Friday, June 17, 2011

Lots of name dropping and money being spent!

 Thank goodness I set a deadline for launching SassaB™. 

This is not easy...but I have to say, it is FUN! Getting SassaB™ to market is a great challenge and you all know I love a good challenge. 

Here is where I am at (grammer?!): The decision on the logo and background color for the die cuts (the 3x5 card SassaB™ will hang on) has been quite the dilemma. This decisions is taking weeks. Do I use a black background with vibrant colors/logs? Or lime green? Or white, maybe. Do I create some sort of cute animal/person/design for a logo or just use our name and font/color as our logo. *Sillybandz did that.
I have hired my second graphic artist and hopefully he will just show me something wonderful so I can stop fretting about it. Yep, I said "fretting." That is truly how I feel. 

Shoot! I forgot to go to the bank today to pay for a part of SassaB™! I LITERATELY just remembered! Ugh.'s that deadline but SO much to remember!

Moving on...I have been studying the Boogie Wipes website...these Ladies have a "resources" section that is so full of info that it would take all week to read! Thanks Boogie Moms!

I officially have my LLC set up and TM SassaB™. *If you want to know how to put ™ next to a word you are typing, it's Alt 0153. Thanks Jen Cannon! Not only is it an effective way to "claim" your name, it's fun to do!

Did I tell you that out of the blue I figured out how to put SassaB™ (is it totally necessary to ™ every time I write SassaB™?) on a part of my product? It's a very cool way to keep branding the product! I am waiting for that item to get here any day now. And I ordered 10,000 of them so I hope they look good!

Lots of money going out now for SassaB™ but that means we are getting closer to launching! Yay!

If anyone is interested, I found the below link...wanted to share it with you on Product X (aka: SassaB™).



  1. You do have a lot going on! Thank you for keep us Inventors informed on what's going on!

  2. Soo exciting!! Thanks for sharing. It's funny I really feel apart of this although I've done nothing but read, cheer you on and sit on the edge of my seat. But thanks for letting me be a part anyway.

  3. Mary, all the things you mentioned above do make you a part of this because without support, nothing is possible so thank you!