Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Promos and more

Last night I had a brand new experience ~ and honestly, at my age, I don't get to say that often! :)

I recorded the promo that will air on Your 15 Minutes Radio! Angle and I also recorded our commercial for Inventors Showcase that will be airing tomorrow night ~ August 5th at 7pm.

We will be interviewing three Inventors ~ all of which have products for sale that will make you wonder "why didn't I think of that"?!

I hope you will all tune in and if you miss it, I will be posting it here on Product X!


  1. UncommonGoods is having a contest to find the next great product and they are also looking at prototypes. Go to their website to find out more info!

  2. Hi Ladies! This is Lisa with Bag Bundle. Speaking of radio spots, I found this one that at long last offers opportunities and information for all of you. Between Tracy's radio spot and this one, a lot of all of your questions, will answered. Good Luck to all of you! :)

  3. Thanks Lisa ~ I'll check it out!

  4. info on inventor show

    Here's the post I've been circulating, let me know if you have more questions.

    Thanks for checking in!

    New prime-time show for major cable network is looking for Inventors to showcase their creations. The program will feature two hosts (who are experts in invention/innovation/product development) who travel around the country meeting people who are working on "the next great idea"

    We're looking for inventors who have...

    - Mechanical Masterpieces – Does your invention have lots of cool moving parts?

    - Does it aid in the transportation industry? (increase fuel efficiency, use alternative fuels?)

    - Does it feature green energy?

    - If not any of the above, can it be "tested/demonstrated" in interesting ways. The more creative the test, the better. Can we take it to the "mall/store/main street" and have people try it out? Could we give it to "the target market" and have them try it out for the day? Can our hosts use it? Obviously inventions don't all fit into this category, but the more "hands on" the product, the better.

    - Is it an AWESOME, MUST LEARN MORE ABOUT thing?

    - If you product doesn't fit the above, but your invention is “just plain fun” email us!

    - Inventors who have made major personal sacrifices in order to get their ideas off the ground are also very desirable.

    Interested inventors please email me the following...

    - Photo of you and your product

    - a couple paragraphs describing who you are and your general location (so we can map out our "road trip" geographically). Describe your product / how it works, why is it better than “what’s already out there” and outline any personal sacrifices you've made to make your product come to life.

    - links or video clips of you and your product in action

    Scott Michnick

    info on inventor show

    Scott Michnick
    4922 Fairmont Avenue
    Suite 300
    Bethesda, MD 20814
    [o] 240.223.3398
    [c] 202.321.4740

  5. anyone has success with edison nation? seems kinda complicated-dashboard this, points, flags, etc