Friday, January 29, 2010

Wait and See

Let's play a little game called Wait and See.

In the red corner is: HSN, Milojo, Casting Agent for Pitchmen, Pitchmen Crew, Kevin Harrington, TV Host

In the blue corner is: Tracy

HSN: "You have been hired as a On Air Guest. Now we just wait for product to come in to pair you up with".
Tracy: "Wonderful"!

Milojo: We love The Everything Marinator! Here's a green card!
Tracy: "Hi, welcome to Chicago! My name is Tracy and I invented The Everything Marinator"!
Milojo: Between you and I, you and The Everything Marinator has been selected to move to the next round!

Tracy: "So put away you dust pan and broom forever and get the swivel sweeper G2"!
Pitchmen Crew: "You are unique and fresh! I love it"!
Casting Agent for Pitchmen: "I want you to know that you did not waste your time or your money coming out here"!

Pitchmen Crew: "You did great! You love to pitch and it shows"!

Tracy: "Have any decisions been made for the team of three to work with Anthony on Pitchmen"?
Casting Agent for Pitchmen: "Let me assure you, you did not waste your time or your money and you should be hearing something at the end of October".

Tracy: "The Everything Marinator is going to revolutionize the way people marinate today".
Kevin Harrington: "This is a perfect item for a shopping channel. I can see my wife using it to marinate chicken wings in it".

Tracy: "Touching base to see if any new product has come in".
HSN: "The 4th quarter is slow. We are hoping in January, things will pick up and new product will be arriving. I'll keep you posted".

Tracy: "Congratulations on your new show! If you are holding auditions, I would love to work with you"!
TV Host: "I would love to work with you as well! You have the beauty and brains to do anything and I hope we can work together soon"!

Tracy: "I would like to be the official blogger for Mom, Inc."
Milojo: "I will pass your info along to TLC".

Pitchmen Crew: "Call the Pitchmen office. We may need you to pitch for us".

Tracy: "Have any finial decisions been made for the team of three to work with Anthony Sullivan for Pitchmen"?
Casting Agent for Pitchmen: "Yes, they have been chosen. You certainly made a lasting impression".

Kevin Harrington: "We are holding a contest for inventors".
Tracy: "Try try again".


That's the game folks! It's not the end of the game but I wanted to share this with you so you can know that if you are playing the game as well, you are not alone!

*Note: This game began Feb. of last year.


  1. Let's have a blog toast to Jill whom we will be seeing tonight making her big debut on Shark Tank! Congratulations Jill!

  2. Tracy,
    The ups and downs of launching your invention are about as unpredictable as that rollarcoaster ride you almost went on. See it has more of a connection than just any old rollarcoaster ride. Because you almost went and you almost went. UGH!!! My prayers are still going up for you. Something is bound to happen. You've certainly got every possible option covered.

    I will be watching! Cheers!

  3. Thanks for the pep talk Mary! :)

    On my go 2 girlz website, I was sent a video that I want to share with all of you! Go to You Tube and type in Will's's very inspirational!

  4. Just watched Jill get the deal of a life time on Shark Tank! Great job Jill! Mom Inc sure did miss an incredible opportunity!!!!
    Now...what can you tell us?! :)

  5. Jill,

    So spill it! Dying to know what happened next???

    That was kinda dirty what happened when you stepped out to call your husband!! Just saying.

  6. Jill,

    Just watched the recorded Shark Tank from last night. FANTASTIC GIRL! I LOVE that they said you did a great presentation. The fact that you knew all your facts did you well!!! :) I hope that they have been helpful and I can't wait to hear "the rest of the story!"


    Deedra :)

  7. hey everyone! I wanted to check in and give you some scoop :) it has been a whirl wind of activity and I a currently working on mailing the 900 systems that have sold since the episode aired -- the orders are still coming in so I hope we get so many more in the weeks to come, but we'll see. it has been a relief seeing what the editors put together because you never know what they come up with until it's too late. I think God has given us exactly what we can handle right now and nothing more...amen! Isn't it just like us humans to never be satisfied? :)
    I know the harvest will come and has started and for that, I am so thankful. now I'm off to ship and get some of these boxes out of my house! thanks to all of you for your fun and encouraging words. I want to be there for you too! I will hopefully have some great stories to tell from this experience--I'll try to take time to keep the inspiration flowing...we all need a good dose of that! i'll be back soon!

  8. Jill,
    You are a breath of fresh air! I am sure I speak for all of us when I say, Woohooo! Keep us updated and keep filling those orders!

  9. Tweeted TLC PR and asked what the story is with Mom Inc and they replied, "Still in Production". Thought you all might want to know!
    Have a great night!

  10. Thanks Tracy! Does any one know what "still in production means"? Does that mean that they have pick everyone and they are just filming it?

  11. Jill,
    Ditto what Tracy said. 900 orders. Wow! I guess that is inspiration for us all. Well speaking for myself anyway I should get moving on getting a sell worth product and not just a bunch of prototypes. Now if i could only do that.

  12. Anonymous,
    Still in Production is so vague that it could mean anything. I wish I could have gotten a more specific answer... is it still Feb. that you are waiting to hear?

  13. I have no idea? I guess some of the other women said that.I have not heard a date as of yet from them.

  14. Tracy, who the heck knows anymore? At this point it is almost a non-issue - at least for me. I've kind of lost interest. And, frankly, the way we're being handled leaves a nasty taste in my mouth because it feels so unprofessional. We abided by their rules, dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's - and did so according to their very specific timeline. And now we just find ourselves sitting in a complete vacuum like obedient drones, just waiting for tidbits of information that never come. You have to wonder what is fact and what is inneuendo - you have to read between the lines. But most of all, you have to wonder if Kelly Ripa would be approving of this treatment of potential candidates who have each put their dreams on hold while playing this surreal waiting game. I just don't believe she would be pleased about it if she really knew. Thanks for trying to find out something, though. That was very nice of you. #16

  15. Your frustration #16 is totally understandable! I would be going nuts!
    Are you able to sell your product while you are waiting?

  16. Girls,
    I emailed Kevin and Christina and referred them to my blog while asking for additional info on Mom Inc. Waiting to hear back...

  17. Thank you Tracy!!!! #8

  18. Thank you Tracy! #3

  19. I actually heard from TLC today. I had completely abandoned the idea that I would ever hear back and thought maybe the show was on hold indefinitely. I spent a good 30 to 45 minutes on the phone with them doing an "interview" and was told the show is now moving forward and is very much a "go". I was told I would hear from them in a couple weeks and that the next step would be to come to NYC. I'll keep you all posted as things progress. FYI, I know people have been wondering about video submissions and whether they're only picking manufactured products--I missed all the casting calls and only did the video submission. Also I am still at the prototype stage. I was told they are choosing products in a variety of stages. Hope that helps! I know how tough this process has been on everyone!!!

  20. That is great news Anonymous! When you say you were told "the show is now moving forward", does that mean the show had been stalled? What will you be doing in NY? What stage were you at before you received the call yesterday?
    Sorry for all of the questions, it's just been so long and now they are assuring you that the show is very much a "go". I look forward to hearing more in a couple of weeks - Feb. 18th or around there! :)

  21. P.S.
    You are welcome #8 and #3! Hopefully they will get back with me personally today so we can get more info from the Horses mouth - so to speak! :)

  22. I would like to know who Anonymous above is. I love solving mysteries and it seems pretty convenient that this comment was made after Tracy mentioned that she emailed Kevin and Christina. How funny if it was Milojo!

  23. I am definitely NOT Milojo! And the call didn't come from them either. It was from TLC and Discovery Studios. And to answer Tracy--yes, I did get the impression that it had been stalled for a bit and is now back on track. My impression is that in NY, it will be an in person interview and maybe an on camera test. Just guessing. Prior to my call from them yesterday--I had never heard a word from them. I sent my video submission on basically the last possible date and then never heard anything. I assumed I was not chosen, so basically forgot all about it. It was quite a surprise yesterday--I even had to think for a few seconds about why TLC would be calling me. I quickly put two and two together. Hope that helps.

  24. Wow Anonymous, that's awesome! Thanks for clearing it up that you are not Milojo! Haha!
    Good, good, luck and keep us updated!

  25. Okay so what did the hopeless Lady in KY get out of reading these last few posts? You mean there's still hope that I will get a call after not hearing anything from anyone regarding my 4 (yes sad as that is 4) video submissions.

    Yeah I know, sad, desperate, and pathetic. Guess I haven't forgotten how to dream.

    Really though good luck to my good friends #3, & #16 hope this means that things will indeed start moving forward for you both. Can't wait to hear what your ideas/inventions are.

  26. Yes, hopeless lady in Kentucky...I'm saying there IS still hope. Hang in there--you never know! Best of luck to everyone!!!

  27. To the anonymous above did you get a contract? One more question did they tell you dates for the NY trip? Thank you for all your info it is so helpful to all of us.

  28. Thanks to all for sharing what information you have. A special thanks, of course, to Tracy who seems to be able to move very stubborn mountains. If I weren't in the thick of things, I'd find this whole casting scenario almost comedically entertaining. Hang in there everyone - it seems now that the inventor slots are still up for grabs! And that adds even more suspense to the whole thing, dont you think? #16

  29. Dare I say that MAYBE The EM might see the light of day?! :)

  30. Ya never know, girl!! Fingers crossed! #16

  31. Anonymous, We're all courious... Did you sign a contract yet?

  32. Okay i'm gonna be the one to say it. This goes against what has been said before. Weren't we told long ago that all the inventors had been notified.

    Just goes to show anything can and does happen. Maybe someone got tired of waiting around and dropped out of their contract. Who knows???

    I'm with you #16 if you step back and look it is rather laughable, however look what a little TV exposure did for Lipstix remix. Woo-Hoo 900 orders after it aired and more coming in.

    No matter what Ladies the wait will be worth it for you and your inventions.

    So about that . . . .. when you Ladies DO strick it big come on back and bring the rest of us with you through that time warp into allowing our products to become a household name won't ya.

    Praying for you all hang tight.

    And yes Tracy thanks for giving us a place to see that we are not crazy in our dreams, a place to vent and know that we are understood, and that we are not alone in our efforts to get our products out there.

  33. To answer the contract I did not sign one, nor have I seen one yet. I'll keep you all posted if I hear anything!

  34. Just curious previous anonymous poster have you been here all along? Would we know you by any of your other posts? Or by a number? Or how did you stumble upon us (Tracy's blog).

  35. I have followed this blog on and off since August, but never chimed in as I only had a video submission with no call back--and I figured no chance of getting on the show. No that I am "in the game" so to speak, I'll be sure to play a more active roll to the extent that I can.

  36. Bravo, newcomer! So glad you've decided to chime in! It took me quite a long while to do so after finding Tracy's blog and now folks on this site probably wish I'd just shut up! Welcome and good luck and please do keep us informed. Best, #16

  37. Ahhh but you are wrong #16. I for one count you as a dear friend whom I've yet to meet face to face. And if you had never "chime in" we all would never have meet. And you would have taken this long journey alone. Besides i think we have all come to know each other for a reason. Not that I know what that reason is exactly but I'm sure we've all helped each other in one way or another. I know it has meant alot to me to have input and feed back from time to time.

  38. Thanks, Mary, you are always so kind. I hope life is getting a little bit easier for you these days. I agree with you, Mary, had I never stumbled on Tracy's blog, I would have felt so isolated and alone. I am thrilled to have "met" so many fine women here - and I really do hope that one day we can organize an in-person get together. That would be so great! #16

  39. Just wanted to let you all know that I DID receive contracts last week from TLC. I've signed them and sent them off--I do believe the verbage has changed since the last round of contracts (which I understand locked people in for several years). Who knows what, if anything, will come from this...but I'm certainly excited to find out!!! I'll keep you posted...