Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's all about supporting each other!

I have taken on quite a task - I am running our school's Fall Fundraiser and let me tell you, I am completely swamped!

We have such an awesome school and we are blessed to have our children attend there!

One of my responsibilities is to collect donations for our Auction and I thought it'd be fun to put a basket together from all of people from my Blog/Twitter that I have encouraged and supported for the last year.

By donating, you will get your Company/Product listed in all of our correspondence for the event such as newsletters, website and our Facebook Fan Page! I will also include your donation on my blog and on twitter.

If you are interested, please leave a comment here on Product X with your email address and I will send you the Business Form. If you rather not post your email, you can email me directly at

I hope to have a nice basket for the event and thank you all - this has been such a wonderful group of people who cheer and support each other!

Much love,


  1. Well, would you look at that! I checked my email and had a donation already but I'm sworn to secrecy - thank you Anonymous!
    Come on Ladies and Gents, send me your brilliant invention/products and help me raise some money for our wonderful school!
    Thank you!
    p.s. If you have any suggestions on places, people or items I should ask for, let me know!

  2. Tracy, I just emailed you. I am more than happy to help. You have always supported us here and now it's our turn! Good luck!

  3. Wow! Thank you everyone that is donating! So far I have an inventor that was featured on Shark Tank, a product by a multi-million dollar company, a beautiful handmade item and a fellow Woman Inventor that is donating a check! When each of these items come in, I will list them all here!
    Our event isn't until Nov. 13th so keep'em coming! I appreciate each and everyone of you!
    If you can not donate an item, prayers for a successful event would be much appreciated! It's my first time EVERY running something so large and important!

  4. Thank you Jill Quillin of Lip Stix Remix for your awesome donation to our School's Fall Fundraiser! If you recall, Jill was on Shark Tank and is a true Woman Inventor!
    Thanks again!

  5. You can find Lip Stix Remix at!

  6. Women Inventors Rock!!!
    I just received two donations - Grill Charms and Ficklets and I am sending out a BIG thank you - check these products out - they are both fabulous!

  7. A WI basket would not be complete w/out Boogie Wipes and I have a quite the loot here in my office ready to go! Thank you Boogie Wipes!

  8. Tracy...sent my donation out to you on should have it around mid-week. Lots of luck! Best, Ginny

  9. Thank you Ginny! Can't wait to see it and I'll let you know when I receive it!

  10. I received the package today Ginny! Thank you very, very much!!!!!
    Keep me in your prayers for a successful fundraiser - this is a lot of work and not easy! :)

  11. Hi Tracy,
    How can I send bid on the basket that you will be donating?

  12. You're very welcome, Tracy. I'm wishing you every success with this undertaking. I know you must be throwing your entire self into making this a blow out have my prayers! Best, Ginny

  13. Lori,
    Well, that is a very good question. :) I would be happy to bid for you. Just email me at and tell me your max bid and I will not go over that. It really is going to be wonderful!

    To all:
    It is so exciting to see these donations come in from WI I have never even met and from some that I met b/c of my blog. It really moves me!
    I will take pics of the event to post here to show you!
    Shortly, I will be posting a new post (it's been awhile)...

  14. Need update Tracy on infomercial!!!

  15. UPDATE... Homemade Millionaire is premiering on Friday, November 19th at 10:00 PM! It is all over the web and take a look at where it falls on the calendar! Can you say Christmas/Holiday shopping?

  16. It all sounds so exciting! And you are right, it is all over the web! I, for one can't wait. Anonymous above, did you make the show?

  17. How exciting!!!! I can't believe it's finally here!
    A big thank you to CarryHer - a much appreciated donation for our school's fall fundraiser!

  18. Good luck with your fund raiser tonight Tracy! Hey, I was going to "Like" your fan page, but am having trouble finding it?

    Anyhoo - looks like a beautiful day on tap here, hope it's looking good for everyone here as well!

    Finally - CarryHer ROCKS! And sales are rollin for my pal Ro! If you have girls, know people with girls, are a girl, you must check out the coolest doll accessory ever invented :)

    Love ya ladies!! Have a great day!!

  19. Guess what! I went to HSN to order Debra Lee's bake huggers (and I don't even bake) and they've already sold out! Congratulations on a terrific idea that has been so well received! Ginny