Friday, November 6, 2009

Keep the ball rolling

We have been going non-stop since Stacey landed in Tampa on Tuesday and what a ride it's been!

These past few days have been a prime example of how everything happens for a reason!

The casting call was a blast and I wish I could have filmed it for you to see but it was a closed set and they were not allowing any outside camcorders.

Stacey and I pitched to Pete from Sullivan Productions. Pete was sitting on the panel when we auditioned for co-host in Vegas and said "we rocked it" so needless to say, we were excited to see him again!

When we were finished with our pitches, Pete said Stacey and I "are the best team he has ever seen"! Whoohoo!

Although the two products were not selected for Pitchmen, we have not stopped pitching them!

Without saying too much, we met with Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank) yesterday and Best Buy is looking at one of the inventions, so you never know...but it's looking good! I'll keep you updated...

Thank you to everyone who sent us well wishes and encouragement!

It's all about making your dream a reality!!!


  1. Oh WOW, Tracy and Stacy!!!!!
    It's just a matter of time and getting in front of enough people until you hear those magic words!!!!! I'm so excited that you found "your calling". You know it is a rare opportunity when you find what inspires you and makes your world go round, and your able to be in a postion to actually do it. Sounds like you have! So happy for you:0 )

  2. Thanks Lori!

    Just saw the finial products they selected for Pitchmen and they are all prototypes. That makes more sense to me now...the products we pitched were already manufactured...

  3. Tracy,

    I'm so excited to see you doing this awesome thing!!!! Way to take your ideas and make them into something. I think that's an awesome lesson for all of us!!!!


  4. Hi, Tracy!

    Congrats on what looks like is going to be a great career for you and Stacey - I can see the future :) and it's lookin' bright.

    BTW - totally related to one of your recent comments about finally having found your "niche".. and why does it take so long. I think we may be living parallel lives as I feel exactly the same! I know I'm a bit older than you, but I was just telling someone there is something so calming and freeing about being in your forties and finally figuring some things out that maybe took a while!

    Anyway - wishing you girlz much success and hope we can all reunite in the name of Kelly Ripa one day and have a toast! (by toast I mean with Veuve Cliquot :))

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I'm so happy for the two of you! I love seeing people live the dream!

    #8,#9,#16 have any of you heard any more info???

    Have a great day! #3

  6. #3,
    I haven't heard any additional news.

  7. OK ladies, I need your help!!! I need to find out some important info...sales info...asap! If I was selling my headbands (which I've worked with an amazing LA stylist to make AWESOME HEADBANDS) and I was trying to see how many women would be interested in buying them in the next 24 hours...I won't send you an invoice, just need to report the interest....and I was selling a pack of 2 amazing clip on headbands that won't cause pain...the price would be somewhere between $14.99 and $ many packs would you buy? Please go to and on the "contact us" page, leave a comment like "I'll take 2" don't even have to put your name if you don't want to. Even include what your friends or mom or sister would buy, too! Thanks sooooo much ladies!!!!!! :) :)


  8. i have heard nothing since the letter last week telling us 4-6 week wait. #8

  9. Deedra is this for the show?