Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Clogged Drain

Long story but Sullivan Productions (Anthony Sullivan/Pitchmen) is shooting a commercial at my house tomorrow!
Sullivan Productions did a call out of locals with clogged drains children's sink has been clogged for months so I submitted my info.
They will be filming me using the invention that un-clogges the drain so it'll be interesting to see how that all pans out!
My School's Fall Fundraiser is this weekend so it'll be somewhat of a time crunch but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. I'll keep you posted...


  1. whoooo hoooo! Can't wait to see!!!!

    Deedra :)

  2. You won't believe this! My housekeeper UNCLOGGED MY DRAIN yesterday! It's been clogged for 2 months...shoot! commercial (and $) for me today.
    Funny how these things happen!

  3. need to write a book. Seriously!! Ginny

  4. Oh my gosh... you must have been upset. Couldn't you clog it again? Toothpaste, hair or something? I think I would have tried... Oh well something else will turn up you you, it always does. You lead such an exciting life!

  5. I know the product your talking about. I bought it last week and it worked fabulous!! The new place I am renting had a really bad clog in the main bathroom and I saw the As seen on TV sink clog remover with Sully's picture in the corner so I said well I'll give it a try. Would you believe I pulled the usual Hair out but also, dental floss and some kind of packing string a lot of packing string. Strange but true. Sink works great now. Sorry to hear of your untimely unclogging of your drain. Too funny/strange.

  6. Oh yeah, dam that thing right up! SHouldn't be too hard! Good luck. Still waiting for the picture of the basket to bid on it.
    Thanks Lori

  7. Good morning!
    I asked my housekeeper if she could stuff the gunk that she got out back in the drain but then thought..."it's fate" and of course she didn't have the "left overs"...and I have to say, it is quite comical! :)
    Lori, what we have decided to do about the basket was split it up into child, a tween,and an adult. Thank you very much for thinking of us and our fundraiser! It's tonight and I can't wait! Next to my wedding, this is the biggest event I have ever planned!

  8. Good Luck on your fundraiser today.

    The Facebook fan page for Tracy's fundraiser is here:!/pages/Westlake-Weekend-Fall-Fundraiser-of-PAC-2010/137680642943406?v=wall

  9. I looked and looked but i didn't see a basket in the sale. I hope it still went well for you. Looks like there was a ton of wonderful things.
    Lori Ivanovic