Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Work vs. Love - why not have both?

While my Husband and I were talking business on date night, he kindly pointed out that I do not like to work. Thanks Babe. Let me ask you this, who DOES like to work? Work is called "work" for a reason.

But the beautiful part is, SassaB™ is not "work." Yes, I will be really, really busy...no more catching up on Bravo in the middle of the day but I couldn't be happier. I am following my dream and I am blessed to be able to say so.

If you knew my Husband, you'd know that he is quite the skeptic. It takes a lot to get Jason excited about something. Some would say he's a pessimist. I prefer "realist" but either way, when Jason is on board with something, you know that "something" is pretty darn good. And...yep, he's on board with SassaB. Phew.

Last night he told me, "You have me totally convinced that you can sell 5,000 units of SassaB like that" (insert snap here).  It doesn't hurt that every retailer we have shown SassaB to wants to place an order. That's 100%. Our friends and family love it to and rave to Jason what a genius I am. Ha! I love that part!

So I will work, work, work the day away and love, love every minute of it!

I hope you are out there doing what you love as well!


  1. Has anyone heard anything about a second season of Homemade Millionaire?

  2. Hi Anonymous, I think HM is finished...anyone heard any different?

  3. You had me at "date night." :)

    So happy for your journey!

    Deedra :)

    PS Anonymous, I think the HM ship has loooooong sailed on off into the sunset.....

  4. Hi Deedra, how have you been?! Thanks for the cheers on this fun, fun journey...I'm learning so much and so excited for the future of SassaB! And yes, I agree about HM...bummer, I know!

  5. Tracy, I couldn't be happier for you. You'll make it big, I just know it. Can't wait to see what SassB is! MI

  6. Hey Tracy,
    Bring me up to date on when we can see your SassaB. you know we will be big supporters.
    Lori Ivanovic (magiclasp and the doll sculptor)

  7. Thanks MI! To bring everyone up to date (thanks for asking Lori), we are planning on launching in September...as a matter of fact, I think I'll write a post about it...stay tuned!

  8. Hi Tracy!

    So excited to hear about your progress. Just wanted to share somehting regarding retailers committing to orders. Do you have them do a PO? If not, I'd highly recommend it. This may not be the case at all in your situation, but I've learned that many people can love an idea, want to buy it when available but when it comes time to put the money down, the commitment can change. Doesn't hurt to have a PO to go back with when the product is available.

    Sounds like you have a great product and quite possibly every retailer will absolutely take it when available, just wanted to share my $0.02.

    Looking forward to hearing more!


  9. Hey Stacey, I missed this comment, sorry! Thank you for your $0.02 and I agree. I would really like to go in with product in hand to actually sell to them on the spot so I think I will be patient and wait until I have everything here. Thank you! What is going on with your business?

  10. It's having it's ups and downs, but still moving forward. The caps were picked up by a catalog recently, will drop in October, so I'm looking forward to that. Will also be available from a regional retailer in the spring. Could always me moving faster!!

  11. That's great news Stacey! I can't wait to start selling...