pretty cool to see it getting passed on.
    The fundraiser went great and your LipStix ReMix was a huge hit in my WI basket - thank you very much! I had so many WI products that they were split up into 3 separate baskets. I really appreciate the support!