Friday, July 9, 2010

Your 15 Minutes Radio Inventor Showcase

Angle Bush, the Host of Your 15 Minutes Radio has asked me to co-host her Inventor Showcase Radio Show!

This show will air on a Thursday each month with my debut as co-host on July 15th!

Angle has been hosting her show for quite sometime and is dedicated to providing individuals an opportunity to promote and market their products and services.

This show is right up our Women Inventor ally!

I am so excited to actually be co-hosting a radio show and especially one that supports Inventors! I feel so blessed!

Angle interviews an array of people from Authors to Political Figures to Inventors to Celebrities! One show I am looking forward to hearing is with Daymond John (Shark Tank). He will be discussing "The Brand Within".

So I hope you will all tune in and if you miss it live, I will have the radio show posted here.

You can learn more about Angle and her show at


  1. Wow! That's cool. Sounds like fun!

  2. Very, very, VERY cool, Tracy!! The momentum just keeps gathering...! Ginny

  3. Tracy, Your my mentor! You just keep on going... how cool is that? Good for you!

  4. Thats so very very exciting!!! I can't wait to hear!

    Deedra :)

  5. Thank you everyone! I can't wait to see what guests we will have on for our Thursday broadcast!

    Can you believe that our infomercial is shot and everything is ready to go BUT it's the website guy that's holding us up! Very frustrating to be THIS behind schedule for our launch...

    On a side note, I did not get the Oprah thing but it was a long shot so I'm not that did, after all, get me in touch with Angle Bush which led me to the co-host spot so I'm happy to say "I tried".

  6. BIG CONGRATS!! Very awesome that you've been chosen to do that! Looking forward to hearing it.

  7. Tracy, Can't wait till Thursday!

    Ladies & 1 Gent,
    So how's July treating ya all? Can you all believe we are more than half way through 2010? I can't! A couple updates for you all. First Presto I am trying not to obsess really I am. But this big company has my prototype and is giving serious consideration to making it into a product. I'm a little overwhelmed. No word from them since they received the prototype. EN received it 2 weeks ago this coming Thursday and had mentioned an urgency to receive it ASAP so they could get it to Presto so I would imagine Presto has had it a little over a week. I want them to be thorough and take their time, no hasty decision. BUT. . .. . oh I'll survive the wait. LOL
    Quirky, well I wasn't chosen last week and apparently voting counts but doesn't always determine the winner because the heads at Quirky get final choice. If they like something they can choose it. I really don't care for what was chosen last round. And I'm not just saying that cuz I was in the competition. There were 2 or 3 other things I would have felt better about losing to. Anyway the long and short of it is I tweaked my description and the product a little and I'm hoping to win Quirky's vote and hopefully some more members votes as well. So I'm in it again this week. Page 1 4 down for any one who wants to lend some support. :-) This is my last attempt though.
    In other news - You all (regulars anyway) may recall that as we packed ourselves up and moved from NH to KY. One of the things I mentioned that my hubby and I discussed was him going to Preaching school which he has always had a desire to do. But he got into the pipefitting/welding trade and was making good money and well it's hard to walk away from that and so it just never has presented itself as an opportunity. So while we were starting over so to speak we thought nows the time. God has lead us into a position where now it would be feasible. Well that didn't happen and a job became available here in TN and as you all know we are living in a campground and getting back on our feet. Well the church we've been attending here just lost there preacher he made some bad decisions and could not see eye to eye with the elders and so he stepped down. I guess this kind of thing has happened a couple times with this church. Hiring young guys right out of preaching school. The maturity level isn't there. So the funny thing (or in my opinion the God lead thing) is these folks are saying that they want to put more emphasis on maturity and life experience than necessarily a bible college degree. Soooo I say all this to say that my husband went forward last weekend at the men's business meeting and expressed a desire to fill the position. Scary, exciting, God's plan? He would of course do an on-line bible correspondence course or what ever Biblical training the congregation desired him to do. It's all very exciting to look what we've been through and say - if it was all for this to be able to lead us here... to be able to be used by God in this way? WOW! This is so important to my husband and I. Could you Ladies (and 1 gent) please pray that if this is God's will for us that we will know and be received openly. Thanks so much for your support in all I do. I count you Ladies as such a Blessing in my life.
    Okay all that's all I got. LOL

    Have a Blessed day!

  8. Mary
    That's exciting. I am thinking of doing the EN sometime. I sent in to Telebrands but havent been chosen to go to inventors day-there was one today.
    God Bless you and your husband. Hope all works out and he can preach it!

    Person w/penis

  9. Mary, I have been reading your posts for over a year now and I will most certainly say a prayer for you. I remember all of your struggles to get where you are today. Yes, I do believe GOD sent you there, he certainly works in mysterious ways but there is a reason even if you never find out why.

  10. Tracy! What a super COOL gig for you! Will look forward to listening. Just got back from a whirlwind of a weekend on the west coast - need to call and have a catch up!

    Mary - hope everything works out (and hope you'll trust that it IS...exactly the way it's supposed to :)).

  11. Mary, ALL good things over there...and that includes your husband's dream coming true, too! Ginny

  12. You all are so wonderfully supportive!!! Thank you for caring about the things I find to be important.

    To my male friend,
    Can we have a name? Or could you choose a number?
    Call me a prude if you must but I find referring to yourself as you do to be a bit crude and vulgar. I do enjoy your input though and wish you to continue here. Also I have some news for you regarding EN right now would be a good time to join as a member because one of the searches they are running is exclusive to members but it is open meaning you can enter any idea. It will be shown to what ever sponsor it would be suited for. Awesome opportunity. If you would like to know more I would be happy to share more details.

  13. Mary or Tracy, Have either of you applied for a patent on your own? I have no money to pay for an attorney and I have a little idea for a product. I'd like to sell my idea to a company but I want to protect it before I submit it to any company. Do either of you have any help for me? Where do I turn?

  14. Anony,

    I used legal zoom a couple of times. It was user friendly and walked you through everything. Sorry I don't re call the price I just remember it was very affordable. Good luck

    And you Tracy?

  15. PS my Hubby just told me that Rush Limbaugh (sp) promotes Legal zoom. And if you put RUSH in the discount code you will get a discount. ($10 or $20 not sure.) Good luck

  16. Both of Mary's recommendations are good (so I have heard)! Good luck!

  17. Tracy,

    It's Thursday! So excited for your first day as cohost. I will pray that you have peace and confidence and all will go well. Will you post a link for us. Thanks and enjoy your first day.

  18. Thanks Mary but my debut on Your Fifteen Minutes Radio will now be airing on Aug. 5th! I'll post more later - gotta run!

  19. Thanks, Mary for the patent infro and about Rush. I'll check it out. Thanks to Tracy also. Good luck to you both!