Monday, October 24, 2011

"Don't show effort" ~ Billy Mays

Let me share something with you...from the heart...

I'm having an "emotional roller coaster" kind of day. We are launching SassaB this week and all day I have been asking myself, "Why aren't you EXCITED?!" Well...I figured it out.

I'm terrified. Will SassaB™ be the huge success I think it will be? That I am planning it to be? That I am praying it will be?

And I really didn't want to let you all know that. I want to be super confident and not let you or anyone else know that I am nervous. Doubting when I should be confident. Questioning when I should be certain. But...I want fellow inventors to know that it's OK to be nervous before and during the process of making your dream a reality. And maybe I had to let myself know that as well.

Billy Mays used to say, "Don't show effort." And I think we can apply that to many aspects of our lives, not just when shooting a Mighty Putty infomercial.

So mostly you will not see me show "effort" and instead you will hear of all the fun, hard work that I am putting into SassaB but for now...just to let you does take "effort" and not always the "make it look easy" kind.


  1. Have I mentioned how I am living vicariously through you? Do you know that when you reach down deep and bare your soul and just state the obvious it makes us cheer for you even more. I so admire your unbridled honesty. Will there be a Facebook launch? Where we will be able to share and "like" SassaB? I sure hope so I am so anxious to help launch your dream into a viral trending success. Stay confident, stay strong, and yes I would say even stay nervous it keeps you real. Best wishes and continued prayers for the success of SassaB.

  2. Praying for you Tracy!!! I am so thrilled to see what SassaB is and watch you keep on growing! Thanks for sharing your heart. We love watching your journey.

    OK, now WHEN do we get to find out.....

    Deedra :)

  3. Mary, that is so sweet of you to say and it makes me feel better about posting that. It's not easy to show feelings of uncertainty, so thank you!
    And Deedra...look at new post :)