Monday, July 26, 2010

Your 15 Minutes Radio Product Search!

It's looking to be an exciting last half of 2010!

As you know, I am now co-hosting Inventor Showcase with Angle Bush on Your 15 Minutes Radio and we have a pretty great offer for you!

Here, on Product X, we are having a contest and the winner be interviewed LIVE by Angle and myself!

You will have the opportunity to tell MILLIONS of listeners about YOUR product and where to purchase it!

To enter, you must have a product that is currently for sale. The winner will be selected by Angle and will have his/her 15 minutes LIVE in September!

So get started and tell us all about you and your product! The deadline for product submission is August 25th, 2010.

Good luck!


  1. Tracy, Your the best! I'd be right on it but I'm still under contract. I only wish I knew you personally because you are such a go getter. If ever I can finally meet you. I'm coming to Fla. to do so and be-friend you. As always, I wish you the best with your products and in life!
    Your friend in waiting.

  2. where do we enter for contest? do we just post a comment with the info?

  3. Just leave us your info here in the comment section!

  4. What a great offer for those of you who have products in existence. I'm out because I do not have an actual market ready product. Boo-hoo. When your ready to interview the crazy idea Lady I think I actually have 10 product ideas that I would say are worthy of being products. Well all I'm saying is you know where to find me Tracy. Way to support our group. Yay! Your the best! Anyway best of luck to you my friend. Ohhh just over a week now. I think I'm nervous for you.

    In other news - My husband is still pursuing the preaching position at our local church. I will keep you posted please keep praying. My Lidz-on Cookware System is still being considered by Presto. Please keep praying. And lastly our home in NH has been approved for the short-sale and they are expected to close on it Friday. Please pray that this does happen without a hitch. All the last minute details are mindboggling. If it doesn't happen Friday (and there is a slight chance) The mortgage companies have to approve the short-sale again and that could be a problem because FDIC has taken over one of the banks. So we are praying with confidence that this will happen this month. The blessing is that in a shortsale the mortgage holder(s) agree to the offered amount and we do not owe anything the difference between what is offered and what we owe is forgiven. Praise God. I so can not wait to put this all behind us and move on. So that's what's been consuming my time lately.

  5. Hello Friends...

    I just got a call from a producer looking for some extra information, so I asked the question again, and got an answer of "yes, but you can't give details." So I am excited to finally announce, for the first time ever, on Tracy's blog for all my friends here who have supported me...

    I will be appearing on Homemade Millionaire in November. :) to get on that Your 15 Minutes radio show?!?!?!? :)

    Sincerely and FINALLY,
    Deedra :)

  6. Woo-hoo!!! How exciting! Oh that's so far off. Will go by in a wink though. Yay!

  7. OH.MY.GOSH.!!! Deedra, that is WONDERFUL!!! I can't wait to see you on the show and find out what happens! I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say "Well done"!

  8. Hello,
    We have a great product for the Millions of cell phone users & their battery charge time issues. One of the biggest complaints of cell phone users is the battery charge time 7 having to charge their cell phone at the most inconvenient times. Well we have devised a product to combat the “Battery Charge Time Sorrows”. We now have the “Solar Key”, the Eco Friendly, Solar Powered, Light Weight, Convenient, and Great for Emergencies (Solar powered Key Chain Charger). Did they say Key Chain? Yes! It fits on your key chain ring & can charge your (Cell phone, IPOD,GPS System, Sky Caddie, Bluetooth, Digital Camera etc…) by any light source. The Solar Key can charge the batteries of over (500) Handheld Electronic products. WOW!!!! You can see this great product at

    Brought to you by Solarville Communications, LLC
    Email us at:

  9. Thank you for your submission Solarville Communications!

  10. Congrats Deedra!
    Were you told to act like you didn't make it to throw us off and that's why you were asking anyone if they knew someone at Goodies?
    The show looks great and I'm sure you'll do fantastic.

  11. No, no act, just cannot give any details on the show. Still looking for a contact at Goody if anyone has one.... :) I'm always looking for another door to open!!!


  12. Dee, I finally got it right I just posted on your facebook page. Go check it out.

  13. Project Mom Casting -!/MomCasting?v=info

    Thought this could be of interest to someone:)

  14. This is the email I sent through HARO, but the query had expired:

    Dear Ms. Bush & Tracy,

    I design, manufacture and merchant a line of clothing specifically for the full bust figure. A full bust is a missy sized body with D+ bustline.

    My invention is available to purchase via my website and several boutiques.

    I am in a new TLC reality series airing this fall titled "Homemade Millionaire". Kelly Ripa is the show host.

    Please contact me if I can be of further assistance.

    Thank you!

    Carissa Brown
    tel. 214.727.9625
    CW Network features Carissa Rose spring button-downs

    Creative Director

  15. Thank you for your submission Carissa! We will review all entries and post the selected Inventor before Sept. 1st.

  16. Yes, Deedra is right on! Homemade Millionaire
    I was told, is appearing mid-November! Can't wait to see it at long last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!