Saturday, February 13, 2010


My Daughter went to a sweetheart dance with her Daddy last night. Something they both had been looking forward to and I took some adorable pictures.

Along with dancing and eating yummy cupcakes, there was a hula hoop contest. The winner got an MPR player and Brooke wanted to win it to give to her brother. Brooke is really good at hula hooping but you had to be fast to grab one of the few hoops. Well she was quick and got herself a hoop.

But then...the class Drama Queen stood in front of her and started WAILING that she did not get a hoop and could Brooke "Please, please, please give her hers". My Husband said it was quite the scene.

Brooke felt that she did not have a choice but to hand it over. The fake tears and loud cries were just to much for her and she felt backed into a corner.

Well, the Drama Queen does not know how to hula hoop and it feel right to the floor. You're out.

When Brooke came home crying, it was not for the missed opportunity for wining the MPR player, it was for the total frustration of feeling duped.

Even though my Husband and I teach "doing for others", there is also a time to just say "no" and put yourself first.

A hard lesson to learn but unfortunately, a necessary one. Even if you are eight.


  1. Aww...poor Brooke. But you're right, Tracy, this lesson is going to serve her so well through life. The problem, though, is reading between the lines and learning to navigate between what you believe is "the right thing to do," especially when there is such cunning involved(as in Brooke's case) and learning to just take a stand for yourself. I STILL struggle with that! It sounds like you've raised a lovely little girl there. I appreciate the fact that she wanted to give the prize to her brother. #16

  2. ok.....i think i missed the point of this post...8 year olds sometimes don't get this really a "Life Lesson"....pulllleeaaseee!

  3. Anonymous #3 Although a bit rude, I do feel that a blog once surrounding female inventors and their trials and tributlation, is now approaching a "me,me,me" feel.

  4. Good Lord...we have some real testy malcontents in our midst. Lighten up...if there is something in particular inventor-wise you feel inclined to discuss, please do pipe in, if not...I think Tracy's little injection of day-to-day events is purely entertaining. Let's face it, it's her blog, after all, and if there is nothing new invention-wise on the horizon on any given day, I for one appreciate the opportunity to stay connected.

  5. Okay Ladies I think it's time to interject some "meat" into the discussions.

    Guess what I did. . . . Well I couldn't take it I saw an opportunity and I jumped on it. I only hope it was as good an idea as it seemed.

    Well over the last 6 months I have had some significent changes in my life and in my inventions so I decided in light of the fact that our new comer got contacted out of the blue from TLC. And taking into consideration she did not have a contract and never having been contacted prior to that.

    So what did I do? Gee I thought you'd never ask. And yes I AM that desperate. I sent an update to Christiana at Milojo with the hope that my updates and determination and persistence would impress those that be and would buy me a second chance.

    So the arguement in my head went like this:

    Well if I send it who knows they could reconsider and give me a call.

    Their obviously not done casting.

    If I don't atleast try I'll never know.

    What's the worst that can happen if they don't call I will be in the same place I'm at right now.

    All they can do is say no.

    And so now I guess I'm kinda in the same boat as you all - sorta: Waiting, waiting, waiting.

    Except I am waiting to see if my latest antic had a positive effect and you all are waiting on a little bit more of a sure thing. Which reminds me hey it's mid-February. I guess I'll start the prayers for word from Mom, Inc.

    Best wishes to all!!!

  6. Not a bad idea, Mary, seeing as they still seem to be scouting products. Keep yours front and center and it may be they give it further consideration. I'm wishing you well! Let us know what you hear! #16

  7. I can hear my Gram's voice saying "if you don't have anything nice to say..."

    Look ladies - I'm going to come to Tracy's defense on this one.

    Turns out this IS in fact HER blog. If she wants to write about how much cream she put in her coffee this morning, or what shade of lipstick might go well with her outfit today, she is free to do so.

    It's really VERY simple - kind of like when I see a television show I really don't like...I CHANGE the channel.

    Personally, I growing tired of anonymous folks with nothing nice to say.

    Anyone else see the irony here? Look the mirror maybe...

    LYMI (Love ya mean it!!)

    And lets DO keep it on the REAL and POSITIVE tip.

  8. I have always seen this blog to be first of all a place where we all can come and be ourselves. Yes we were drawn to this blog because we all have one thing in common. Duh. We are Woman Inventors.
    But. . .. honestly I for one get so much more out of this. We have come so far together.

    I posted the other day that I updated my entry to the Woman Inventor contest and I'd like to share something I wrote:
    I read sometime ago (in early September I think) by some of our anonymous blog posters who have pending contracts with you all that you had finished the selection process and that the chosen inventors had all been contacted. I reluctantly accepted my fate but had already formed lasting friendships with my fellow bloggers and woman inventors. So although my initial reaction was that of envy I found myself to sincerely be happy and anxious for my blogging friends who had received contracts. And so I remained an active participant on the blog. In the months that followed we shared our hopes, dreams, sorrows and such and have been all waiting for word from you all to come to one or more of our number who were among the anonymous posting contracted bloggers. So as you can imagine considering the information we had that ALL selections had been made in early September I think I can speak for most of us on the blog when I say that we were more than a little shocked to hear from a new poster to our blog that she had indeed received a call from you all and apparently is now among the chosen inventors.

    I share that to say I for one have gotten so much out of this blog. I love the sharing of our everyday lives as much as the hints to help each other in our invention endeavors. We can and should share all aspects of our lives with one another. I thought we had moved beyond just being woman inventors and were friends. I think we need just as much fluff as meat in these posts to keep us all sane during the WAITING, WAITING, WAITING. And i hope that my comment about writing some "Meat" was not misunderstood.
    I for one love your stories Tracy and love it when any of us share beyond the superficial constraints of being WI. We are all so much more than just WIs. I agree with Jen C as well and I will try not to trip as I step off my soapbox. :-)

    I heard this yesterday and thought it was cute and I would share:
    I am lead by God's GPS - God's Plan of Salvation.

    Have a blessed week all!

  9. Quickly, I would like to address anonymous and the comment about my blog being about me:

    I started writing Product X about me and my invention. So yes, you are correct...this blog is about me.

    I am simply a stay at home Mom who has an invention, that loves to write, who wants to provide a space for inventors to connect,that is blessed on so many levels with a great family and friends, a love of God and very low tolerance for mean people.

    Please know I would not be offended at all if you or other "anonymous-es" choose not to read one more post here on Product X.

    For everyone else, thanks for your kind words! :)

    On another note, I listened on pins and needles when Kelly Ripa was on Rachel Ray last week HOPING she was going to mention the show but sadly...nothing new to report.

  10. You GO girl!! Every word was spot on! And I really DO enjoy your insightful little stories. I guess it takes all kinds in this world. As for Kelly Ripa, I have a feeling they've had her swear off breathing another single solitary word about the proposed show after her last mention of it on her Live show. I think that came back to bite her. #16

  11. Thanks #16, it's kind people like yourself that will succeed in life! :)

  12. Tracy I'm so sorry that people feel the need to vent!!! I like all your great life lessons!! My saying in life is hurting people hurt people. So with that said I will be praying for them. #3

  13. Good morning #3, thanks - glad you are enjoying my blog and I like your little "saying"! :)

  14. For the two anonymous comments: Jealous much?

  15. Tracy love your blog and stories! We all have choices to read or not to, and I will read on!!!! #8

  16. Thanks #8! Hopefully you will be hearing some exciting news soon!

  17. In totally unrelated news...It's Whittle Your Waistline Wednesday over at the Womentorz blog! Check it sisters!!

  18. LOVE IT! Thanks for letting us know here on Product X!

  19. Have any of you women heard of a new date for NY? The last I heard from them it was in January....well that has come and gone. Do they have new dates they are telling you? Any information you have will help those of us who are left in the dark. Thank you so much for all your help!

  20. Someone posted 2 weeks ago saying it would be two weeks and then there would be some news...2 weeks would be tomorrow. Keeping fingers crossed!

  21. Wow some how I missed that post. I will try to find it. I sure hope they tell us soon!

  22. Tracy, Did anyone ever answer your e-mails? I also enjoy your blog and enjoy your life's little stories. Keep writing!

  23. Look at the comments under "Wait and See". I have not heard back from Christina or Kevin - unfortunately! Maybe I'll shoot another one over to them but if they didn't answer the first one...

    I'm glad you enjoy my stories...I enjoy writing them! :)

  24. Wow those words "wait and see". They mean something different now than they did before.

    You know I was looking back through past posts and just coincidently (or not) it seems that you Ladies have been dragged along 2 weeks at a time. And 2 months at a time. They say in "2 weeks we should know more, be making a decision, move on", or what ever but then in real time 2 months passes and then someone gets word that in 2 weeks they will know more, be making a decision, move on, or what ever but then in real time 2 months passes and then some one gets word that in 2 weeks and so on and so on . . . ..

    How very frustrating!! So while the 2 week - 2 month game of "wait and see" is being played we are slowly creeping up on our 1 year anniversary of when this all began. (okay so it's still a couple of months out) I bring this up because we should do something. We should plan some kind of online party for those of us who are committed to building lasting friendships and care to support and cheer each other on. No matter if we are waiting on Mom, Inc. or just waiting for the right avenue of opportunity.

    Anyway just a thought and hang in there Ladies it can't go on forever like that 2 & 2. Eventually there will be a time when they do move on and then the real excitement will begin. I only hope it will be before our one year anniversary.

  25. Hello To all,

    Way back about 9 months ago I was going to try out for the WI show but found out too late. So as I was looking up to see how the show went I stumbled on Tracy's Blog. You all seem to be a very inpiring to me!! I am not a regular blogger but remembered this when I was looking at it before. I am in desperate need of opinions and ideas of naming my product.

    I am asking Everyone that I know and thought your input would be great SO if you have the time to help me name my product I WOULD SOO APPRECIATE IT....below are just brainstorming of ideas any that you may come up with I would love to hear!! (

    OHH there is a product ( same purpose but not exact same style) that just came out

    BagHoldz Clipasax ClipEZ Hookasax B Hooked

    Trendy Clipz Trendy Hookz Get Hooked Cliponz

    Handy Hookz Hook- onz EnviroClipz Clipster

    Baghandler Chic Clipz Hook2gether Bag Keeper

    Sassy Clipz Urban Clipz Modern Mom Hookz

    cant wait to see what you think!! thanks again

    P.s I put it under anonymous cause I dont have a URL??

  26. Hi Anonymous above - what a great idea! There was a woman that contacted me about pitching this same idea to Pitchmen - was that you?

    On the name thing...not a fan of "sax" but how about putting the word "smart" in the name? It is a SMART idea after all! Haven't checked if any of these are already taken but how about: Smart Hook, Smarty Hook, Smartie Hook, Smart Hanger, or look at Spanx - it's just a name and doesn't tell what the product is but it's a catchy name that people remember. I do like Chic Clipz but it kinda makes me think of hair.
    I think half the fun is coming up with the name so have fun! Let us know how you are coming along and good luck!

  27. Ok, how about "That's my hook"! Or "That's my Clip"! You could do a whole thing like, "That's my clip! And "here's how to get yours" with your contact info. Thinking bright colors (the other girl did nature colors). Fun, Hip, Eco Friendly! Hmmm...I love this kind of stuff! Email me you email address at so we can brain storm!

  28. Hangerclip

    or Baghangerclip - Both domain names are still available??

  29. Hey Ladies,

    I found a new site you might want to check out. The idea is that you submit your idea to the on-line community and people vote and post reviews about your product and then the quirky design team creates your product and brings it to retail and you sit back and collect your share once your product starts selling. Of course there's a lot more to it than that so go check it out. Not for everyone but some.

  30. Thanks for your input on the product name!! Great ideas. Tracy, I went ahead and emailed you. Enjoy your weekend

  31. Just wanted to let you all know that I DID receive contracts last week from TLC. I've signed them and sent them off--I do believe the verbage has changed since the last round of contracts (which I understand locked people in for several years). Who knows what, if anything, will come from this...but I'm certainly excited to find out!!! I'll keep you posted...

  32. Very exciting for you, Anonymous above! I can only scratch my head and wonder what exactly their gameplan is...but it's nice to see that it's not over til the fat lady sings! Best wishes, #16

  33. Anonymous w/the TLC contract - that's wonderful! Since you are posting under Anonymous, would you be able to tell us if they gave you some dates? Are they asking you to hold all sales until you are on the show? How many years or year are you now locked into?
    Oh! Are you the same Anonymous that posted that you had heard from TLC (phone interview) and they said they would get back with you in a few weeks?
    Good luck! We are all rooting for you!

  34. Yes it's me...the one with the phone interview a couple weeks back. The only date they gave was that the contract needed to be back to them by Feb. 17th. There was nothing about holding sales, and from what I could tell it locked me in for a period of one year. I know that many have recieved contracts over the past months with nothing actually happening after we'll see where this takes us! Has anyone else heard from them lately??? Those who received contracts previously, have you ever been contacted again?

  35. New contract anonymous,
    Hi and congratulations on the contract. Can you tell us a little more about the contract. Did it require you to acquire indemnification insurance? IS your product a prototype or actually being sold? Did you have a lawyer look at it? Well good luck and can't wait to see how it all unfolds.

  36. If my product is selected to be distributed as a finished product, the contract does require me to carry E & O insurance, general liability and worker's comp. My product is currently at the rough prototype phase--I was told they're looking for products in all different phases.

  37. I got a contract but you said they are different now. Are you locked in for any length of time on sales now? We were before...

  38. Hey girls...friend of mine sent and email (copy and paste the web address to see her segment...get your product on Fox TV!) Here's her email:

    I was on Fox Detroit this morning and the producer and I talked about doing more segments. Think Easter, Mother's Day and a game segment. If you are interested in getting your products on TV, email me and I'll send you more details.

    Mom Invented Products
    Who known more about the needs of a mother and her kids than a mom herself? Mom blogger, Courtney Velasquez, joined FOX 2's Deena Centofanti to show her some wonderful, mom-created products.

    Warm Regards,

    Courtney Velasquez
    Brand ambassador for The View

    Lots o' Love,

  39. Wooohooo, it's Deedra! :) Good to hear from you again and thanks for the tip!

  40. To answer the contract question there is nothing about sales now in the contract. Hope that helps!

  41. Hey Everyone! I'm happy to catch up with everyone, oh well, not everyone...there is that one "Inventor" who has way more passion for hating than she does for her own business. It is really sad, bc I would bet that she will be in the exact same place many years from now. It's funny almost bc she thinks we don't know who she is. I can't remember her name (that's what happends when your mean) but she talks the same way. I am exhausted, but I will pray for you. I will pray for your poisoned blood to change to a healthy, life-giving flow.
    I'm feeling inspired already!
    Thanks Tracey for bringing us together.
    I have been staying up all night trying to get caught up with all the administrative stuff, filling orders, cust. serv., etc. that has flooded my life lately. Not even had time to sit at dinner with my close girlfriends and fill them in on everything from shark tank. It is nice to think, "I'm going to take a quick break and check in with my fellow inventors.
    I'm still learning so much...just the other day I learned that I am the builder, not the Architect.

  42. Thanks for checking in and updating us! I am thrilled to hear you are busy filling orders - how cool! :)
    I love your saying "I am the builder, not the Architect".
    Keep us in the loop and have fun being so busy! :)

  43. Ya Jill!!!! I'm so happy for you! I look forwarded to all the details when you have time. Have a wonderful day my friends!!! #3

    One more thing thank you Deedra for the info!!I hope and pray everything is going good on your adoption! #3

  44. GREAT to hear from you Jill...although I'm dying to hear more details. :) :) So glad to hear that you are busy with business. :) FAAAAANTASTIC!!!

    Thanks #3. :)


  45. Hey Jill,

    I was just going to ask if you were around, and here you are. So glad to hear that you are busy and a good busy. Look forward to hearing more. Prayers to all.

  46. I'm going to say what I think a lot of us are thinking. This anonymous new contract person is not for real and is just messing with the people with #'s. Does anyone else think so?

  47. I hear ya. But would someone really be that bored? To have nothing better to do? I can understand that possibly TLC & Discovery took so long that maybe some contracted individuals dropped out to pursue other ventures and now TLC has replaced them with our Anonymous ghost writer.

    I will give you that it is very strange that she never has chimed in before however, it takes all kinds.

    Praying for you all (#3, #9, #16) to get some word or better yet some definite action soon.

  48. Okay's me the ghost writer...aka the anonymous new contract person. I am happy to be a number if that would help--I just wasn't sure how you came up with yours--let's just call me #17. I'm really sorry if anyone thought I was messing with them. To the contrary, I was really hoping to shed some light for you all because I know how difficult it has been to be in the dark for so long. The only reason I didn't chime in earlier is because I had nothing to say--I thought I was completely out of the running and hence, hadn't logged on in months. As soon as I got the call, I immediately set out to see if you all were still blogging so that I could share my experience. I was really surprised to learn that those who were previously given contracts hadn't been contacted since.
    To sum up...I in no way meant to hold anything back and would certainly be happy to answer any questions that you all might have. I'm hopeful that we'll get some word soon, as they did tell me things were definitely moving forward!

  49. #17 - I never doubted your sincerity for a minute; it just never occured to me that you'd be interested in messing around with us. For one reason, why would you?! You come across as very genuine, and I'm grateful that you are sharing your updates with us. This show is obviously a work-in-progress and is being developed on a catch-and-catch-can basis. This is evidenced by the vastly altered and fluctuating timelines over so many months. And that is another reason why I completely believe you - as in "anything is possible" with regard to this show. Again, I appreciate the fact that you are being so forthcoming. Please continue to share with us...and we will do the same! I wish you all the very best, #16

  50. I wish you all the best #17. What you didn't want to continue to use my nickname. . . . ghost writer. LOL I thought it gave you kinda a mysterious air about you. Tee-Hee. Good for you though, I really do wish you the best.

  51. I too wish you all the best of luck #17!!! I hope we will all get to meet in person one day very soon!! #3

  52. Thank you to everyone for all the well wishes! I'm happy to be on board with this fun & energetic group of women.

  53. Wow almost a week and no one has had anything to say??? I have nothing new to report either. But I could take the silence no more.

    Sooo anyone. . .. anything.. ...

    Okay well have a blessed day all.

  54. I GOT THE CALL THIS MORNING!!!!!!! They gave me some tentative dates to come to NYC. I'll be talking to them later today and will let you all know what transpires!