Thursday, September 17, 2009

Vegas Part 1

Las Vegas was a blur - we were busy from the time we landed until the time we put our tired and drained selves on the plane back home!

The first night (Sunday) we hit the circle bar in the Paris Casino and meet TONS of people. Matt, the impact gel guy from Pitchmen was there and he was giving us pointers for the next day so we were really pumped to get this going!

Then off to the pool party that night where we meet John Cremeans (HSN Host, among other things) who then introduced us to Forbes Riley. Right there, by the pool, I am demoing the Spin Gym! My arms were totally killing me the next day - it's a great workout!

Stacey and I were on cloud nine and were really looking forward to pitching at the convention but after networking for a few hours we wanted to hit the slots.

After loosing "just enough", we went back to the hotel to get some rest and prepare for day two.

Of course, too excited to sleep, we stayed up and talked and the sleep I was hoping to get turned into just having a 3 hour nap! Oh well!


  1. Already sounds like loads of fun!! And "knowing" you....I'm sure there are more surprises to come from your story!!! Can't wait to hear it all.


  2. Hi Tracy,
    I was there and never saw you. You never mentioned how the interview and pitch session went for PitchMen. I arrived late Sunday evening and spent hours checking out the place and exactly where to park and set up for my demo. Slept so little, and presented 9/14, finishing at 12:20. I had a sensational time, made some great contacts. I would have killed for a coke! Iced tea, are you kidding me? Lisa Zidlick Bag Bundle. I guess Deedra is posting more from me.

  3. Tracy, Tracy, Tracy,

    Oh the anticipation. Nothing like baiting us! LOL I do enjoy your story telling. But. . .. you know what we're waiting to hear! Do tell!!!

    I think I speak for all of us living vicariously through you!

    At least don't drag it out too too long.

    Mary S

  4. Hi, Deedra here. I met Lisa in Dallas at the WI audition. She has a great product and LOTS of should talk to here. Here's her email to me about the last few days when I asked if she went to pitchmen:

    "I did and had a sensational time! Lots of hard work, unfair line up for audition schedules, as I got there two hours early, was the first in line and everyone rushed ahead of me when the doors opened and instead of being number one, I was number 20, so had to hang around five extra hours to get done...TLC was hands down more organized and respectful.

    Everyone LOVED my product and I did a five minute video interview and then a video presentation pitching my product for about two minutes. Then, a gal from HSN Canada asked if I would meet with her. We talked for 45 minutes and things look good there, but I do not want them to have exclusive rights to my product for the US and Canada and I would definitely want my attorney to look over the contract VERY well, to make sure I get what I want.

    I was pleased when my husband told me that one of the Sharks from Shark Tank watched part of my presentation, before he got malled by inventors. There must have been at least 500 inventors there and another 200 people who want to replace Billy Mays since his passing."

    Thought it was interesting....can't wait to hear what Tracy did!!!!


  5. Mary,
    With coffee, I will fill you in some more and I promise not drag it out TOO much! :) There is just so much to tell with so little blog space!

  6. Thanks much! All in fun ya know :-)

    In the end my husband and I decided that after his being laid off all summer that it would be wise to sit out the Pitchmen Auditions and concentrate on pitching to Everyday Edisons in early 2010 when we are back on track financially.

    The way he got me over not going was to say.
    "By the sounds of it they have added Saturday and Sunday to the review schedule. Sounds like thousands and thousands of hopefuls. It's almost like winning the lottery to be chosen. Mary would you buy a lottery ticket for $1,000. I don't think so." Somehow that oddly put things in perspective for me.
    Sometimes when it seems like my hubby isn't being supportive at all he pulls this wisdom stuff out of his hat. Go figure.

    And sooo I resigned to the fact that I would live vicariously through you on this one! LOL

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us Tracy

    Mary S

  7. Vegas sounds like it was quite an experience! I wish all of you only the best! I'm a firm believer in perseverance and ingenuity. Be PROUD ladies!