Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good news!

First off, thank you all for your votes and kind words about my video submission for OWN! It is so fun watching the numbers go up and promoting the show (might be on Daytime - NBC- to talk about it!).

I was confused how someone with a not - so - great show idea or an idea that has been done hundreds times before (ie: live your best life, celebrity stuff, game shows)can beat out someone with a good/unique show idea because they have more votes (mostly by voting for themselves - vote, refresh, vote, refresh).

Good news is, I found out that only ONE person with the most votes gets into the finials and the Producers are looking at the videos submissions to fill the other spots! Wooohoooo!

Don't get me wrong, I need your votes! It's just nice to know that this contest is being fairly played and the bottom line is, vote for yourself as many times as you want but that won't get you to the top!

I also posted my audition on You Tube with a link back to Oprah so tell your family/friends that they can go to www.youtube.com/Woman Inventor Showcase and vote there as well!

Thanks again everyone! Let's get this exciting show on the air and support Women Inventors like yourself!!!


  1. You know, Tracy, I had wondered about that. This explanation makes so much more sense and is infinitely more fair. I'm glad to hear it. I've voted many times for you and will continue to do so. I just wonder, is there an easier way to find your video? The "search" provided is not accomplishing the task for me and I'm left to scroll through all the Wildcard entries until I find you! Am I missing something? Ginny

  2. Ginny,

    I've cut and pasted the link Tracy supplied in the last post and it brings her right up. Hmmm. I too think the way they've explained seems the fairest way to handle it. Best of luck.

    Tracy - What's this about NBC? You mean if they choose you? Right? Or do you mean you've been asked? A little unclear to me. Keeping you in my prayers!! Oh yeah any news on your infomercials?

  3. Duh! Thanks, Mary...I wasn't paying attention!!

  4. Thanks Mary for helping Ginny find how to vote!

    Daytime is on NBC here locally and I am trying to get on to be a local human interest story and talk about Women Inventors and the contest. In the past I was on all the local networks promoting my tee shirt line Wear Your Manners (you can see some of the spots on www.wearyourmanners.com under the "Press" section) so I still have contacts. We'll see!

  5. Good morning,
    The producer I used to work with at Daytime is no longer there so the "new" producer that received my show pitch emailed me yesterday. I am smiling as I am typing this.
    She said, "Thank you for your show idea but I am going to pass for now". It cracks me up how she phrased that! :)
    So no Daytime...oh well! I love PR work so it's off to the other networks!
    Have a great day everyone!

  6. Hmmm...pass THIS!!! Ginny

  7. Hahahaha Ginny!!!! Too funny!!!

  8. pass for now? Hmmmm can you expect a call in the future? No I don't think so. Was it suppose to sound less negative that way?

  9. Very good video Tracy!!!! You have my vote! Tani

  10. Mary, I think they were letting me down easy :) Don't they know I've auditioned for Mom Inc and Pitchmen and now I have thick skin?! Ha!

    Hi Tani! Thanks for voting and glad you liked the video!

    Many of the parents know about my video (my close friends have passed it along) and they are approaching me at school saying they LOVE the show concept!

    We'll see... :)