Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Need a Celebrity?

I have to admit that I am often star struck when I see a celebrity. I gawk with the rest of them!

So, it was only natural for me to seek out a way for Celebrities to wear my tees' - Wear Your Manners - and the best and only way I was successful was by using Contact Any Celebrity.

Contact Any Celebrity - www.contactanycelebrity.com - has a huge data base of info that will give you the actors agents name, address, phone number, charities that actor works with, managers info plus lots more.

Using this information, I sent out tons of tee's with my press kit and ended up being a such a success story that the owner of Contact Any Celebrity interviewed me and put my story and info in his book!

Here's the success story: One morning I woke up to find an email from Doug and Laura Savant (Desperate Housewife/Melrose Place) in my in box and let me tell you, I was so excited and shocked that I couldn't even open the email for a few minutes!

After I read the email, I emailed them back (oh my gosh, I had their private email address!) and asked for their permission to quote them in my press kits, on line and in the media. They sent over an "approved" quote which you can read on my website, WearYourManners.com.

Having this quote helped land me on several TV spots, magazine articles and websites.

So if it's Celebrities you crave to get the word out about your product, check out Contact Any Celebrity!

Good luck and who knows, Jennifer Aniston could be photographed with YOUR invention!


  1. Tracy I just went to your website WOW great idea!!! I love your entrepreneurial spirit. I have always said once a entrepreneur always a entrepreneur.

    On a different note did you tell me that you filed your own patten?? I need to try to do this myself to save money. Have any of you ladies filed your own? Do any of you inventors have any ways to get your patten for very little money? Thank you in advance for any help!! #3

  2. I did a provisional patent thru legalzoom.com. About $300. Not hard to do. :)


  3. Thank you Deedra. I have a provisional patent all ready.I just wanted to move forwarded on getting my patent. Thank you again for you help. #3

  4. Hey #3, glad you like the tee's! You'll be seeing more of them shortly (hint hint)! :)

  5. I love your tees! What a cute gift idea too. I want two for my boys. Having 2 boys means my house is crazy and maybe a shirt would help rest my vocal cords and I can just point at the shirt:)

  6. GourMama,
    I would love to send you tee's! Contact me on my site so I can get them to you!