Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Answer this

Would you pay more for something made in America?


  1. Tracy,

    I think it depends on the product for a lot of people. Some it really matters on something like avacados when at the market, but on an educational DVD I don't use that in their decision making. I prefer US made, but sometimes it's not possible.

    Deedra :)

  2. So true Deedra! My product would cost $2.00 more to have it made in America but it would be lead free and totally safe. I wonder when people see "made in the USA" on packaging (for kids items), if it makes them feel better/safer about buying it...

  3. Tracy,
    I know for myself kids toys is one of the items that I do look for made in the USA - especially for that very reason - the whole possibility of lead paint thing. In light of what has been exposed having to do with products made in China. I know lots of concerned parents take this into consideration these days.

  4. Oh yes I forgot to mention - Yes I would. If I were you I would also display that proudly next to a little symbol LEAD PAINT FREE. Just to put the idea in the consumers head that the knock off that they are considering buying probably does contain lead. And yes those knock offs come out quicker and quicker these days on the HOT items. And that's my two cents or two bucks in the case of lead paint free. lol

  5. Love your input Mary, thanks!!!

  6. YES. I completely agree with Mary.

    My product is in hardware. An industry group did a survey on buying American made products and 61% of those polled were more likely to buy hardware products made in the USA over foreign manufacturers.

    I think the preference is even more applicable when it comes to purchasing products for our kids.

  7. Hey Everyone...interesting....

    Think Cleaners is reselling the second round on HSN. The wrap dress (bad reviews) and magnet necklaces(NO reviews! did no one buy?) AND the famous Cambia Clutch are all on clearance. Where are the next bake huggers? Debra Lee, you out there?

    Perhaps HM wasn't the money maker they were hoping for.

    Any thoughts? Any updates?

  8. If you have a product, don't you wonder is YOURS could have done better? (No disrespect to the products chosen)I still believe from the bottom of my heart that they missed the boat on the EM...but I'm bias. :)

  9. Just a thought, maybe the contracts from the show are more than anyone bargained for. If that's the case, the inventors need time to make things right. Don't forget, corporate greed can be amongst them.