Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sit back and wait

Life is a waiting game...that's all I've got! :)

When the wait is over, to come!

What are you waiting for?


  1. Tracy, are you able to tell us the news? I need to hear something good at this point.

  2. Do you guys remember Jamie from the Dallas Audition? I told you about her and her child proof straws. I just got an email from her with the straws that have now gone all the way thru manufacturing to packaging and ready to sell!!!! Wow! I hope she might share some of her story with us! Her website:

    By the way, last week we obtained permanent guardianship of our baby boy!!!!!!! This was after 6 court cases and an alleged birth father and native american tribe involved. Thank God! Our little guy is 8 months old tomorrow. He is a blessing!!!!!

    Off to change diapers and dream of decision for my new product!!!!

    Please update ladies...I want to hear where you are!


  3. Deedra, that is such wonderful news about your baby! Many, many well wishes for you and your family!
    Love to hear how Jamie is successfully moving forward!
    And on to me...I wish I could go into detail but the company has asked me to stay quiet until airing. It's really quite on my blog, I do not see the big deal but...I don't want to blow it! :)
    Ok, now it's your turn...what's up?!

  4. Oh Deedra what a blessed answer to prayer. I am so happy for you with this most wonderful news about your sweet baby boy! (Not about changing the diapers of course but about your permanent guardianship status!! Woo-hoo!

    And what's this new product?? Hmm such the inventor.
    Best wishes
    Mary S

  5. I will be in the studio filming next Tuesday and then off to Sullivan Productions in the second week of April - can't wait!
    It's spring break for my children so I will be "disconnecting" from all things electronic for the next few days but I wish everyone a very happy and blessed Easter!

  6. Good Luck Tracy, and Happy Easter to all!

  7. Good Luck Tracy! #8

  8. Good luck, everyone! And Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! Tracy, you'll have lots to share when you meet us back here! #16