Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oops, I messed up

On my desk, in my office, SassaB hanging on a counter top spinner. But I've made a huge mistake!

I forgot to order the poly prop bags that SassaB will be loaded into. Yep. Forgot. So while I have the insert cards that were delivered today(!), SassaB, and the spinners for the retailers, I do not have that last bit of packaging to get SassaB into stores.

There is something else I am waiting website guy to put up a SassaB landing page. We have added a QR code to the back of the packaging so that when scanned with a smart phone, you will be directed to our website. Right now if you go to, all you will see is that the site is hosted by Doster. Not a good look for new customers.

So for now, we will work on assembling SassaB packs and paperwork.

Once our landing page is up, I will announce what SassaB seems like forever! Thank you all so much for waiting and showing your support through this last year. I hope I have been able to shed some light (in real time) on what it takes to have an idea and bring it to market.

Much love,


  1. With everything going on you're bound to forget something but all in God's time. Good luck!

  2. The poly bags should be easy enough to get overnight. Good luck will be watching with everything crossed.

  3. Hi Lori! Can you believe it? Forgot the bags but I figure everything happens for a reason...what's a few more days...How are you doing, how's business?

    Yes Kerri, everything in God's time...thanks for the reminder...

  4. Tracy, You are doing just great and you'll be selling very very soon. Keep up the good work. It will pay off. MI