Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shark Tank and PR Update

 Mr. Daymond John is a very powerful man and one that I want to have in my corner. Product X is going to be amazing but I know with his help, Product X will be crazy huge!

If you remember, I have meet with Kevin Harrington several times and I am friends with Kevin's Executive Producer (Military Shopping Channel), John Cremeans. If it's not completely obvious, I am totally "name dropping." *Hope you don't mind John* :)

I am a huge fan of "invention TV"...Pitchmen, Homemade Millionaire and Shark Tank. At the moment, Product X is not ready for Reality TV. However, Product X is ready for a powerhouse such as Mr. Daymond John. With his knowledge, expertise and success in the world of fashion, Product X could become liquid gold.

 Product X has had a good week on twitter. Along with Mr. John sending me a message on twitter, the Today Show is now following me. Why this is huge...The Today Show has 796,087 followers and follows only 6,472. That is less than one percent of people who follow them and I am now in that one percent. This hopefully can be great news for Product X one day!

As you know, I love PR and while I wait for Product X to be produced, I am doing all the PR I can!

I have readers all over the world and I am so grateful for every one of you! Keep checking in...we are still planning on launching in late July/early August.



  1. Tracy, I know with your passion and persistence, anything is possible!

  2. Thanks Anonymous!

    I woke up to an email this morning saying my samples have shipped ~ yea! I'll do a post about that and more when I am more awake! :)

  3. GREAT NEWS!!!! Big things a commin'!!!

    Deedra :)

  4. Did you get the samples yet? We are waiting... MI

  5. Great news! Just back from Vegas so I will post tomorrow...

  6. Congrats Tracy! My friend just got his product on HSN and I think he would be a great pitchman himself, but he's in Montana! If you know anyone I can send a video to of him I would appreciate it. Thanks

  7. Hey Anonymous, I'm getting the info for you (saw your tweet).

  8. UR sooo sweet! Appreciate it!