Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Loaded Question


  1. Looking good Tracy! Also, I saw you were right when you said the curly haired girl would win on OWN! Wish I could have seen you win though!

  2. All good, Tracy! Wishing you much luck with your latest "baby!" BTW, I just received an email from TLC Discovery - it's a "Termination & Release Agreement" - in my simplistic mind, I'd already been "terminated and released." Anyone else get it? The show employed a pretty schlock method of operation from the get-go...so disappointing in so many ways. I'm not sorry I went to the casting call, only sorry about the way the whole thing played out. Still, I hope those selected, both winners and otherwise, found that it helped them along in their journey. Ginny

  3. I got the same release too!
    I have a MAC and I can't open any of Tracy's video blogs. I used to check in here all the time but then when I couldn't see what she was talking about I almost never come here.
    Sorry to all the ladies that didn't make it on, I know I was one of them and soo close.
    Lori Ivanovic

  4. Hey Lori,
    I am so sorry you can see the video but I had my computer guy check it out and he said it would be a isolated problem with your computer and viewing the videos on MAC would not be a problem. Someone had left a comment saying that they had a MAC and could see everything fine.
    Some of my entries are typed so I hope to see you here again!

    Congrats Ginny and Lori and the release - phew! Where are you two going to go from here?

    Anonymous above, thanks for the compliment! I am really looking forward to seeing Kristina's cooking show!

  5. This inventing thing is for the birds...tell you why tomorrow...