Thursday, January 14, 2010

Attention WI!

Late last night I came across something very exciting for all of us WI...Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank) is holding quite the contest!

Read below and act quickly so you do not miss this awesome opportunity! I submitted my EM!

Good luck everyone!

Do you have an innovative product idea that might be the next national best seller? Could you benefit from expert advice from product launch experts? Would you like to win a FREE Infomercial from the Infomercial King, Kevin Harrington? Then enter The Pitch Maker Contest, submit your idea for FREE and win the chance to have your product launched on TV!

Twenty finalists will be chosen and invited to pitch our expert panel LIVE at The Pitch Maker Contest and 2010 Professional Athletes Business Summit held at Trump Hollywood, February 1st from 7:00pm-10:00pm. Network with professional athletes, stars and other business executives at this exclusive one of a kind event!

Go to to submit your invention.

*keep me updated*


  1. I wanted to encourage all WI's - you can do it.

    We are in Oprah Magazine's February issue, they are featuring our Carissa Shirt and Amanda Shirtdress.

    Its so exciting and if I can get through to meaningful press so can you!

  2. Wow! Oprah! I will be sure to look for it! Congratulations!

  3. Carissa I'm sooooo happy for you!!! You go girl!:0)

    So can you give us the inside scoop on how you get all this great press. It is very impressive with such a young business how far you have gone! I love you products they look amazing!I will buy the February issue!!!

    On a different note I read that you home school too! I'm looking at doing this next year with my 7Th grader. Do you have any good advice for me??

  4. Wow, awesome opportunity. And thank you Carissa for your encouragement. Your mom's a true inspiration. Teared watching your video as you talked about her. Best to you & congratulations on the Oprah feature.



  6. Went immediately to your website, Carissa - great job! I especially loved hearing about how you came up with your idea (and a great idea it is! My daughter is very well endowed and - oy - the problems it brings!)It was such a compelling piece. All the very, very, best to you!!! #16

  7. Did anyone else besides me enter the contest? If so, let me know!

  8. #3 - for press I use and hit them about every four months. We usually have to get an editor who 'feels our pain' meaning she herself is well-endowed.

    No advice on homeschooling, but have fun with it.

    Thankfully, today was our biggest sales day YTD. I sure hope it continues. I forgot - page 94.

  9. Thank you Carissa! #3

  10. Tracy, Thank you for the info! I entered! As I read and re-read all the info, it looks as though we may have to purchase an event ticket, then we get a free entry. Do you have a better clarity of it? Thank you!

  11. Hi Tracy - I entered also, just not sure if Say-N-Play is really the kind of thing they are looking for but decided it couldn't hurt. Fingers crossed (they seem to stay that way lately) and best of luck to you!

  12. Hi Tracy -

    Thanks to your blog that I follow, I entered the contest and on Monday of this week received the e-mail that I was a finalist.

    Im nervous & excited. I booked my flights yesterday and am looking forward to the awesome opportunity!

    Thanks again for blogging about it.


  13. Sherri!
    I just was reviewing old posts and saw this! Congrats! Update us on my latest post, OK?!?!