Saturday, September 24, 2011

Does Religion Have a Place in Your Small Business?

I'm a Christian. I'm also someone whom believes in "live and let live." I mind my own business and I don't care what religion you are as long as you're nice.

So when it comes to SassaB, I wonder...does religion have a place in my small business? Actually, let's ask, "does religion have a place in my BIG business?" I mean, why think "small" anyway?!

I know from the bottom of my heart that I have God to thank for SassaB (and everything else, for that matter). However, will knowing that I'm a Christian prevent you from purchasing SassaB? Will you rather not know that I pray every night, watch Joel on Sundays and listen to Mercy Me?

Business people tell me "to keep the religious thing quiet." Christians say, "Shout it from the roof tops!" What about Christian Business people?

If it weren't for Him, SassaB would I wonder, am I given this amazing opportunity to sell a really cool product so that I CAN acknoledge God's gifts for everyone to see and hear?

Or, do I quietly praise God, give to my Christian charities, keep John 3:16 off anything SassaB and not rock the "sales boat?" After all, the more money SassaB makes, the more I can give...

For now, I'll tell you that I consider myself "blessed," not "lucky" and tonight when I go to bed, I'll thank God for everything He has given me... but I might have to keep such things off of my business card.


  1. John 3:16 is my favorite!

  2. Unless your product is religion related, why? You want to market to the broadest audience. You dont see fruit salad at Publix marketed only to vegetarians do you?

  3. Very good point the comparison and Kerri, you and I have something in common :)

  4. Great question! I too am a Christian and guess I never questioned whether I would have brought Christianity into it. But I like anonymous' comparison also. And I guess if the product has nothing to do with religion it would be odd to push that. So I say as long as you continue to acknowledge God's involvement and blessing in this. It will eventually come out naturally anyhow because that's who you are.
    God Bless and Happy Launching!!

  5. Boy what an interesting question.

    i doubt very seriously that if you put christian praise all over your product that it would convert anyone. Every religion believes that their belief is right no matter what. IF you were born in India you would most likely be Hindu and believe it with all your heart like a good friend of mine. My grandfather was Muslim but i was raised in a very christian family. Surely if I was born in Lebanon I would be a muslim and also believe it with all my heart. I guess what I am saying is that you could very well turn people off just because you are in essence saying your God is the reason for SassaB. That's great that you are a christian and so very grateful for all you've been given and let that guide you to the right answer for you. The world definitely needs more good people in it and you are one of them.


  6. Mary, very good point and Lori, you have MADE my day! Thanks everyone for your input...I value each and every one of you!

  7. OOO-ooo! we're in October so whens the big reveal?? Will there be an on-line launch party? Will we be given the opportunity to promote Sassa-B on Facebook and emails and websites? Hunh? Tell us what it is already! I can take it no more! Ha

  8. Hey Mary, thank you SO much for's been a long road but we will be launching at the end of October/beginning of November. I will post a new blog entry tomorrow to catch you all up. Exciting times!!!

  9. Alright I'm not kidding anyone. I've waited this long I'm not going anywhere. Yes, you are right exciting times indeed.

  10. Tray, I keep looking and waiting as I can see other people are doing also. We're all so excited for you. I hope it is soon! MI

  11. Thanks MI! When I can get a breather, I'll be posting an exciting update!

  12. Good, I'll be waiting! MI

  13. Tracy,

    To answer the question of the blog post....YES!!! Yes, is my answer.

    Deedra :)