Friday, October 28, 2011

SassaB™ has launched!

SassaB LLC, is the maker of the first-choice-in-fun, must-have accessory charms for kids of all ages to wear, trade, collect and share. Inspired by her daughter’s minor fashion emergency, Tracy Sanders founded SassaB to fill this popular marketplace niche.  Our motto:  Create Your Own Style!

Tracy Sanders, Founder/CEO of SassaB LLC,  sits down for Q & A with Jennifer Cannon of JenCann Productions:

Q:  Tell us how you came up with the idea for SassaB.

A:  Like a lot of great ideas, it happened almost by accident.  One day my daughter, Brooke, was looking for something to wear in her hair for picture day at school.  She was tired of the same old bows, barrettes and pony tail holders she had in her drawer.

Knowing how much Brooke loves charms, I went into my room, picked out a cute charm from my own bracelet, slid it on a bobby pin and put it in her hair. She looked in the mirror and very excitedly said, “I love it! I’m going to wear it to school and start a trend and trade them with my friends!”

As soon as I heard the words, “start a trend”, I saw an opportunity to create a fashionable, fun hair accessory and immediately went to work.  I have always wanted to start my own business and I knew this was “it”.

Q:  What were the most important factors you had in mind when designing SassaB?

A:  I wanted to create a unique hair accessory that would allow the charms to link together creating endless design possibilities for imaginative kids. I researched the highest quality charms, bobby pins and hair ties before creating the one of a kind SassaB charms.

      Price point was also very important to me. In this economy, I’m proud to sell a high quality product that’s fashionable and affordable!

Q:  What makes SassaB unique?

A:  SassaB’s patent pending, custom molded link is what sets them apart from other charms on the market.  Our design makes them easily interchangeable and versatile enough to be used in many different ways. 

By the way, they’re not just for girls!  …Or even, dare I say, kids… The possibilities are endless:

·        In your hair
·        As custom necklace, bracelet or anklet
·        On backpack, book or sports bag
·        On lunch box
·        On shoelaces
·        On doggy or kitty collar

Our motto:  Create Your Own Style!

Q:  Behind every name is a story, what’s yours?

A:  Our kids call my mom “Sassy” instead of Grandma.  Sassy and Brooke are always talking about one day opening a restaurant called “Sassy and the B”.  So the name SassaB was born from there and it feels catchy, so it stuck!

Q:  We are becoming more aware of young entrepreneurs today.  Will Brooke have a role in the company?

Brooke is, and will continue to be an important part of SassaB LLC.  She’s my “go to” girl when design questions come up. After all, if it wasn’t for her fashion dilemma and vision of “starting a trend”, SassaB…wouldn’t be!

My son Hudson also has some ideas of his own for a future line of charms.  It feels really good to have the whole family involved on this exciting journey!

**So here it is, MY Product X! To see what SassaB looks like, go to You can email me to purchase SassaB or just to say "Hi!" SassaB retails for $6.99 and comes with two linkable charms, a SassaB hair tie with link and a bobby pin with link. We have a minimum order of two packs.

I can't thank you enough for your support and I can't believe this day is FINALLY here! We have another exciting announcement of how SassaB will be sold in the marketplace so keep checking in.

Much love,
Tracy Sanders
SassaB LLC


  1. WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is AWESOME Tracy!!!! Where can I buy?!?!

  2. Congrats! I know how excited you are that today is finally here! This is such a great product which is no longer just "an idea"! So happy for you!!!

  3. Congratulations Tracy! I know both of my daughters are excited to try them. Thinking they're going to spread like wildfire! Thanks so much for choosing JenCann Productions to play a small part - it means a lot!

    Now - gotta go see who I can connect you (forgive the pun) with and share the good news!

    Have a great day!

  4. Woo-Hoo!!! Amazing!!! I noticed your site still says under construction. I want to share a link on facebook. But how do people order. I didn't see a place to order on the site. Is your model on the site Brooke? Also so wonderful that you launched in time for Christmas shopping. Yay!!!

  5. Oh AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did it and it is a fun, creative, and appealing product. So glad you got it out to the world to see and buy. yeah Tracy!!!!!!!!

  6. Tracy I tried to email you this and it came back to me that it failed because the address did not exist. I'm sure you don't need more things to fret about but thought you might like to know. Here is a copy of the email I tried to send:


    I went back to the SassaB web site to see if there was information about how to purchase that maybe I just overlooked. All I saw that might help give me that info. was this email address. Unfortunately when I clicked on it, it came up with an error window. I persisted and copied and pasted the address in my email to send you this. Now I'm not sure if it was because I am not using IE or Firefox but Google Chrome. Just a guess; but it should be compatible with all 3 so you don't lose any potential customers. Now I fully understand the web site is still under construction so I will cut you some slack here; but thought you would like to know just the same. Once the site is working properly I will share a link on my Facebook page as promised.
    Best wishes and prayers on this happiest of days for you!!!!! Happy Launch Day!!!!

    :-) Mary

  7. P.S.

    Sorry to monopolize your time but I thought you might like to hear that I was bragging on you tonight at a chili cook-off that we had for a fund raiser. I was talking to some of the young girls and they are dying to buy some SassaB so I already got some trending interest here in Tennessee. I just need to know how to purchase or how to tell others how they can purchase. Thought that little bit of info. would bring a smile to your (already awesome I'm sure) launch day.

  8. Tracy, I am soo excited for you and to see SassaB EVERYWHERE very soon!! Sorry I haven't commented in a long time, but thought I def had to congratulate you on your big day. I have been going to the Divine Moms events. Have you told them about it yet? If not, I'll help spread the word. I was in Hyde Park last weekend and went into The Learning Express and was secretly hoping I would see your product already there, because I was dying to know what it was :) I'm so impatient at times :) COngrats again Tracey!! Ashley

  9. Hi Everyone! Yesterday was an awesome, crazy day! We already have sales (yay!) and I have been working out some of the kinks...our email is up and going at (thanks for the heads up Mary!)so if you would like to place an order, you can do so 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. We also have launched our Facebook Fan Page...just look for SassaB.
    SassaB will be for sale at the Westchase Learning Express in Tampa next week so if you are in the area, stop by and pick up some packs. You can see more pics of SassaB on our FB page so I hope you will stop by and "Like" our page. Also, I would be honored if you would help spread the word about SassaB and if you have any suggestions on where you'd like to see SassaB sold, let me know!
    Thanks everyone! Now it's back to work. :)

  10. Whoooo hooooo Tracy! So happy for you and that the launch is now official. Praying for things to fall into place for you! Try to have some fun in the craziness. :)

    Deedra :)

  11. Hey Tracy,
    What would you say you have spent from conception to launch? Just wondering for all of us that have never done it yet.

  12. Congratulations Tracy!! Now the fun really begins!! :) Super excited for you!

  13. Thanks everyone! I have been so busy selling ~ the positive response has been overwhelming ~ so blessed! I'm still working on getting SassaB on an on-line store so all my out of state friends can purchase but if you are local, you can pop into Learning Express in Westchase and purchase there!

    Lori, we are right in line with budget...with product, labor, attorney fees, etc, it's not inexpensive, I can tell you that! It's so important to know your price points and profit margins...something I quickly learned.

  14. Hi Tracy, I was out of town and as soon as I came back I checked you out. Congrats. I am going to your web site now! Good luck but from the sounds of it I don't think you will need any. I will be buying some! MI

  15. Tracy, I see you are still under construction. I will be checking in often. I love the look! MI

  16. Congratulations, Tracy! What a fantastic, fun product! I wish you tons of success and look forward to your updates! (PS. Amazon has a really fast selling set-up, perhaps that would be a good "online" outlet for selling. They even fulfill orders for you, if you'd like. Again, best wishes and I know hard work pays off. Good for you for seeing it all through!

  17. Hi Tracy,
    I apologize I didn't mean an exact figure. I guess I should have asked are you under 5K, 10K or over. I know that when I was trying to get my patented clasp out there I was over 20K with everything. I did have a company give me more than that to take the idea for 14 months . They said they were going to take it to the moon and back and then did nothing with it.
    I'm glad your response is great and I'm sure it can only build.