Friday, June 25, 2010

One iron is coming out HOT!

Do you remember when I posted the picture of me in the studio with John Cremeans?

Do you remember when I said that one of the three infomercials I shot was about to launch?

Well, it looks like next week we have lift off!

I CAN NOT wait for everyone to see it and...there is a very interesting twist to the product that I will tell you about once it's for sale on-line. After that, we will be in retail stores as well!

With all the irons I have had in the fire, it's nice to see one come out HOT!

Stay tuned...


  1. Wow,
    Congratulations Tracy. I'm a newbie here can u recap. Are you an inventor and pitchwoman? Do tell!

  2. Anyone have any info good or bad on Plymouth Direct and Steve Silbiger? Steve runs an product/infomercial co in PA and I was going to submit a product.

  3. Welcome Anonymous! To answer your question, I designed a line of tees called Wear Your Manners about 5 years ago, invented a really cool kitchen item but don't have the funds yet to get it manufactured (hoping Pitchmen/Kevin Harrington would pick it up), I LOVE pitching inventions/products and especially Women Invented products, I have worked in Television for years (Ricki Lake, ABC, HSN) and I shoot infomercials.
    I am also a Mom and Wife and all of that good family stuff! I would be honored if you scrolled around and read past posts - I've had such fun writing them and we have a great group of Ladies that check in here!

    To the other Anonymous: Haven't heard of him/them but will check it out. Are you able to tell us about your product?

  4. Not a huge fan of this word but DUH! Of course I know/familiar with Plymouth Direct! I have Mighty Putty and Mighty Mend It but I also LOVE the Pitchmen Crew (RIP Billy Mays).
    A friend of mine is also in contact with them often. From what I know,they are on the up and up if that's what you are asking...

  5. Yea, Tracy! Very excited for your latest news!! Ginny

  6. Thanks Ginny, it'll be good to see something I've worked so hard on FINALLY pan out!

  7. This is all great news! Please make sure you let us know where we can watch the roll out!

  8. Has anyone dealt w/ Telebrands? They seem pretty cool. I would like to go to an inventor day.

  9. Thanks Jen!

    Anonymous, I know a woman who had her product picked up by them but they wanted to pay her only 2% so she turned them down. Sadly, she later regretted that decision and now has no where to go w/her product. They seem to be very well known...once again, they do a lot of Pitchmen products - most of them I own! :)

  10. 2%. Is that bad? whats good? I guess 2% on 30 million would be ok-what would that be?lol I wonder how much the average inventor makes who strikes a deal?
    By the way, I have a penis, hope I can still read n post here. lol

  11. (Tracy if I may)

    Anonymous above -

    I hope that is your witty way of saying you are male. And not that your a Loraina(sp) Bobbit type. Hmm? We don't have anything against males to my knowledge. Most of us love and are married to good men and share our lives with them. It just kinda happens that this morphed into a women's support group of sorts. But I think I speak for all of us here on Tracy's blog when I say welcome come on in. We do have one rule though (or at least I do) For goodness sake put the toilet seat down when done. LOL

    BTW I hear anything from 4-7% is average 2% is on the low side and 10% is on the high side but neither is unheard off.

  12. Oh yeah I forgot. . . . . . . . .

    CONGRATS TRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have worked long and hard and I think your time has finally come!!!!
    Best wishes with the launch of your infomercial!! (If you could see me I would be standing and applauding, but you can't and my family can and I don't want them thinking I'm strange.{probably to late for that LOL} So I will refrain and just type BRAVO
    MY FRIEND!) Bask in the glory you deserve it?
    Do let us know when there is a web site where we can go view and order. I say that because I have had friends on EN who have had infomercials launch and it appears I am not in the test area. They had websites you could go to if you didn't see the infomercial on TV. Anxiously Waiting.

  13. Hey party people ~ I read a great article several months back in USA TODAY re: AJ Khubani's Telebrands - the way he explains it, the further along you are in your process (e.g., you've got a patent and 10,000 units ready to sell) the more royalty he will offer. Personally, I think 2% isn't too bad!

    TRACY - check your Twitter DM :)

  14. Ladies (and one Gent)
    I am so excited I have so much to share well let's see what first Hmmm? Okay my EN G7 at Presto I got an e-mail today saying that Presto is considering licensing my Lidz-on and would like to have a look at my prototype. So I went off to storage (as most of you know I am living in an RV for the summer with my life's belongings in storage having moved to TN from NH for my husband to be able to work). Anyway I am going to purchase the security video to submit to Funniest Videos cuz I'm sure I was a sight scaling my junk to get at the Lidz-on prototype. Which was in a nice secure accessible spot until the last load of stuff we had to squeeze in which included the flat screen TV. A story for another time but entertaining just the same. So I inch closer on the EN Presto product being a real product.

    Okay so now I officially have launch on my Quirky submission. Oh it was a crazy weekend of fighting with my computer that get's horrible connection in the camper. I needed it to stay connected for 2 hours straight to upload my video but it kept cutting out; but I persevered and now I present - The Hair Cutting Tutor.
    If you are willing to go to my submission is in the current product idea 0051 there are 31 submissions mine is at basically the bottom of page 2 (I think 2 up from the bottom). It is very easy to join Quirky to vote just put in email address and a password and that's it. Then you click on the word influence on the right under product 0051. Then you have 3 votes (1 which I hope you will use on me) and in all fairness if you see something else you like vote away. *Note you can not vote more than once on any submission. When you click on something you have already voted for it removes your vote, click again you vote, again you remove your vote and so on. So NO Ginny you can not give all 3 of your votes to The Hair Cutting Tutor.LOL But you can cast only one vote if you choose. :-)

    So thank you all for your support and let me know what you think.

    Oh yeah and I was very excited out of the 31 submissions about 10 of them are already out there which usually is not a good thing for the person who submitted the idea, but great for me. :-)

  15. MARY! How fabulous! Good for you!!! You've got my vote for sure!

  16. Oh goody...I'm off to vote! But tell me, Mary, how did you know where my mind was going with the three votes (of COURSE I had planned to use all three of them on your submission until you burst my bubble!) I tell you, you are a regular mind reader! Ginny

  17. Ok, I don't even know the details yet but I am being interviewed on a radio station for the OWN contest (Woman Inventor Showcase) tomorrow night at 6:15pm. I will post info as soon as I know it! Yippee!

  18. For all of us Inventors, let's take a minute and remember the late, great Billy Mays.

    He passed away one year ago today and has paved a way for all of us who are trying hard to be pitch people and who have inventions that need to be recognized.

    Long live Billy Mays.

  19. I'm having a heck of time trying to sign up at quirky! Feeling VERY frustrated. Tried several times - even used another email account and password and still getting error messages! Ugh!! I will continue to try, Mary. Yea, Tracy, do keep us informed about the interview...and I cannot believe it is the year anniversary of the death of Billy Mays. It doesn't seem possible. What a shame. Ginny

  20. Oh no Ginny. I went to Quirky and maybe I was misleading. You need to actually click on "Sign up get quirky." Then it will open a window for name email and password. Don't just go to sign in cuz you haven't already actually signed in yet. I'm hoping that's the issue. If not let me know I'll look into it further.

  21. Yes, Mary! Dopey me! I signed on and voted for your wonderful idea - and left a comment, too. Fingers crossed!! Ginny