Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wow! She was SO rude!

You're in Sales?

Put your "big girl pants" on and strap on that "tough skin" because you are going to need it. While you're at it, practice smiling through all of those "clever comebacks" you WISH you could say as you bite your tongue.

Case in point...I was in Tampa, hitting up a very popular Girls Boutique... I met one of the boutique owners...she loved SassaB. She asked me to come back tomorrow to meet with the other owner. She asked me to leave my samples. And I was "dismissed."

I left feeling pretty good and got my SassaB spinner ready for delivery the next day.

Here is how the next day turned out:

Me: Hi! I'm Tracy with SassaB! (I am walking towards the other boutique owner who is sitting down).

BO: (Boutique Owner) Not standing up, she said in a very "dead pan" voice, "Yes, I just saw your samples in the back."

Me: Great! (I'm still making my way to her in the back of the store since she is not standing up to greet me)

BO: Umm, I don't think so. (please re-read that and insert the voice you'd use talking to dirt)

Me: Oh! (I was surprised she was not interested in SassaB after the positive feedback I received from the other owner but I was also taken aback by how rudely she was speaking to me. And that she is still sitting down. And that the two ladies that are shopping in the store are now staring at me)

Me: Ok...(she is just sitting there looking at me and it feels like time is standing still) Can I have my samples please?

BO: You want them back??? (snarl while reading this, and have a "shocked" tone in your voice like I had just told you to crash your car into a brick building)

Me: You want them? (this is where I wish I had more sales experience)

BO: We may change our mind. (Deadpan, snarl)

Me: Sure! Thanks! Have a great day!

Ugh! That was awful! However, the more experienced I get in Sales, this entire scenario could happen again with absolutely no effect on me. And those shoppers that watched all of that unfold...I would like to think that they put down their merchandise and walked out not wanting to support a business that speaks to people like poo.

I got in my car, ready to leave Tampa and this experience behind me when I noticed another boutique four doors down. I walked in, the store owner LOVED SassaB, sold the spinner I had ready for the other boutique and walked out with a check in less than 5 minutes! That felt GREAT!!!

No matter how rude someone is or how many "No's" you get, there is always someone else waiting with a smile and a "Yes" so don't give up and don't let the "yucky" people get you down!

In sales and in life...


  1. Good for you that you did not stop and sold SassaB to the other store! You are now a true sales person.

  2. good for you! don't worry about people like that at all.... sassab is awesome! :)

  3. Thanks Anonymous, Thanks Joyce! Minus these little glitches, I do love selling SassaB! :)

  4. Hey, did you guys see that they are running re-runs of Homemade Millionaire? I tried watching one was too boring. Would love to hear how all the inventors from the show are doing though! After was HM that got this whole thing going...yay!!!

  5. Tracy, Did you get my e-mail? MI

  6. MI:Yes, I did...Sorry I have not responded...we have tons of family in town so my emails are being neglected...I will email back soon.

  7. Wow! Just now reading and cannot believe the blatant rudeness of some people! Of all the nerve (in my best strong-oh-no-she-didn't southern accent)! Way to balance it out with a SALE sister!

    Looking forward to rockin' some SassaB in South Jersey!

  8. Thanks Jen! I really appreciate your order...did you get your SassaB?