Monday, January 25, 2010

Here we go again! Good Luck!

Ok Women Inventors, get your self moving and check out to find out how to pitch your product to Anthony "Sully" Sullivan!

Pitchmen is still looking for product for Season 2 so don't miss this once in a life time opportunity!

Any additional info I find, I will post here!


  1. I submitted my invention information and they ask me if i am able to go to pitch my invention next Friday.Anybody else send in your invention information? Did you received same responds?

  2. Did they say where you'd be pitching?

  3. They did not say where, i send them a email and i ask them where and when and i will let you know when they respond.

  4. This is the email i received.

    * Please Read ALL Information Carefully***

    When you have read thru this and decided on whether you are coming please email this address Subject Line “YES” or you will not be put on the final list.

    Thank you for RSVPing for FRIDAY JANUARY 29TH. The shoot will start at 8:00AM SHARP. This is a high level competition –come understanding that in showing up Friday you may not get to pitch your product to Sully directly but we will do our best to give each of you the chance to pitch on film.

    How to come prepared:

    1) Bring a working prototype of your invention, you written information and DVD.

    2) Be prepared to pitch your product (site the guidelines as seen on à 2010 Pitchathon or watch videos from last season). Pitch must be 2 MINUTES or less!

    3) Please DONT wear any bright whites, bright reds, apparel with labels, stripes or a plaid pattern J ABSOLUTELY NO LOGOS ON YOUR CLOTHES OR YOUR PRODUCT unless it is owned by you.

    4) Please bring a few (3-4) samples of your product.

    5) Be prepared to dedicate a full day to shooting.


    Madeline Clark Studios 10852 Burbank Blvd. North Hollywood CA 91601-2508

    à Look for PITCHMEN signs.


    The first round is the White CYC pitch (as seen throughout pitchmen episodes). ONLY the TOP 10% will be chosen by Discovery Channel Produers and get the opportunity to present and pitch to Sully in the afternoon.

    We appreciate you enthusiasm and dedication and applaud you for making it this far.


    Sarah Burns

    AP Original Productions

    Discovery Channel’s Pitchmen


    Contact: Sarah V Burns (Associate Producer)

  5. I received the above email as well but being that it is in CA, I will not be attending but if any of you are going, let me know! Sounds fun!

  6. hey everyone - I was debating about going to CA too because a White CYC pitch in one of the episodes would be incredible exposure. I was so torn because I set up a Shark Tank viewing party for this Friday, the 29th - the same time as the 1st round call for Pitchmen Season 2. I was so close to not watching the LipStix ReMix Shark Tank episode with my family and friends, but we have all been waiting so long - 6 months - for the episode to air...I couldn't resist. I'll be tweeting and posting the viewing party pics before and after the will finally be a relief to be able to share what happened.
    Tune in to abc's Shark Tank, this Friday @ 9 EST to see what happens in the tank!

  7. Jill, how exciting! Can't wait to see!

  8. Can't wait Jill!!! Yipppeee!

    Deedra :)

  9. Congrats Jill!! I set my tivo. Just incase i forget I still got it. Went to your site. congrats on an awesome idea as well. Good luck with your audition with Sully. If I followed right you are intending on going, right?

  10. Jill,
    When I set my dvr to record the description does not include lipstix remix. Are you sure it's the 29th? Or is it for another product? I enjoy watching shark tank anyway so no biggy.

  11. thanks everyone! the dvr description actually says, "Lipstick Recycling" which I didn't use to describe my product (sounds a little gross), but anyway! you can see the preview at
    the caption is "A 100 million dollar idea!"
    I am not attending the Sully audition this Friday, so I can stay home and watch the episode with family and friends. Mary, did you ever get the Kim Lavine book, Mommy Millionaire?

  12. Whooo Jill!!!! That is so great. I will watch this Friday. Love your product it is genius. #3

  13. Jill,
    I actually saw an extended commercial and saw that you will be on, however it said nothing about lipstick in the description for my dvr. How did you actually get on shark tank anyway? Is there a story behind that? To answer your question yes I did get that book and am about half way through. Entertaining, informative and yet still I think luck does have it's hand in there too. I currently do not have any finances to be able to support my ideas. Sadly that includes being able to fund getting to these auditions. I am currently working on my ideas with Edison Nation. Have you heard of this?

  14. yes, but reading the small print of EN it says that they will give you up to (don't remember the exact figure) a certain amount for your idea and unfortunatley, we had exceeded that amount after only 1 year so it didn't make a lot of sense for us.
    on another note, you need to "block" MyrnaRomero804 from your twitter followers...I think she is just trying to spam you with disgusting porn. I saw that she was following you and I clicked oh her profile because I inadvertantly thought is was "Myra Roldan" of Mommy Millionaire...uh, it wasn't! Anyway, just wanted to let you know. I found out about SharkTank through my local SCORE chapter ( --I meet with several advisors who have a wealth of experience and contacts in business and they are free of charge...volunteer to help others succeed in business...usually, I'm a "you get what you pay for person," but not with this group --they are fabulous. they informed me about the opportunity and then I went to / shows / shark tank / and filled out an application. A couple of weeks later, I received a call.

  15. Jill,
    Thanks so much for your answers and esspecially thanks for the heads up about Myrna. truth be told I haven't been on twitter in a very long time. I have found it's just another way for celebs and companies to network. Not having a company yet I was finding it only beneficial for them not me. Anyway thanks and I will look up score.


  17. Oh Anonymous, I feel your pain! Yes Milojo/TLC friends, fill us in! What's the 411!
    Deep breathing Anonymous...I'll do the same with you! :)

  18. Thank you so much Tracy.

  19. I hear you Anonymous above. Hang in there. I know very well how you feel. It's as though we've been thrown into a giant abyss of uncertainty...not so good for the soul or for the morale after this prolonged stretch of time. But, then again, there is zero we can do about it except put it out of our minds until SOMEONE deigns to mercifully give us either a heads up about further action...or, alternatively, releases us from the hopes we've held onto for so long. That certainly would be the humane thing to do at this point in time. (Beginning to feel - and understandably so - a bit like we're being treated like do-do right about now).

  20. Yes, I hear you Anonymous above! I hope you all can hear something wonderful soon!