Thursday, March 10, 2011



  1. So question comes to mind. Did your daughter say, "No just forget it Mom" because of all the struggles and she is feeling for you and the hard time you are going through or is it because your daughter doesn't think it will be as big a hi9t made of rubber?
    See being in the dark and not knowing the product this is the question that came to mind. Because if the scenario is more along the lines of number one Brooke could learn a valuable lesson from you sticking with this. On the other hand if it would make a big enough difference it being made out of rubber to the point of it not being the big hit it once had potential of being then maybe it is time to rethink the worth of pursuing.
    I am not trying to be a downer just trying to help which is not easy not knowing about product X. Just being the fixer that I am.

    In other news - Tracy is there anyway that I can post a picture here. We just had my daughter's bridal shower last week and I wanted to share a picture of the cake pop display and cascading fruit display that we made for the shower. I really surprised myself with how nice they came out and wanted I to share. :-)

  2. I never thought about lead like that so thank you for informing me! I hope your inventor friend tells you what you need to know. I'll tune in again to see.

  3. Cheaper from China... but it comes with a high price for sure, our children's safety. Tracy, only you know in your heart and your head if this new product can ROCK! I say go for it and make it happen, if you really believe in it. From one inventor to another, best wishes.

  4. Mary, Brooke was saying that b/c she sees how frustrated I am and yes, I agree, it would be a very valuable lesson about finishing something you started. If you can, send me the pic at and I will post it - can't wait to see it!

    Anonymous #1, I have your answer about my Inventor Friend helping me out...I'll post soon.

    Anonymous #2, I say safety first and I know the product will rock and I believe in it 100% - thanks for the support!!!