Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Grandpa's Plant

8 years ago my Grandfather died and after his funeral I brought home one of the Peace Lillys that was up on the podium at the funeral home.

Now taking care of a plant is quite a task for me because I can not, no matter what, keep a plant alive and I was absolutely terrified of killing my Grandpa's plant. I felt that if I kept this Peace Lilly alive, a part of him would be with me, here on earth.

I have been know for spending quite a bit of money on house plants over the years with the high hopes of keeping them beautiful (I love the look of live plants in a home) only to drag them out to the end of the drive way a month later.

So I have resigned myself to plastic plants convincing myself that they DO look real, don't they?!

But my Grandpas plant...it's still alive eight years later and this has taught me something very important.

If you want something bad enough, even though you have failed time and time again, if you work for what you want, have confidence that you are competent, you CAN make it happen.

I like to think of this as a little life lesson from my Grandpa.


  1. Tracy, Awe, but he is still with you or you wouldn't be writing about him.

  2. We never really loose them. We only loose the physical bodies. If they loved you, did they stop because they are in a different place? I think not. See...

  3. Oh Anonymous, you are very wise! :)

    On another note, I was driving in the car and saying out loud, "Please God, if it is in your plan, please, please, please let me find out soon! Please!" And really, I sounded soooo silly - just begging and laughing..."please please please"! I sounded like a child waiting for the ice cream truck! :)