Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pitchmen Wants You (Again)!

Alright everyone, looks like Pitchmen isn't done with us yet!

Check out the exciting info below for another chance to Wow Sully and the gang at Pitchmen!

Good luck and let us know if you go!

March 13 and 14, 2010 in Chicago

Yes, there's a new season of PITCHMEN in the works with Sully and a select team of new co-hosts (some regulars plus a few surprises!). In the meantime, what we really need are your NEW PRODUCT IDEAS!

On Saturday March 13 and Sunday March 14, Discovery Channel's hit show PITCHMEN is offering inventors and innovators the opportunity to present their inventions to the producers and vie for the chance to pitch a product to industry expert and television pitchman Anthony "SULLY" Sullivan. The event will take place during the Chicago International Housewares Show at the McCormick Center on Lake Shore Drive. NOTE: You don't need to register for or attend the convention in order to pitch your invention. Please contact us at the email below for more details.

IMPORTANT INFO BELOW: (please read carefully!)


1) RSVP to: pitchmen2season@yahoo.com, enter "YES" and the THE DAY YOU WOULD LIKE TO PITCH in the subject line (pitches only take about 30 minutes but there are no guarantees).

2) In the body of your email, provide your name, phone number, photos, drawings, and a one paragraph written description of your invention.

3) Once you have RSVP'd as instructed above we will send more detailed information.

WHEN: Saturday, March 13 and Sunday, March 14, 2010.

WHERE: Chicago International Housewares Show at the McCormick Center on Lake Shore Drive.

EMAIL: pitchmen2season@yahoo.com

Hoping to make a fortune with your next invention? Well you'd better check out these ESSENTIAL PRODUCT PITCH TIPS from the folks at who've made millions at Sullivan Productions.

WATCH PITCHMEN VIDEO and let the masters show you how it's done!


  1. Tracy, Are you going? You are so up on things. I wish you the best with the EM. Thanks for posting!

  2. No, not going...have other things up my sleeve! :) Are you going?

  3. Thank you for the info Tracy! I am going to try to go. I will keep you posted! #8

  4. No, I can't make it either.

  5. Once again Thanks Tracy....I wish my product was ready. Good luck to everyone that attends!

  6. I have a prototype of a product, a very useable product that I use everyday. Would this be eligible. I'd be coming from New York so want to make sure it's worth it.

  7. Hey Ladies, here's good news for us on Product X - I twittered about this blog post and Anthony "Sully" Sullivan (Pitchmen) re-tweeted it! Gotta love Pitchmen! Let's go Season Two!

  8. Anonymous,
    It has been posted that Pitchmen is looking at pro-types as well. I would suggest going to Discovery.com and reading the requirements. Let us know if you go!

  9. Not a mom but a dad of 7 :) Love your blog!! Thanks for the info - Scheduled for Saturday 10:00a.m. the 13th. One more swing....hahaha - Thanks again :)

  10. Hi Peter! Happy to see you here and glad you like the blog! Good luck on the 13th and keep us posted!

  11. Anybody know what state Sully lives in?

  12. Sully lives by me in Tampa, Florida. You can find his business address at Sullivanproductions.com

  13. Any new opportunities to enter sullivan productions with your new product!



  14. Has there been any word on whether or not Sullivan Productions is doing auditions for Season 3 of PitchMen? Can't get anyone to say one way or the other.

    Speaking of PitchMen, if you like the show, write discovery at blog.discovery.com . . . many, many times and let them know :-)

    Let's save it!

  15. I would love to pitch my idea, but would like to know if a 3D Prototype and description of what it's suppose to be and used for etc. Or would an actual prototype be accepatable. Any info as to the requirements needed please list it here for all to see. Thanks.

    Yours Truly, E.S.