Monday, May 30, 2011

We have a deadline

I have given us a deadline and I'm not budging from it. I have found that by committing to a launch date, I am more focused on completing the tasks on my "to-do" list and not just saying, "I can do that tomorrow." It really has worked. Product X will be for sale by the end of July/beginning of August!

I am very protective of showing Product X to people that I am not close with but there is this adorable boutique on Main Street and I just had to know if they would sell Product X. The answer was a very excited "YES!" She loved it and even though it's not Macy's, Nordstrom, Dillard's or Toys R Us, it was validation to what I have been saying all along..."Everyone that sees Product X will want to purchase it." **Insert big smile here** Now I have Learning Express and the boutique on Main Street ~ it's just the beginning.

I have been resistant to doing a business plan because it's so hypothetical but  everyone seems to think it is a MUST. Daymond John (Shark Tank) sent me a DM on twitter saying just that. So, I am working on it...

As I was placing an order for one of the pieces of Product X, it occurred to me that if I could put my company name on this piece, it would really help my brand. Luckily for just pennies, I am able to do that!

I am still amazed how this simple, little idea I had has turned into a REAL business! We have our own molds, patents, trademarks and social media sites. A dream come true... 


  1. Mary, I am glad you enjoy my video posts but it's so much easier to type my update as opposed to shooting video and uploading it. I promise I will add some more videos but it'll be a mix.

  2. Congrats! I've never understood business plans. Maybe you can help us with that too. lol. So will you try out for Shark Tank with ur product?
    Good Luck!

  3. I understand about the videos. I get it. So neglected to say whether or not you will share
    the name of the product soon or not???

    In other news - As you regulars (my inventor friends) will recall it was 6 short weeks ago that I became a Mother-in-law. I have not mastered the whole Mother-in-law thing yet but guess what I was just told that I will be a Grammy. That's right 8 months from now I will be a Grammy. This has started my inventor juices flowing in the baby items direction. So much room for improvement where baby products are concerned. Well just wanted to share with you all.

  4. Mary, that is WONDERFUL news! Congratulations!!! Keep us updated!

  5. Oh D, I was meaning to tell you...I can not go to Shark Tank b/c I do not have sales yet so I can not "value" my company BUT I do want Daymond John in my corner...I KNOW he would LOVE Product X if I could just get five minutes to show it to him...this is a challenge that I will continue to pursue :)

  6. Tracy, I think you'll make it big this time. I am so happy for you. When it is right it just flows and that is what seems to be happening. I couldn't be happier for you! Tracy, Would you drop me an e-mail? I don't think I am getting my mail correctly. Just what I need! MI

    Mary, Congrats!